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The Fantasy Basketball season will start again this December – so you better be ready for it.

For NBA fans, Fantasy Basketball is just as – if not more – fun than watching the games themselves. It’s a great way to test your knowledge and predictions, rather than just being an armchair critic yelling at the coaches all the time!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Fantasy Basketball veteran or someone who’s looking to create their own team for the first time, here are some must-know tips and tricks for you to put into action throughout the season.

Take breaks when you need to

For the diehard fantasy fans out there, it can be easy to become a little too invested in your fantasy team. For example, if your point guard has a stinker of a game, it might ruin your entire weekend! That’s why you need to take plenty of breaks if you find yourself getting too frustrated with your players.

Thankfully, there are lots of other games out there that you can play whilst on a break. A lot of Fantasy Sports players turn to online casinos – such as – when they need to clear their minds and have some much-needed fun. You’ll be able to play video poker, slots, blackjack, roulette – you name it!

Join the fantasy basketball subreddit: r/fantasybball

As you likely know, the fantasy basketball community is huge. But outside of Twitter, it’s rare for fans to communicate with each other.

However, what you can do is head on over to the fantasy basketball subreddit (r/fantasybball), which has over 175k active users. Here, you can engage with fellow fans and discuss anything you like, from draft picks to the form of certain players. For example, if Lebron James is having a surprisingly poor run of games, some users might recommend trading him!

Basically, through this subreddit, your skills and knowledge will improve drastically – you’ll wonder what took you so long to join it.

Be conscious of injuries

One of the most difficult aspects of Fantasy Basketball is predicting and working around injuries. If your star player suddenly gets injured one week, it can throw your future league position into disarray!

Therefore, you need to be conscious of player’s injury histories. For example, Zion Williamson of the New Orleans Pelicans and Anthony Davis of the LA Lakers are both injury-prone players, which is worth bearing in mind before your next draft.

Know your site’s scoring system

Every fantasy site has minor differences in its functions, with the scoring system being one of the most important. So, if you’re part of leagues on multiple sites, you need to memorize the scoring systems so you don’t get overly confused.

If you want ultimate simplicity, it’s recommended that you only use one Fantasy Basketball site, such as NBAFantasy or CBS Sports’ Fantasy Basketball League.

Lastly, always have fun

Sure, Fantasy Basketball is highly competitive, but you should never let that get in the way of you having fun. Just because you have a bad run of results, doesn’t mean you won’t suddenly start shooting up the league the month after! Remember, everything won’t always go your way, so stay focused and resilient.

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