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Fantasy Basketball Week 11 Preview


The injuries keep on rolling in. This time the superstar to lose sometime due to injury (separated right shoulder) is Chris Paul. Paul separated his shoulder during a game against the Dallas Mavericks On Friday night in the third quarter. After the game Doc Rivers immediately said Paul will miss between 3-5 weeks. The star is scheduled for a MRI soon and the timetable will be more clear at this point. For now, the immediate benefactor is Darren Collison who tends to play outstanding anytime CP3 misses time. If you can recall, Collison was also CP3’s back up in New Orleans. I was fortunate enough to grab Darren in one of my leagues but missed him in the next. If he is still on the wire, which I doubt, this is a no brainer add as long as Paul’s certainty is unclear.

In other news from Week 10, it seems Eric Bledsoe (knee) is also facing some uncertainty for the coming week. Anytime Bledsoe misses time Goran Dragic steps up and plays well. The injury also will open up time for Gerald Green in the starting lineup. As a starter Gerald is worth a look in any format. The threes, steals and points come in bunches. The Suns play a high tempo offence, a style that is ideal for Green’s play.

Below I will look at the upcoming week ahead in terms of games played per team. I will also look at some Start Em’ /Sit Em’ option for the upcoming week 11 skid in the NBA. Keep in mind all my evaluations are based on a 14 team roto league.

Number of games played this week:
Atlanta Hawks: 4
Boston Celtics: 4
Brooklyn Nets: 4
Charlotte Bobcats: 3
Chicago Bulls: 3
Cleveland Cavaliers: 3
Dallas Mavericks: 4
Denver Nuggets: 3
Detroit Pistons: 4
Golden State Warriors: 3
Houston Rockets: 3
Indiana Pacers: 3
LA Clippers:3
LA Lakers: 3
Memphis Grizzlies: 3
Miami Heat: 3
Milwaukee Bucks: 3
Minnesota Timberwolves: 4
New Orleans Pelicans: 4
New York Knicks: 3
Oklahoma City Thunder: 3
Orlando Magic: 3
Philadelphia 76ers: 4
Phoenix Suns: 3
Portland Trailblazers: 3
Sacramento Kings: 3
San Antonio Spurs: 3
Toronto Raptors: 3
Utah Jazz: 2
Washington Wizards: 4

Start ‘Em/ Sit ‘Em

Iman Shumpert (SG/SF – NYC) – Shumpert was the number one player overall (on average) over the last seven days. Here are the last seven day averages: 27 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists, 6 three pointers on over 70% from the field. Now no one expects this level of play from Shumpert going forward but as long as he is hot, ride the waive. Shumpert plays three times this week and he should be in your starting lineup until he cools off.

Darren Collison (PG/SG – LAC) – Well this one is kind of a no brainer but I thought I will throw it in anyways. Darren is in for a huge uptick in production if history is any indicator. He will have to “man the ship” until CP3 is healthy enough to get back out there. There are not many better back up options in the league than Collison, he is just hidden behind the best point guard in the league and quite frankly his opportunity is just not there as long as CP3 is healthy. Well CP3 is down, and Collison will be cued up for as long as Paul stays down. Start him this week, no questions asked.

Gerald Green (SG/SF – PHO) – Anytime Gerald is inserted into The Suns starting lineup he produces. Well that is just what he will be this week as Bledsoe is expected to miss Week 11 with soreness in the knee. Gerald is a three point shooting machine. In his two games starting for Bledsoe in week 10 he has average 7 three point attempts per game. If you are a manager in need of points and threes Gerald is a player that you should be starting this week.

Boris Diaw (PF/C – SAN) – Tiago Splitter is going to miss a few games with a shoulder sprain. This is going to open up time for Diaw in the Spurs starting lineup. Diaw is a rare contributor for a big producing in a variety of categories. His has the potential to impact rebounds, assists, three pointers and the odd defensive stat. As long as Splitter is out Diaw may see upwards to 30 minutes per game. He is worth a start this week.

Chris Douglas Roberts (SG/SF – CHA) – CDR has taken over the starting gig for The Bobcats sending Anthony Tolliver to the bench. In his first game as a starter he played 35 minutes. The Bobcats like his energy and potential to affect the ball on the defensive end of the court. At this point the starting job is CDR’s to lose and he will have ample opportunity to prove his worth. In the past when given the opportunity you are looking at mid round value.

Lou Williams (PG/SG – ATL) – I recommended too start Lou last week, my apologies for that! Sweet Lou has been wildly inconsistent something that drives managers bonkers. He has the potential to explode but also the potential to disappear. Until he shows consistency he is not worth a start. His minutes this past week were capped at the 20 minute mark and with the emergence of Shelvin Mack as a solid back up there is no reason to have confidence Lou Williams can turn it around.

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