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By: Joe Bond

I’m back, finally.  I want to start this off by saying thank you for still reading this site and follow us on facebook/twitter.  I know it has been a while since this site has been updated, I meant to have an article up about three weeks ago, but due to a very unfortunate family matter, I had to put this site on hold.  I am back though, and will try my best to keep it updated more frequently.

Now to fantasy basketball.  I’m going to give you one of my longer articles of the season, you deserve it for being so patient, and it is a very important one.  By now you probably realize what categories your team is struggling in and are looking to see who you can pick up to help your team improve.  In this article I will highlight a few players, available in most leagues, that can help you in those specific categories.  I will be going through the each of the standard categories, except turnovers, so lets get to it!

Randy Foye (PG/SG – Uta) – Foye is a temporary solution to points since he has only seen his minutes increase due to the Mo Williams injury.  Since then Foye has seen his points per game around 16, with the help of a ridiculous 3.6 3-pointers a game.  The percentages are good for a guard too and he is contributing 1.4 steals a game lately.

Devin Harris (PG/SG – Atl) – Harris is currently dealing with a sprained ankle, but when he returns, which should be soon, he should be grabbed if you need points.  He will likely step in for the injured Lou Williams, who is out for the season now.  Harris was already averaging 13 points on the season and I expect that to go up, along with the rest of his stats, with the increased floor time..

Wilson Chandler (SG/SF – Den) – Chandler is a risky pick-up, due to the depth in Denver at his two positions, but he could be worth it.  He has already scored in double digits, including a 20 point effort two nights ago, in four of five games since his return.  He can help in other categories as well grabbing almost 6 rebounds, and a steal a game.

Field Goal Percentage
Andre Drumond (PF/C – Det) – He has a .612 shooting percentage on the season, but recently has increased that to .711.  He is also starting to play more and more minutes and that has equated to his points per game rising to 10.5 and rebounds to 8.5 over the last two weeks. He is also a big man who will help in the steals department with 1.3 per game over that same time.

Elton Brand (PF – Dal) – Brand really started out the season slow, but in the last two weeks he has come on strong and helps out with his .557 field goal percentage.  He is also averaging 7.4 rebounds, 11 points and adding 1.3 blocks per game in that time.  Another thing that makes him a good pick up is the Mavericks are considering putting him in the starting lineup over Chris Kaman.

Kyle Singler (SG/SF- Det) –  Another player that has really turned his shooting around the last two weeks is Singler by shooting .564 percent.  This is especially good since he has shooting guard and small forward eligibility, and it is hard to find that kind of shooting from those positions.  He is also averaging 1.3 3-pointers, 4.2 rebounds and 2.5 assists during that span, to give him a bit more value.

Free Throw  Percentage

Vince Carter (SG/SF – Dal) – I could have easily put him in the 3-pointers category since he is averaging 1.8 on the season, but I decided to put him here because he has a .825 free-throw percentage.  He has been more assertive lately and thats resulting in him getting to the line more, so that good percentage will help you even more.

Carl Landry (PF – GS) – It is pretty rare to see power forwards who get as many attempts as him, 4.3 per game, have a .817 percentage.  Landry is also a contributor in rebounds, points and field-goal percentage with 12.2, 6.6, and .530 on average. So he is a well rounded player who can and will help with your free throw percentage.

Tyler Zeller (PF/C – Cle) – I’m not sure if he is just rounding into form, or if it is just an anomaly, but in the last two weeks Zeller has a .905 free-throw percentage.  He is also scoring close to double digits in every game, pulling in 8.7 rebounds and blocking 2.5 shots during that time.  If you want to take a chance on an unproven player, with probably more upside than the two mentioned earlier, then I would take Zeller.

Carlos Delfino (SG/SF – Hou), Kyle Korver (SG/SF – Atl), Alan Anderson (SF – Tor), Mario Chalmers (PG – Mia) – I’m grouping all of these guys together because they are essentially going to give you the same value.  They are all good three point shooters, I ranked them in order of makes per game on the season, averaging over 1.5 each on the season.  In addition to threes, they can all give you good point and steal totals, as well as some decent rebound and assist games from time to time.  If you need threes then I would look at what other categories you could use a boost in as well, and pick the one who is best in that, such as Chalmers and steals.

Al-Farouq Aminu (SF – NO) – His rebounding numbers on the season are at 7.4, but in the last two weeks he has gotten that up to 10.6 per game.  He is getting more minutes now, which is why you are seeing the increase in rebounds.  He is also averaging 10.4 points, 1.1 steal and shooting a ridiculous .614% from the field over that time.

Earl Clark (SF/PF – LAL) – I’m only going to use his last two weeks of stats because that is when he has been starting or been given playing time.  In that span he has pulled down 9.4 rebounds a game, and now that he is supposedly going to be starting ahead of Pau Gasol the rest of the season, I expect that number to continue.  He can also provide you with 10.3 points, and 1.4 blocks per game, if you need help in any of those categories as well.

Reggie Evans (PF – Bkn) – Evans really is a one trick pony, as he is a monster on the boards.  Over the last month he is averaging 10.1 rebounds a game, but also has games where he gets 20+ boards.  He should only be picked up if you desperately need rebounds and can deal with a player on your team that gives you no other value.

Andre Miller (PG – Den) – Miller is the most well rounded player in this group to go along with his 5.7 assists per game.  He will give you the most points per game at 9.1, rebounds 2.9, and the second most steals per game at 0.8.  He does put up very good games, much like the 12/8/6 with 2 steals game earlier this month, so he is well worth a look if you need assists.

J.J. Barea (PG/SG – Min) – Even though he is playing very well since Ricky Rubio’s return, averaging 5.2 assists, 12.7 points, 1.5 3-pointers in the last two weeks, I still can’t make him the best add for assists.  Eventually Rubio will take the majority of the point guard minutes away and Barea’s numbers will slide a bit.  He’ll still find his way on the court, especially with all the injuries to the Timberwolves, and can help out in other categories too, so he’s worth an add if you need help with assists and Miller isn’t available.
Jamaal Tinsley (PG – Uta) – Much like Reggie Evans, Tinsley should only be picked up if you are desperate for assists and can withstand a player giving you close to no help in other categories.  He is averaging 5.2 assists on the season, but only 4.3 points and 0.9 steals a game.  He will hit the occasional 3-pointer, but I would not try to rely on him for anything but assists.


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Kawhi Leonard (SF/SG – SA) – Currently dealing with a minor knee injury, a minor knee contusion, but when he is healthy he is a great source of steals at 1.8 on the season.  He is also able to provide owners with 1.2 3-pointers, 9.2 points and 5 rebounds a game, along with good percentages.  Just based on the overall game he provides, I would pick him up over the next two mentioned if you can.

Shannon Brown (SG – Pho) – Brown is averaging 1.2 steals on the season, and has recently increased that to 2.7 in the last two weeks.  He is an explosive player who can produce good numbers when given minutes.  But that has been the biggest problem with Brown, he is playing for the Suns, who have so many players at the SG/SF positions he can get shuffled out at times.

Iman Shumpert (PG – NY) – He has just come back from a knee injury that kept him out most of this season, so his numbers this season aren’t much to look at due to a minutes restriction, but he has still played fairly well.  I’m going to look at last season’s numbers, where he averaged 1.7 steals a game to say you should pick him up if you need help there.  He doesn’t provide much else except an occasional three and just below 10 points a game, but definitely worth it for the defense.

DeAndre Jordan (C – LAC) – DeAndre Jordan is blocking 1.5 a game on the season, so he is the least on this list, but he might be the best option considering the rest of his numbers and the minutes he receives.  He is putting up 8.8 points, 6.8 rebounds and giving you a nice .599 field goal percentage.  Those numbers have dipped recently with CP3 out of the lineup, but I expect them to return to normal when he returns.

JaVale McGee (C – Den) – Mr. ESPN Not-Top-Ten, has sure made himself famous by his on courts blunders, but he can sure swat a shot, averaging 1.9 on the season.  McGee has proven he can put up very good lines if given the minutes, but his wild play has kept his minutes down and therefore his fantasy potential.

Bismack Biyombo (PF/C – Cha) – Biyombo has turned away 1.7 per game on the season, but lately with a minutes increase has seen that number at 2.6 in the last two weeks.  He can bring in decent rebound numbers, but for a big man you are probably hoping for more than the 6.8 he is getting.  Other than those two stats he won’t be doing much for your team, but again you’re looking for blocks here and thats what he does.

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