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The Fantasy Edge Week 16: All Is Calm


Championship Week. The Fantasy Edge Week 16: All Is Calm looks at several aspects of the 2017 season with awards. Our last podcast of the 2017 season.

The 2017 season of fantasy finishes in the main this week, so Kevin and Richard review some key events that shaped the season. High and lows. Trades and suspensions.

Kevin Huo and Richard Savill discuss the F6P final that they are in for the second year in a row.

Alex Hamrick’s starts and sits of the week presented by Richard on behalf of Dennis Sosic filling in for Alex this week..

Tyler Thompson and his Stream-o-Matic defenses for Week 16 presented on his behalf by Richard.

Plus all the fantasy news, views, and stories from around the NFL.

The Fantasy Edge Week 16: All Is Calm

The Fantasy Edge Week 16

All is Calm

Giving you the edge for your fantasy football team…

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In this podcast we discuss:

NFC players on IR

Kevin and Richard discuss this week the 2018 projected values of NFC players who were on IR in 2017.

Keenan Allen, WR, LA Chargers

Allen has risen to a high elite level just in time for the playoffs. Once again the power of “the stack” in fantasy is something with a far-reaching and heavy scoring effect in fantasy football. Between Keenan Allen and Phillip Rivers, it is among the strongest in the stretch during 2017.

Fantasy Awards of 2017

Kevin and Richard give out the awards for fantasy achievements – and non-achievements of the important fantasy players in the NFL. The MVP. The comeback players. The recovery players. The disappointments. The best spot starts. The flops. The Joe Flacco Award. The Peyton Manning Award.

All this and much, much, more on The Fantasy Edge…

… giving you the edge for your fantasy football team

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Richard is an NFL Fantasy Football Writer and Editor of Fantasy Six Pack. Host of The Fantasy Edge Podcast. FantasyPros Contributor. Member of the FSWA. Richard is known for his "outside the box" insight into NFL fantasy football. Winner of the 16-Team 2015 FSWA challenge.

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