Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet

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by Joe Bond
Fantasy Football Draft Cheat Sheet

We all love Fantasy Football and I'm assuming if you are here, you like to win too. Well, the Fantasy Six Pack Fantasy Football Draft Cheat Sheet is now here to help you do just that, win!

I'll get this out of the way now. In order to be able to use the Draft Cheat Sheet, you need to be an All-Access Member. You can just promocode 'F6PNFL' to save 15%. If you're already a member go to our My Membership page to download it.

When you are in a draft, things move fast and the pressure is on to make the perfect pick, yes even in slow drafts. Having a tool like our Draft Cheat Sheet helps guide you in the right direction during your drafts and will help you make fewer mistakes.

Now I'm not going to say you will win every league you are in by using this tool, that would be foolish of me to say. As we all know, injuries happen, and players bust, among many things that are just out of our control. What this sheet will do is give you information to have much better success in your leagues.

If you are familiar with our Fantasy Baseball Draft Cheat Sheet, this one is built on the same foundation and everybody I know that has used it has had a lot of success this season. I've already had a few of the Fantasy Six Pack staff use the Football Cheat Sheet in their drafts and they have really liked the results so far.

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Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet

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Purpose of the Cheat Sheet

Before I jump into the specifics of the sheet, I want to mention what my goal is when creating this. It is not meant to tell you exactly who to draft and when. That choice is ultimately up to you.

You decide how you want to build your team. Do you want to go more running back heavy? Do you like drafting quarterbacks or tight ends early? Are you a zero-RB truther? All options are on the table.

The cheat sheet will give you the information you need to make a more informed decision. It will help you find underrated and overrated players because we give you a value for players, both overall value and positional value, and their ADP.

Projections and ADP will be updated regularly as well. So make sure you have the most up-to-date version before your draft.

Maybe our values say that Player A is near the top of the board, but his ADP is not. You now have the information to decide whether you should take the chance and wait to see if you can get them a bit closer to their ADP or maybe you want to draft him now.

I know for myself, in drafts I have seen a player get drafted and cringed because I didn't think of him. Or in the panic of a 60-second timer, completely miss a player that was on the board because the site draft room didn't have him listed near the top, or the player filter was on a different position. All these things happen to all of us. Using the cheat sheet has helped me prevent many mistakes during my drafts and led to a lot more success too.

We have a video version of this tutorial that you can watch below.


I highly suggest reading the instructions tab first. It walks you through how to set up and what all the columns mean on the cheat sheet tab in the Excel Spreadsheet. After you have read the instruction, head on over to the setup tab.

There the first thing you will want to do is pick what ADP list you want to use. This is by the site you are playing on in the drop-down in cell B2.

As a bonus, we have set up SFB13, Scott Fish Bowl, ADP by partnering with GoingFor2 and using their mock draft data.

  • Sleeper
  • NFFC
  • NFFC Cutline (NEW!)
  • FFPC (NEW!)
  • RTSports
  • Underdog
  • ESPN
  • Yahoo!
  • CBS
  • NFL
  • Fantrax
  • SFB13
  • Other

Fantasy Football Draft Cheat Sheet

If you choose one of the specific sites the ADP that is used on the cheat sheet tab will update to that site's ADP.

Next, you will need to set the scoring format. We have defaults set up for Half-PPR, PPR, Standard and SFB13.  Choose this using the drop-down in cell B3.

You can customize the scoring using the fields from B6-B28. You can even add TE Premium scoring, points per rush, points per incompletion and points per completion.

Fantasy Football Draft Cheat Sheet

One important note about changing the scoring settings. Once you do, the default Point Values that get set by choosing an option in cell B3 will no longer automatically update the Point Value fields. You will either need to download a new sheet or adjust the scoring manually.

You can always close the sheet and start over again with the preset scoring settings, assuming you didn't save after making any manual changes.

Last thing you need to do before we move on is set your starting positions. On the same setup tab starting in cell E11 put in how many players at each position you start. The sheet will adjust values of the players to account for your league.

You can also set the number of teams that are in your league. This will mostly affect the QB and TE scoring, decreasing the value of those positions after the number of players drafted at those positions matches the number of teams in your league. This of course assumes that you have drafted one of those players at the position, so adjust accordingly if you did not.

Fantasy Football Draft Cheat Sheet

Once you have everything set up to match your league configuration, head on over to the Cheat Sheet tab.

Cheat Sheet Tab Preparation

This is the tab you will use during your draft. You will see 13 columns, all of these are explained on the instructions tab, except the Player Name, Team and Bye. However, I'll go through most of them in this article too.

The first thing to note is all of them are sortable and filterable. So if you want to filter by only Running Backs only you would click the drop-down arrow at the bottom right of the Pos header cell. Then in the text box that appears you want to make sure the "RB' opinion is the only option checked. Click the OK button and  It will only show running backs on the list.

To clear this filter quickly, click the same drow-down arrow and then click "Clear Filter from Pos".

It is very important that if you changed any of the settings on the setup tab, you must re-sort this tab by whatever field you want to sort it by before you begin your draft.

I sort by overall value (high to low "A-Z", in the drop-down options). In fact, a good habit to get into is to sort by that column before you start your draft and use the cheat sheet. To do this click the same drop-down you did to filter, but instead use the sorting options.

If you sort by a different position's value, and then you want to go back to sorting by "Overall Value", then you need to re-sort by that column again.

Cheat Sheet Tab Use

OK now that we have all that, let's start actually using the cheat sheet.

I first want to mention that these are not rankings, so it is super important that you actually use the sheet as your draft happens. Values will change as players get drafted and the order will change based on who is drafted and when

The sheet tells you a player's projected score, position, bye week and rank compared to all other players left on the draft board (Undrafted Players Value Rank). We also show you the ADP and the ADP Rank of all players not drafted yet (ADP, Undrafted Players ADP Rank).

Where the magic happens is in the Value fields. We have five on the sheet, Overall, Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Receiver and Tight End. These fields tell you the relative value of the player in comparison to who else is available in your draft. We compare them to all players (Overall), each position separately. Another nice feature we added is highlighting the top-12 for each category.

If you want to sort by these fields, to see only the top running backs available for example, then you can. Again it is important to remember that you sorted this way so you can undo it or resort by overall at some point. If you don't then it will look like the running backs are all the top available players to you.

As a player is drafted you will want to delete that player's data from the sheet. To do this, right-click the row number of the player and then click delete.

Fantasy Football Draft Cheat Sheet


Right after you do that the player's row will be gone. The most valuable part of the cheat sheet happens now. All the Value fields will be updated to account for that player no longer being available.

In the screenshot above I remove Justin Jefferson, the top-rated player according to projections and the ADP for the site I have chosen. When I did that you see that all players Overall values changed, but for the positional based values only the WR Values increased. The Undrafted Players Projection Rank and ADP Rank changed as well since it is based on who is available.

This will happen throughout the entire draft as you removed drafted players from the board.

Again, this is not telling you two to draft when it is your turn. It is simply showing you who is the most valuable player is based off your scoring and roster settings. There will be plenty of times that I do not draft the overall most valuable player on the board. This will be for various reasons. One is I have a huge need for a specific position. The second reason is that when looking at the position-specific values, I might notice a massive drop-off in value if I try to wait one more turn to draft that player.

For example, let's say RB A is ranked 8th in the overall value column and there are seven receivers ahead of him. However, when I look at the positional values, I see all seven receivers are separated by just a few tenths of a point in value, but RB A is a full 1.5 points ahead of the next available running back. This is telling me that it would be wise to draft the running back in this spot and then wait on the receivers who all have very similar values.


The Fantasy Football Draft Cheat Sheet is only available to our All-Access members. Not only do you get access to the cheat sheet, but our Award-Winning rankings, DFS/Betting tips, Access to ask your league-specific questions to us on Discord and much more.

Feel free to email us by using our contact form or hit me up on Twitter, @F6P_Joe if you have questions.

Be prepared for the upcoming season by checking out all the Fantasy Football content on Fantasy Six Pack.

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dwight August 7, 2023 - 3:49 pm

How use the draft kit on rtsports apt

Joe August 7, 2023 - 4:24 pm

You would set the ADP to use RTSports then set the scoring system and roster to match.


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