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2019 Fantasy Football Conference Championship Rankings


It is Conference Championship Week, which means we are just three weeks away from the Super Bowl. It is both exciting and sad. Exciting because well the Super Bowl is awesome. Sad because it means we won’t have any more football for six months.

So even though the winners of the games from the divisional round did not surprise me, the actual games did. In the AFC I really thought the Chargers and Colts would make the games against the Patriots and Chiefs competitive. The Chiefs offense was again rolling, they are just plain fun to watch. For the Pats, James white continues his playoff dominance with 15 receptions, that’s right, 15.

In the NFC I thought the Rams and Saints would take care of business fairly easily. This was not the case by a long shot. The Saints, with the exception of Michael Thomas, did not perform up to expectations. That is something to worry about. For the Rams, C.J. Anderson is not making Todd Gurley owners happy. He rushed 23 times for 123 yards and two touchdowns. Gurley had a good game too, but its a case of what could have been for Gurley.

I think it proves that these Conference Championship games are going to be very competitive and fun to watch.

2019 Fantasy Football Conference Championship Rankings

Good news, there are no injuries you need to worry about for your Fantasy Football rosters. All teams are “healthy” and ready to roll.

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