Fantasy Football Draft Slot Strategies – Pick 11

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by Keith Lott
Fantasy Football Draft Slot Strategies - Pick 11

We continue our Fantasy Football Draft Slot Strategies with Pick 11! Throughout this series, we have been sharing league-winning advice on how to build your team from any position in the draft order.

The Fantasy Football draft is a pivotal moment that sets the tone for your entire season. Your strategy during the draft can make a significant difference in your team's performance. While league settings and roster requirements matter, your draft slot plays a crucial role in shaping your approach.

Depending on your draft slot, you'll encounter unique challenges and opportunities. If you're drafting early, you might target top-tier running backs or elite quarterbacks. Those with later slots might adapt their strategy, focusing on wide receivers early or seeking hidden gems in later rounds.

In this series, we have explored a variety of draft slot-specific strategies to help you make informed decisions. Whether you prioritize star wide receivers in the first round, load up on running backs or go for a stud tight end with an early pick, our expert insights will guide you, increasing your chances of building a championship Fantasy Football team.

Mike kicked off the series last week: Fantasy Football Draft Slot Strategies - Pick 1

Joe Bond has written about the 3rd Overall Pick and the 6th Draft Slot

Dan has covered the middle of the draft order with strategies for Picks 4,5 and 7!

That's why we have been sharing a range of draft slot-specific strategies in this series to help you make informed decisions and build a winning team! We utilized the FantasyPros Mock Draft Wizard to help play out our Fantasy Football Draft Slot Strategies for 12-team, half-PPR leagues with 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 FLEX, 4 BN, 1 K and 1 DST roster settings.

Fantasy Football Draft Slot Strategies - Pick 11

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*This is a public service announcement. As things currently stand, please do not consider drafting Jonathan Taylor in the first round. Please do not consider selecting Jonathan Taylor in the second round either.

Odds are, you will be choosing between Derrick Henry and Tony Pollard. You might get lucky and your league-mates might pick Stefon Diggs before Nick Chubb or Saquon Barkley and their fall will end at Pick 11.

There is a decent argument to be made about adding Tony Pollard at Pick 14, but if you do that, your best WR1 options are going to D.K. Metcalf, Amari Cooper, Keenan Allen or Deebo Samuel. I much prefer those guys as my WR2 and you should as well!

Instead, you could start your roster construction with Derrick Henry and one of Davante Adams/A.J. Brown/CeeDee Lamb and then add one of the wide receivers listed above as your WR2.

Unless you have really strong feelings about Kenneth Walker, Miles Sanders or J.K. Dobbins, you can ignore your RB2 for a few rounds.

Instead at the 3/4 turn, you might be able to fill your WR3 from the same pool you were going to consider for your WR1 had you drafted Tony Pollard in the 2nd Round.

You can also go with T.J. Hockenson here if you want to go with a reliable option at the tight-end position and not have to worry about it on a weekly basis. I like this idea for this build and the way my mock draft is playing out. There will be plenty of WR3/FLEX options in the coming rounds (I prefer a WR in the FLEX spot).

21 picks later, Terry McLaurin is available as your WR3 - see what I mean? That won't always be the case, but you might be picking from Drake London, Christian Watson, Chris Godwin, Tyler Lockett, Christian Kirk, Brandon Aiyuk for your WR3/FLEX at the 5/6 turn. All great options for those roles.

Now, that being said, not a single tight end was taken between the 4.02 and the 5.10 - so maybe we grabbed Hockenson a bit early and could have instead rostered Keenan Allen as our WR3 in the 4th Round and come back with George Kittle as our TE in the 5th Round.

There is also the ability to roster two of the top 5 tight ends in football, one in your FLEX, and maybe try to manufacture a TE run in the 6th Round, but that is not where this mock draft is headed!

As we snake back into Round 6, you could look again for your RB2 (David Montgomery, Isiah Pacheco, Javonte Williams, Alvin Kamara), but I would much rather fill my FLEX with Mike Williams, Diontae Johnson or Michael Pittman. Drafting a fourth wideout allows you to fill your bench with running backs and play the matchup game in the early weeks in the RB2 slot until one of your players pulls away from the pack!

Don't worry, I did not forget about the quarterback position, there is just no need to add one at this point in the draft. You will see why when I list all available QBs in the 11th or 12th round.

At the 7/8 turn, we are now looking to add two running backs from the following group:

At the 9/10 turn, we are looking to add at least one more running back, if not two from this lower tier:

Don't forget, Allgeier rushed for over 1,000 yards in his rookie season for the Atlanta Falcons last year!

*If you want to add your 5th wide receiver, instead of your 5th running back in the 10th Round, your options include Jakobi Meyers, Skyy Moore and Odell Beckham.

Before you make your pick in the 11th Round, take a look at the 12th pick's roster. Did they spend early draft capital on a QB? You can wait until the 12th. Did they add Deshaun Watson in the 8th Round? You might want to pick the quarterback you prefer from the following list:

Now do you see why I said you can wait until the very end to pick your QB? Shoot, you could even take back-to-back quarterbacks here if you wanted, but I only recommend doing that if you added a WR5 instead of an RB5 in the 10th!

If you only want to roster a single QB and are still looking for your WR5 at the 11/12 turn, you can find veterans like Tyler Boyd, Adam Thielen, Zay Jones and Michael Gallup here.


I approached this mock draft a little differently than the others I have written about during this Draft Strategy Series. Instead of writing about each pick individually before moving on, I completed the draft to make sure this was a viable option. And you know what I found? I like it!

Im going to start, by jumping to the end. You can basically build a team that features the Denver Broncos and New Orleans Saints running back depth charts, between Rounds 7 and 12. That means that in the middle of the season, your starting running backs could be a post-suspension Alvin Kamara and a "fully-recovered" Javonte Williams. In the early weeks, you can deploy Jamaal Williams/Kendre Miller and Samaje Perine.

You will also be able to add a Jaylen Warren, Tyler Allgeier or Jeff Wilson during that five-round stretch to add another running back to the mix and play the hot hand/best matchup until your true starting running backs are ready to be locked into their roster slots.

Now, back to the beginning of the draft.

Stefon Diggs, A.J. Brown, D.K. Metcalf, Keenan Allen - you cool with starting those four guys on a weekly basis? Yeah, me too!

You will also be starting Justin Fields or Justin Herbert or Trevor Lawrence at quarterback with George Kittle/Dallas Goedert/Kyle Pitts at tight end.

Do you think this Draft Strategy could work for you? (the answer is yes!)

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Derrick Henry is basically a lock for Pick 11, assuming you are targeting a first-round running back. Above I said do not do what I am about to do, but let's play it out. Take Tony Pollard at 2.02 and wait for your WR1. Just note, you will be without a running back in Week 7 as both the Titans and Cowboys are on bye weeks, so if you want to pivot to Josh Jacobs, I'm cool with that. (His contract situation is going to get resolved and he is going to play right? He is going to play right?!?!)

With the Elite QBs off the board, you could go after Mark Andrews at TE, but that would be less than ideal in my opinion. You need to grab two of Amari Cooper, Keenan Allen, Deebo Samuel and Calvin Ridley at the 3/4 turn. The only fork in the road here for me is one wide receiver and Lamar Jackson, but it's a road less traveled if I am repeating this draft multiple times.

Heading into the 5/6 turn, you can either add two wide receivers to fill your WR3/FLEX or go WR3 and then George Kittle, Dallas Goedert or Kyle Pitts at TE. Let's split it up and take a tight end. I trust the depth at the wide receiver position to fill my FLEX in a later round.

*The way this one particular draft played out, I could have added Christian Kirk in the 6th Round, after Calvin Ridley was my 4th Round pick and then rolled with Trevor Lawrence at 8.02 - a Jaguars stack! That's not what happened though.

Instead, I took George Kittle in the 6th and found myself choosing between Jahan Dotson/George Pickens/Gabe Davis/Courtland Sutton for my FLEX in the 7th and a bench spot in the 8th.

You can choose your own adventure!

In the 9th & 10th Rounds, you can look to add your RB3/4 in guys like Damien Harris, Jamaal Williams, Zach Charbonnet, Elijah Mitchell, Jerick McKinnon, De'Von Achane and Tyler Allgeier.

With our final two picks, before adding a kicker and defense, pick your favorite remaining RB/WR before adding a quarterback in the Daniel Jones, Kirk Cousins, Aaron Rodgers tier.

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