Fantasy Football: Life After Brees, etc.

by Richard Savill
Life After Brees

You could feel a seismic shift this week in the veteran quarterback landscape. It wasn't just the playoff loss by the Saints to the Buccaneers either. The most prominent case and the one leaving the largest hole in the position came from the Colts. Philip Rivers, a staple of fantasy streaming in his heyday bids farewell.

Life After Brees

The Colts, as usual, with their succulent talent of receivers await a consistent and connective passer. Here is one article from CBS that details some ideas for who might fill the job at this stage.

We expect an announcement soon from Drew Brees as well. The Saints quarterback situation seems a bit more clear cut. When you first saw that beautiful gadget play to Tre'Quan Smith last Sunday, you knew Brees was not the guy throwing it. Jameis Winston will likely slot in as the starting quarterback for the Saints next season. Taysom Hill's level doesn't quite reach high enough for the regular gig. You never know, however...

Life After Brees, etc.

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What about Ben Roethlisberger? What are the Steelers going to do? The problem with Ben is somewhat opposite of what Brees suffered in his latter days. Ben's problem is mobility. Today's game requires it more than ever. A large portion of the fan base wants Ben to hang them up and get a booth job - or something.

The Packers, as is their quarterback nurturing style, took no chances and acquired Jordan Love in 2020 in the draft. Aaron Rodgers, reportedly miffed, pulled off an MVP performance in response. But even Rodgers at 37 knows that time and tide is against him.

Other teams unsettled at QB

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The Jaguars have Trevor Lawrence in sight, but other teams remain stuck with loose decisions with varying potential needs besides quarterback.

The Washington FTs are not giving the keys to anyone just yet. Taylor Heineke earned a tryout and that's about it after his "never say die" performance in the wild card playoff. When I say "tryout", I mean for the top backup spot. The WFT know Alex Smith cannot be the future despite his stunning and storied return to football. In short, they need a franchise QB desperately.

Have the Broncos settled on Drew Lock? For the new GM George Paton, he wants more time to evaluate the situation. Lock was an Elway hire, but Paton isn't about to shake things up drastically - at least just yet. Whether or not the Broncos will simply just window shop this off-season is something to keep an eye on.

The Jets continue to pile up the quarterback body count. They did the honorable thing in winning a game late in the season than a shameless tank. It still leaves them with questions about Sam Darnold. Robert Saleh, a good, if somewhat odd hire, since his forte is in the defensive wheelhouse has a hard choice. That 2nd overall pick can still land a good NFL quality QB.

Other selected teams that fit this category include: Bears, Patriots and 49ers.

On the Loose?

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The main target for several teams in the NFL is undoubtedly Deshaun Watson. Watson's unhappiness in Houston had enough press coverage to keep Pro Football Talk busy for weeks. The Texans can get a tidy bucket of nice draft capital and personnel and will expect a good price.

On the lower scale, which is hardly what one would think 12 months ago, is Carson Wentz. Wentz and his future in Philly remains unknown. Although, the rumor of a Frank Reich reunion in Indianapolis is gaining some interest. The problem for Wentz is that since his severe injuries, a clear downtick plagued his 2020 season with a hefty contract remaining on the scales.

If Wentz has "cooked it"early, of which there is plenty of precedents (e.g. Andrew Luck), then let the buyer beware.Life After Brees

Somewhere in the middle of the extremes is Matthew Stafford. The new GM Brad Holmes is open to a possibility of a trade pending further evaluation. Stafford perfectly fits almost anywhere and several teams would gladly welcome this happy warrior. Any team that lost the bid for Watson, but gained Stafford instead, can have equal satisfaction.

Crazy 2021 for Quarterbacks?

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Sure is looking that way. It will certainly challenge our fantasy evaluations. As you know, quarterbacks have a fantasy persuasive character on the receivers and in some instances even running backs too. In fact, an entire offense can get an unexpected shake for better or worse.

Of the quarterbacks potentially on the block as mentioned above, the teams losing them have to get someone else. Headaches for some dynasty people, but relief for others. As for redraft, it's just the usual shuffle we need to take into account as best we can.

Life After Brees

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