Fantasy Football Rest of Season Rankings

by Richard Savill
Fantasy Football Rest of Season Rankings

Keeping a heads up in fantasy is hard sometimes. For instance, what we presume as a bad offense before the season doesn't alway remain a bad offense.

The case here, and what I mention later are the Houston Texans. Before 2023 I wasn't expect much from them except for a few outlier performances. Something steadier is already emerging as we enter Week 4.

This might happen with any team. It's just happening faster with the Texans. Keep your mind open for possibilities emerging later for other teams with current sour offenses.

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Want more blurbs from Richard? You got it!!2022 Fantasy Football Rest of Season Rankings

The Weekend Blurbview comes out every Friday at 7 PM. Every Sunday game, with sleepers, vegas lines, players to observe, fun facts, pictures, in the booth, and much, much more! The Week 4 Blurbview is out now!

I hope you find these rankings useful throughout the 2023 season. Updated every Thursday with new commentary.

Remember, the RoS table reflects the rankings if you were drafting today.

The ranking momentum brackets in the blurbs here are all subject to on-the-fly changes throughout the week.

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Changes Near the Top this Week in Brief2022 Fantasy Football Rest of Season Rankings

QBs: Jalen Hurts (QB1↔) remains as the current best own quarterback.

RBs: Christian McCaffrey (RB1↔) remains at the top as he did last season.

WRs: Tyreek Hill (WR1↔) continues to dominate and hold the top spot.

TEs: Travis Kelce (TE1↔) remains at the top and no one can touch him.

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Riser and Faller of the Week

Riser: Tank Dell (WR34↑), Houston Texans

It was easy before the season to put aside any good fantasy options on the Texans. Tank Dell has surprised us. He has done it quickly and we are also not pushing C.J. Stroud (QB20↑) aside anymore either. It takes two to tango, and boy are they dancing. Nico Collins (WR32↔) is quickly losing his spot as the teams No.1 receiver. Overall, though, the Texans are developing into an offense we can trust in fantasy again. They just need that running game to spark up a bit more.

Faller: Najee Harris (RB24↓), Pittsburgh Steelers

It's not working out for Najee so far in 2023. His results are frustrating, but so are all the fantasy options on the Steelers to open the season. I have to pick on Najee, because it all starts with the running game. These continual rushing attempts up the middle are giving Najee and Jaylen Warren (RB46↔) absolutely nothing. This might reflect more on OC Matt Canada than anything.

Fantasy Football Rest of Season Rankings

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