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Fantasy Football: Week 16 Game by Game Preview


Another exciting weekend of Fantasy Football is past us! Without a doubt one of the strangest NFL weekends this year behind us; many of you are playing for a championship. You may also be playing in your semi-finals this week! If you are, congratulations! Unfortunately for those who are not, there is always next year!
Forecast: 8mph wind; chance of rain.
With poor conditions this game is going to be interesting. The Dolphins are looking to lock themselves into the playoffs, and are locked in if they win their next two games. Ryan Tannehill has been playing on a high level the last four weeks but I do not think the weather will permit him to. He could still have a nice game of 200+ yards and 1-2 touchdowns weather permitting. Mike Wallace has big play potential and has played well three out of the last four weeks. The Bills are the 4thbest match up for WRs, he has a good chance of having a big game as long as the weather is decent. I do not advise starting any Dolphins RB as they have been used inconsistently all year. In a pinch Daniel Thomas could have a decent game against the Bills.
What a nightmare season it has been for CJ Spiller. Slated by many experts to be the possible #2 RB in Fantasy. He has shown little this year to warrant his high draft selection.Unless desperate you should find someone else to start, as he is in a RB committee and does not have the touches to show off his vast upside. If you have Fred Jackson in a shallow league I could see him as a decent Flex, but by being in a committee his upside is also limited. I do not recommend any other Bills due to inconsistent targets for all and the Dolphins ability to contain an offense.
The Bills do not have enough on both sides of the ball to stop the surging Dolphins. The Dolphins continue to win and attempt to lock themselves into the playoffs.

Dolphins 31 Bills 17

Forecast: 8mph winds; Partly Cloudy
 Peyton Manning is the best player in Fantasy. He has scored the most points by a wide margin and has shown that he cannot be stopped. He should have a very good game against a Texans team that has played very poorly all year. Look for Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker to have good games. They struggled last week, but I think the “when in doubt Thursday’s out” applies to their performance. If you need a sleeper RB Montee Ball should play well. If you own Andre Johnson play him he should have a nice game, the Texans have lost all other offensive weapons and he should be featured now. The Broncos will rout the most disappointing team in the NFL this year.
Broncos 38 Texans 24
Forecast: 14mph winds; Partly Cloudy

The Vikings torched the Eagles last Sunday with a great balanced performance. Do not expect them to do the same against this Bengals defense. The Bengals are top ten worst match up for every position, and the Vikings are not exactly a consistent offense. The Bengals should have a nice game Fantasy wise as the Vikings have proven to be terrible against the run and even more awful against the pass. AJ Green should have a nice game look for him to catch 5 balls for 70 yards and a potential touchdown. Giovani Bernard will look to establish himself as the #1 RB for the Bengals next year and try and finish strong with 15-17 touches for 80 yards and a touchdown. The Bengals will prove themselves to be the better team on both sides of the ball and win decidely.
Bengals 37 Vikings 24

Saints @ Panthers
Forecast: 13mph winds;Chance of Thunderstorms

The Saints lost last week to an inferior Rams team and will look to dominate a Panthers team that they beat two weeks ago at home. Unfortunately the weather is not great for a team looking to pass, and playing against the Panthers defense is not an easy task. Look for the Saints offense to spread the ball around, Drew Brees should have a nice game and Jimmy Graham will more than likely score a touchdown. The Panthers are ideally suited for a rainy, windy game. They will look to run early and often in an attempt to control the ball and pace of the game. DeAngelo Williams has retaken the lead back role now with Jonathan Stewart out, and he should do nicely against the Saints. Consider him a low-end flex option as he will probably total 100 yards. Cam Newton will look to put his stamp on this game as he was clearly held in check in their last meeting. This is a statement game for the Panthers and they will make their statement with a close win.
Panthers 31 Saints 27

Titans @ Jaguars
Forecast: 12mph winds; Partly Cloudy

This game has zero meaning in the NFL playoff picture. Luckily the Titans offense may be able to move the ball as the Jags are a great match up for all positions especially TE. Look for Delanie Walker to have a nice game and is worth a play for all formats. Chris Johnson will look to break a couple runs and if he does he will have a monster game. Unfortunately the Titans are just too inconsistent to recommend anyone else but those two. Maurice Jones Drew is questionable for thus game but if he plays you should play him. The Titans are the 3rd best match up for opposing RBs in the NFL. I would not recommend playing any other Jags the Titans are very good against all but the run. This game of inferior teams will end in a close one with the Jaguars pulling a close one out at home.
Jaguars 24 Titans 17

Colts @ Chiefs
Forecast: 11mph winds; Overcast

Jamal Charles had one of the greatest games in Fantasy Football history last week. With 215 total yards and 5 touchdowns he was very impressive and will look to continue his amazing run as the Chiefs look to surpass the Broncos for the divisional lead. The Chiefs defense has shown to be vulnerable against the run since Week 9 and it is not inconceivable that Trent Richardson will run for 60 yards and a possible touchdown start him if you are desperate after injuries to your RBs. Andrew Luck has been inconsistent as a QB and if you have a capable backup I would start him instead. The Chiefs will use their consistency and their strengths on defense to overpower the Colts.
Chiefs 41 Colts 31

Cowboys @ Redskins
Forecast: 11mph winds; Overcast

The Cowboys need some luck and need to win out in order to have a chance to make the playoffs. Let me clear something up for you. It is not gonna happen. The Cowboys are playing a Redskins team that has lost six straight. They have the 3rd worst defense against RBs this season, Demarco Murray will have a very good game and is a must start. The Redskins are going to have a field day with the Cowboys defense. Kirk Cousins will probably throw for 250+ yards and 2 touchdowns. Start Alfred Morris and Pierre Garcon as they are in line to dominate. The Redskins will end the Cowboys chances of a playoff berth.
Redskins 34 Cowboys 31

Browns @ Jets
Forecast: 10mph winds; Showers

This game has little importance outside of Josh Gordon. Gordon is a top flight receiver and most likely have a monster game against the Jets. Do not start any other player in this game. The Jets win a close game that is highlighted by Josh Gordon.
Jets 24 Browns 20

Buccaneers @ Rams
Forecast: Dome

In a game that has little importance there are three player that are almost locks to have good games. The Rams have proven to be poor and ineffective against WR1s and Vincent Jackson is in line to help you win your championship. Bobby Rainey is a nice play for a flex this week as the Buccaneers will look to set up the pass with the run. The only Ram I would recommend playing is Zac Stacy. He has been the lone bright light for the Rams and will be in line for another 100 yard game. The Rams defensive line will prove to be the deference.
Rams 27 Buccaneers 20

Cardinals @ Seahawks
Forecast: 8mph; Chance of Rain

This will prove to be a defensive game. As the Seahawks are the best home team in the NFL. The Cardinals have the best running defense in the league. Still play Marshawn Lynch as he is a matchup proof start. I have a hunch on Russell Wilson, play him unless you have a top 5 guy. The Cardinals are going to struggle offensively and to recommend a player for your biggest game of the year is difficult. I would find other options. The Seahawks win in their element with solid offense and great defense.
Seahawks 27 Cardinals 13

Giants @ Lions
Forecast: Dome

The Lions need to win. They need to show desperation and they need it now. With two games left Detroit needs some luck but they also need to win out. Look for Matthew Stafford to throw early and often to Calvin Johnson and Reggie Bush who is a must start PPR. The only Giant recommended is Andre Brown but he is a flex play at best as the Lions have a top 5 run defense and little reason to defend the pass. The Lions win a must win game in not so close fashion.
Lions 38 Giants 21

Patriots @ Ravens
Forecast: 13mph; Thunderstorm

The Ravens are in the playoffs as long as the win out. The Patriots have faced more injuries to starters than anyone else in the league. Yet the Patriots are an amazing 10-4. This game will be about who has the better offense as both defenses are equal. Look for Tom Brady to have a solid game as he works with the WRs he has to move the ball down the field to score. Julian Edelman should also have a nice game as he has seen an uptick in targets the past few weeks. Jacoby Jones has shown to be a new favorite target of Flaccos and as he will see mostly single coverage should produce a solid 5 catch 70 yard game. Do not count on Ray Rice he has not shown his former burst at all this season. The Patriots will prove too good for the Ravens.
Patriots 27 Ravens 21

Raiders @ Chargers
Forecast: Clear

Rashad Jennings is the one and only Raider to start in this game as he has proven to be a very good RB2. There are three Chargers worth playing as they look to sneak into the playoffs. Phillip Rivers has been very good this year and will continue to throw well against the Raiders he is a top 7 play. Ryan Matthews flipped a switch in week 10 and has been great ever since. He will rush for at least 70 yards and a touchdown. Kennan Allen may be the best Chargers story from this seasopn as he has come from relative obscurity to be a top 20 WR this year. Look for him to have 6 catches for 80 yards. The Chargers will prove too much for the Raiders to handle.
Chargers 30 Raiders 20

Steelers @ Packers
Forecast: 15mph wind; Snow

The weather conditions for this game are not very conducive to the pass. Usually that would hurt the Packers but since their run game is actually a strength now it will help them. Eddie Lacy will have a productive day as the Packers will look to him to set the pace. Jordy Nelson should also play well as long as they use him on short routes. Even with the weather the Steelers will look to keep Antonio Brown involved as he has been their best weapon offensively all year. Him catching 8-10 balls is not out of the question. Le’Veon Bell will also be productive as the Steelers will try and control this game. The Steelers will control the game and defeat the Rodgersless Packers.
Steelers 24 Packers 13

Bears @ Eagles
Forecast: 8mph winds; Showers

This game is a big game in the playoff scheme as the winner is guaranteed a berth. Nick Foles has been the #1 QB since Week 6. He is a must start over all but Manning, and Brees. He has been playing at an amazing level this year totaling for 26 touchdowns and only three turnovers! Start him. Also start Lesean McCoy as he has played past his already high draft stock. If you are in a deep league Jay Cutler is a solid fantasy start as the Eagles defensive has shown to be ineffective against the pass. Alshon Jeffrey and Brandon Marshall are both must starts as well. Look for Mat Forte to have a big game as the Bears will look to keep the offense balanced. Nick Foles will prove to be too efficient and Lesean McCoy will dominate the middle giving the Eagles a playoff berth.
Eagles 38 Bears 31

Falcons @ 49ers
Forecast: Clear

If the 49ers win this game (and probably will) and the Cardinals lose then the 49ers will be in the playoffs. Next week is a big game for the 49ers anyway as they play the Cardinals. Look for the 49ers to come into this game early and take control. They will want to rest their starters for next week. It is difficult to predict if the Falcons will do well offensively as the 49ers have a great defense. Stephen Jackson has played well as of late and should have another good game. Vernon Davis should have a great game as the Falcons have proven to be poor against TEs. The 49ers may rest Frank Gore this game and if they do Kendall Hunter is going to tear apart the 8th weakest run defense in the league. Michael Crabtree is a flex PPR sleeper as him and Kaepernick have a lot of chemistry. The 49ers will have little problem rolling over the disappointing Falcons.
49ers 34 Falcons 24

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