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Fantasy Football Week 2 Recap: The Good, The Bad & The Busted


By: Joe Bond

Running backs will be the main theme this week as there were some fantastic games and then some not so great games by backs we expect to rely on each week.  Injuries are really starting to pile up now in just the second week and if you weren’t lucky enough to get that handcuff running back for your starter you will be struggling until they come back.  Anyway, lets get to it.

The Good
Reggie Bush (RB – Mia) – Reggie Bush was spectacular this Sunday, leading the Dolphins to a 35-13 win over the Raiders.  He also led all week 2 scorers with 31 fantasy points by rushing for 172 yards and two touchdowns and added 25 receiving yards.  I wouldn’t expect this kind of output every week, but he is clearly the only real weapon the Dolphins have so they will continue to feed him the ball.

CJ Spiller (RB – Buf) – Another week goes by and he did it again.  After thrashing the Jets last week, he ran for 123 yards and two touchdowns on just 15 carries and added 47 receiving yards.  All of that added up to 28 fantasy points for CJ Spiller and keeps him at the top of the running back scoring leaders for this season.

Trent Richardson (RB – Cle) – Trent Richardson gashed the Bengals defense for 109 yards rushing, 36 yards receiving and added a touchdowns both ways too.  This is what owners who took a chance on him were expecting when they drafted him.  Next week you should get another decent outing out of him, but his first real test will be when he plays the Ravens in week 4.

Giants Passing Attack – Eli Manning wants to forget about that first half and his three interceptions that helped his team get into a 24-13 hole. All that helped lead to the shootout which ended in the Giants winning and Manning throwing for 510 yards and three touchdowns.  Both Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks has amazing days, too.  Cruz caught 11 for 179 and a touchdown and Nicks caught 10 for 199 yards and a touchdown.  It truly was one of the greatest passing performance days I can remember.

Honorable Mention:  Robert Griffin III (QB – Was), (QB – Den), Dwayne Bowe (QB – Atl), Danny Amendola (WR – StL)

The Bad
Chris Johnson (RB – Ten) – It doesn’t help that your team gets down a quick 17-0 so you have to abandon the run, but CJ is just not getting it done.  He is pretty much blaming it on his offensive line, but what I see is a running back that is trying to dance around too much and not hit the hole.  If he continues this against a fairly soft Lions defense I would look to trade him quickly while you still might be able to get $.50 on the $1 for him.

Jay Cutler (QB – Chi) – Jay, a word of advice, don’t talk and just go play the game.  You woke up a sleeping bear, and it wasn’t your own Bears.  The Packers were determined to shut you down and embarrass you and it worked.  You threw four interceptions, only one touchdown and 126 yards.  You also looked like the biggest brat on the field when things weren’t going your way, pouting and yelling at your teammates as if it was all their fault and none of yours.  OK, rant done, seriously though, this was a horrible performance for a guy who egged on the Packers to stop them throughout the week.

Darren McFadden (RB – Oak) – If I had asked you who would have more rushing yards Reggie Bush or Darren McFadden, I bet all of you would’ve said McFadden.  Obviously, that was not the case.  McFadden got bottled up in this game and was held to only 22 yard on 11 carries.  He was a victim of his team getting behind, as well, but you can usually count on him for receiving yards, so it was very surprising to not see more from him.

Jamaal Charles (RB – KC) – What a disappointing day for Charles who I thought going against Buffalo would have a great game.  Well I was dead wrong, and just like CJ and McFadden they didn’t give him the ball due to falling behind quickly.  You would expect him to have been more involved in the passing game too but such was not the case.  

Honorable Mention: Marques Colston (RB – Cle), Brandon Marshall (WR – Chi), Larry Fitzgerald (WR – Ari)

The Busted
Matt Forte (RB – Chi) – This one is a huge blow to fantasy owners who most likely drafted him in the second round.  Original reports are that it was a high ankle sprain, but Lovie Smith is now saying it’s not that severe.  Hopefully for fantasy owners he is right because if it is a high ankle sprain, he is out at least 6 weeks.   

Aaron Hernandez (TE – NE) – Hernandez was helped off the field Sunday and it looked to be a horrible injury (I thought a knee injury).  It wasn’t as bad as I thought, however, and unlike Forte, this is a high ankle sprain.  Owners will need to go searching for another tight end they can trust for a few weeks with Hernandez sidelined.

Ahmad Bradshaw (RB – NYG) – Not much information to report here except that he was knocked out of the game with a neck injury.  He is getting an MRI today so follow us on twitter or facebook for updates.

Jeremy Maclin (WR – Phi) – Maclin decided to play in this game, even though he was dealing with a hip pointer injury, and it did not end well for him.  He left the game and never returned after re-aggravating the injury.

Steven Jackson (RB – StL) – Steven Jackson was sidelined most of the second half after injuring his groin.  He was having a good day before that, but this will be something to keep an eye on for an aging back.

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