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Fantasy Football Week 2 TE Rankings


Even though the Gronk missed this spike,
he did not miss the endzone once again.
I fully expect that to continue this week
when he plays against the Cardinals.

Rank Player Team Opp. Joe AJ
1 Rob Gronkowski  NE ARI  2 1
1 Jimmy Graham  NO @CAR  1 2
4 Aaron Hernandez  NE ARI  4 3
6 Vernon Davis  SF DET  3 5
3 Antonio Gates  SD TEN  5 4
7 Fred Davis  WAS @STL  6 7
10 Tony Gonzalez  ATL DEN  7 8
5 Jermichael Finley  GB CHI  10 6
8 Kyle Rudolph   MIN @IND  9 9
9 Jason Witten  DAL @SEA  8 12
11 Greg Olsen  CAR NO  16 10
11 Owen Daniels  HOU @JAX  11 15
14 Jermaine Gresham  CIN CLE  13 14
13 Brandon Pettigrew  DET @SF  18 11
13 Coby Fleener  IND MIN  12 17
12 Jared Cook  TEN @SD  17 13
20 Martellus Bennett   NYG TB  14 19
17 Jacob Tamme  DEN @ATL  19 16
24 Heath Miller  PIT NYJ  15 NR
18 Brent Celek  PHI BAL  20 18
28 Dennis Pitta  BAL @PHI  NR 20

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