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Fantasy Football:Week 15 Game by Game Preview


It is crunch time for Fantasy Football players and it looks like it is going to be a tough week for most! After the harsh weather conditions of last week, paying attention to forecasts and games casts are going to be crucial to push your team to the next round. Here are the previews for the week.

Bears @ Browns 1:00pm
Forecast: 16 mph winds; Chance of Snow

It is going to be a tough one in Cleveland. With a poor forecast and two very good defenses it is going to be a tough game to score. Do not count out Josh Gordon who has been on a torrid stretch the last 4 weeks and is an almost guarantee to catch seven balls for 100 yards. Reports indicate that Jay Cutler will be back this week meaning Brandon Marshall could see an uptick in usage. The bad weather will help Matt Forte out the most as the Bears will look to him for plays on the ground; I predict him to carry for at least 100 yards and a touchdown. The Bears will prove too much for the Browns to handle offensively.
 Bears 28 Browns 24

Redskins @ Falcons 1:00pm
Forecast: Dome

Reports indicate RGIII will sit out the rest of the season leaving the door open for Kirk Cousins to showcase his skills to other QB hungry teams. Unfortunately, I do not think this is the week for Cousins as Atlanta has shown to be excellent against WRs the last 4 weeks and ranks last for points allowed against RBs. Alfred Morris is going to have a huge game running against such a porous defense with an easy 100 yards 1+touchdown effort. Look for Roddy White to have a big game as he has started to show improvement since his injury with 6-7 balls for 80 yards. Steven Jackson looks like he could also have a big game, he has shown improvement since his injury as well. This game means nothing in the scope of the NFL playoffs, and with all the dysfunction shown the Redskins will continue their losing streak right to the draft lottery.
Falcons 31 Redskins 24


Texans @ Colts 1:00pm
Forecast: Dome
There is no QB as unpredictable as Andrew Luck this year. Yet he is the 5th ranked QB in standard scoring. Play him at your own risk. Since Reggie Wayne was injured the Colts offense has been about featuring the “hot hand” and has shown little consistency with targets, making it very difficult to predict, but Donald Brown should have a nice game of around 75 yards and a few catches. It is hard to trust Ty Hilton, or Cody Fleener as their targets are inconsistent at best. The most surprising losing team in the NFL has shown little offensively this year. Except for Andre Johnson, he has been very good, look for him to catch for 80+ yards and a touchdown. Even with Garret Graham‘s big week against the Jags I cannot recommend him unless he is your last resort, the Colts are the 10th ranked defense against TEs. Houston will prove too inconsistent offensively to make an impact.
Colts 24 Texans 17

Bills @ Jaguars 1:00 PM
Forecast: 7mph winds; Chance of rain

This is why Fantasy Football is such a great game. It turns a terrible NFL game that means nothing, into an Fantasy goldmine! Maurice Jones Drew should have a nice game as long as he plays. Buffalo has given up 90+ yards rushing in all but three games this year, they have given up 100+ yards the last 4 weeks. Buffalo has been solid against WRs the past 5 weeks, and the Jaguars WRs are not exactly elite. Play Shorts at your own risk; he is a WR3. Steve Johnson is a WR2 this week as the Jaguars have shown to be poor against the pass. If you are desperate; EJ Manuel could have a decent game running against the Jags, they have shown to be vulnerable to the QB run. If you own one or both Bills RBs play them at your own risk; CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson have received inconsistent touches all year. The Jags will squeak by the Bills and win their 5th game out of the last 6.
Jaguars 21 Bills 17

Patriots @ Dolphins 1:00 PM
Forecast: 7mph; Chance of rain

This is a sad day for Patriots fans. Rob Gronkowski is out for the rest of the season; and you cannot help but feel bad for a guy who has fought back from so many injuries. Tom Brady had finally started to turn around his season; and now he has lost his favorite red zone target. He is now a tough start against a Miami team that is the 4th worse match up for QBs. Look for Julian Edelman to see an uptick in usage, for around 100 yards and a touchdown. Vereen is a very good PPR player and a must start for this game. This is a huge game for the Dolphins as they are looking for a playoff berth. Brian Hartline is a good start for a PPR league as he has had at least 5 catches for 50 yards for 5 straight weeks. All other Dolphins have shown to be very inconsistent and it is difficult to recommend any other player than Hartline. Tannehill could have a decent game for a two QB league. Unfortunately for Dolphin fans this will not be a good week and Brady will prove too much.
Patriots 31 Dolphins 21

Seahawks @ Giants 1:00 PM
Forecast: 14mph winds; Partly cloudy

No team in the league has more substantial home vs away splits than the Seahawks. Winning home field advantage would make them a virtual lock for the Superbowl. Luckily, this is their last away game before the playoffs. Look for a big game from their franchise QB in Russell Wilson and a monster game from “Beast Mode” Marshawn Lynch. It has been the tale of two halves with the Giants offensively and much of that has to do with Andre Brown. He has been solid since his return averaging 83 yards and has had 3 touchdowns since his return; he should be a solid RB2 this week against the Seahawks who are considerably worse defensively away from home. Victor Cruz will be playing against Richard Sherman this week, I can not tell you not to play him, but I would find another option. The Seahawks will prove too talented for the struggling Giants and win by a substantial margin.
Seahawks 34 Giants 21

49ers @ Buccaneers 1:00 PM
Forecast: 7mph winds; showers 

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This is going to be an odd prediction. I am going to pick two Buccaneers players that I believe are going to do well. Also, I am not going to recommend any 49ers to play. If you need to play a low upside RB2 or a low end TE1; Frank Gore and Vernon Davis are playable, but do not expect big games. Do expect a big game from Vincent Jackson, he is certainly a big play player and is due for one of his monster games. Bobby Rainey is an interesting RB2 as he has clearly taken the lead back role, and has averaged 86 yards a game over the last 5 with 4 touchdowns. Now the odd part of my prediction is… I do not expect the Buccaneers to win, or even be close.
49ers 28 Buccaneers 17

Eagles @ Vikings 1:00 PM
Forecast: Dome

This is going to be a fun game to watch for the first half. The Eagles are poised to come in and dominate the hapless Vikings. With reports that Adrian Peterson is out, the Vikings have little chance to win this game. Look for the run-heavy Eagles to continue their dominance in the run game this week against a Viking D that is the 6th best match up for fantasy RBs. Nick Foles should also have a nice game; look for him to throw for 250+ yards and 2-3 touchdowns. On the other side, the Vikings have little to go for the offensively. Toby Gerhart is the best option for them and he will see 18+ touches. The Eagles will score early and often to cruise to another win.
Eagles 31 Vikings 16

Chiefs @ Raiders 4:05 PM
Forecast: 2mph wind; Clear

This is the David and Goliath game of the week. The Chiefs are substantially better defensively and offensively. Oakland has shown some promise lately behind the backs of Marcel Reece and Rashad Jennings. Jennings will be the starter this week, and I think we will have a solid game against the Chiefs; look for around 80 yards and a touchdown. The real story this last few weeks has been Jamal Charles, who is completely dominate in all fantasy formats. He has averaged over 23 points over his last three games and is the #1 RB in fantasy; he will continue his torrid streak and is a must start every week regardless of match ups. This game will not be close; Kansas City dominates Oakland early and coasts through the second half.
Kansas City 31 Oakland 17

Jets @ Panthers 4:05 PM
Forecast: 7mph wind; Clear

Do not start any Jets in this game. Just don’t. It is not worth it. The Panthers were thoroughly dominated last week against the Saints; they will be coming into this game looking to send a message. Start Cam Newton, Steve Smith, and Greg Olsen; they are poised to have big games. The Jets have shown to be weak against WRs and TEs this year and Cam will look to throw early and often. Greg Olsen will have something around 5-50 and a touchdown, Steve Smith is looking at 6-70 and a touchdown, and Cam Newton will come out looking to dominate the hapless Jets. This game will not be close.
Panthers 31 Jets 13

Packers @ Cowboys 4:25 PM
Forecast: Dome

Breath a sigh of relief Dallas fans. Aaron Rodgers will not be playing in this game; unfortunately neither will Sean Lee. Look for Eddie Lacy to carve up the middle of this poor Dallas run D. It is very difficult to endorse the Packers passing game with Matt Flynn, but if you were to play a WR I would play Jordy Nelson. It is a pure hunch, but I believe he will have a big game against the Cowboys. Tony Romo has been an average QB since his week 9 game against Minnesota. I do not know when or if he will right the ship, but I would not advise playing him this week. It is hard to predict Dez Bryant as he has been decidedly poor since week 9 as well. Play Demarco Murray he has been stellar since week 9.This game will be close but I believe the Packers are going to have a tough go without Rodgers.
Dallas 27 Packers 17

Saints @ Rams 4:25 PM
Forecast: Dome

If you are looking for a high scoring, back and forth game, this game will not be the game for you! The Saints will be the team scoring while the Rams watch. The only Ram that I would start would be Zac Stacy (desperate). I would advise staying away from all other Rams. The Saints should have a nice game the obvious ones being Drew Brees, and Jimmy Graham. Starting Marques Colston could work out as the Rams have been repeatedly hurt by #1 WRs. This game will not be close and the Saints will cruise through.
Saints 41 Rams 20

Cardinals @ Titans 4:25 PM
Forecast: 6 mph winds; Partly Cloudy

Arizona has been on a nice streak lately winning 5 out of the last 6, making them one game out of the playoffs. Defensively they have been stout and will have a good showing against the Titans. Start Chris Johnson at your own peril; the Cardinals are the worst defense for a RB in the league. Delanie Walker could be a sneaky play, as the Cardinals are the best match up for a TE this year. Larry Fitzgerald has caught at least 5-50 and a touchdown in 4 straight games; he could easily catch 7 for 80 and a touchdown against the Titans, even with the poor showing teams have had against them. The Cardinals will continue their streak and win this close game.
Cardinals 27 Titans 24

Bengals @ Steelers 8:30 PM
Forecast: 13mph winds; Chance of snow

The weather in this game is going to be poor. Look for short passes and many carries for both teams. Antonio Brown has been playing at an elite level all year; averaging 6 catches for 99 yards with 5 touchdowns for the last 7 games. Look for him to catch 7 balls for 85 yards this week with a possible touchdown. Emmanuel Sanders has caught a touchdown in each of the last 4 weeks and he very well could catch one in this game; look for him in shallow leagues. Ben Roethlisberger has turned himself into a fantasy “must start.” If you do not have a top 5-6 QB I would advise starting him, as he has been incredible since week 9. If you are going to start a Bengals running back I would strongly suggest Giovani Bernard, he torched the Steelers in Week 2 with two very big touchdowns. The Steelers have shown to be susceptible to the big play and he very well could break off a big run. Even with these conditions, Aj Green is a must start in all formats. The Steelers are going to avenge their Week 2 loss by beating the Bengals in a close one.
Steelers 21 Bengals 17

Baltimore @ Detroit Monday Night 8:30 PM
Forecast: Dome

Detroit needs to win this game to keep themselves in the playoffs. They will come into this game against the defending Champions with some fire. Matthew Stafford will throw for 300+ yards and 3+ touchdowns. Calvin Johnson will want to bounce back from his last game and put up 100 yards and a touchdown. With Reggie Bush slated to come back, it appears that there will be a two back system which dampens the value of both Bush and Joique Bell. The Ravens will look to run against the Lions, but will have little success. After they are down they will look to pass and the recipients will be Torrey Smith (WR3) and Dennis Pitta (TE2). Torrey Smith has big play potential and is a threat to take any pass to the house. If you need a decent flex play PPR he is your guy. The Lions will finally show some desperation and will win over the Ravens in an eventual blow out.
Lions 45 Ravens 28


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