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Fantasy NASCAR: Chase Race – Martinsville


Martinsville, personally my favorite track. There have been two drivers that have dominated Martinsville recently.  Jimmie Johnson and Denny Hamlin.  Jimmie Johnson has won eight of the last eighteen races at Martinsville, including the last two with an average finish of four over the last four. Hamlin has been equally impressive winning four of the last eleven races, and he didn’t even participate in the Spring race due to injury. These are by far the two favorites and I give Johnson the edge due to his two consecutive victories.

Jeff Gordon has also had a history of success at Martinsville. While he doesn’t have any victories in the last four races at Martinsville, he has an average finish of seven with two top fives. There are a couple other drivers that have a kind of Jeckyl and Hyde feel to them.  The last two races Kasey Kahne has a fourth and third place finish and Kyle Busch has a fifth and second. The two races before that Kahne finished thirty-eigth and twenty-fifth, while Busch finished thirty-sixth and twenty-seventh. I think they both are solid plays soley based on the previous two races,
but with much more risk than the top three drivers. As far as sleepers go, Jamie McMurray and Ryan Newman have shown sporatic success at Martinsville. Newman won the Spring race two years ago while McMurray was consistently putting in top tens three or four seasons ago, maybe he can get back in the groove at Martinsville.

1) Jimmie Johnson
2) Denny Hamlin
3) Jeff Gordon
4) Kyle Busch
5) Kasey Kahne

1) Jamie McMurray
2) Ryan Newman


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