Fantasy Six Pack Hour: 2018 Fantasy Football Consistency

by Joe Bond
2018 Fantasy Football Consistency

The Fantasy Six Pack Hour is back. Preseason has begun and the Fantasy Football Draft Season is amongst us.

In this show, A.J. Applegarth and I will talk about the preseason and some injuries that have occurred already.

First, we welcome Bob Lung, Founder of Big Guy Fantasy Sports, and author of the Fantasy Football Guide on to the show. You can follow him on Twitter @bob_lung.

You can buy his guide on Amazon or through his site.

2018 Fantasy Football Consistency

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The Fantasy Six Pack Hour

2018 Fantasy Football Consistency

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What is Consistency?

We ask Bob to tell us what exactly is Consistency and how he calculates it.

Questions about Consistency

There are a lot of questions scenarios where consistency can change. We ask Bob the following.

  • How do you rank/grade rookies or unproven players?
  • Do you consider a change of team/opportunity, such as players like Jerick McKinnon?
  • How do injuries factor into your ratings?
  • How does consistency change for players who are trending up or down due to natural factors such as age?

Consistent Players

We ask Bob to give us his one surprise player at quarterback, running back, wide receiver and tight end.

We then ask him specifically about the following

Believe me, you will want to hear this before you draft.

Preseason Week 1

A.J. and I quickly cover the highlights from the first week of the preseason. This includes Andrew Luck, the Cleveland Browns and some rookie notes.

We also let you know about some of the injuries that have occurred this early preseason.

Beer of the Week

Each week we will be letting you know what we are drinking this week as we do the show. Feel free to share with us your favorites on Twitter @F6P_Joe and @AppleGarthAlgar.

Visit the F6P Fantasy Football Draft Kit Page for more advice to prepare for the 2018 season.

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