The Fantasy Six Pack Hour: 2018 Outfield Preview

by Joe Bond
2018 Outfield Preview

Welcome to The Fantasy Six Pack Hour. In this episode, A.J. Applegarth and I continue our Fantasy Baseball Position Previews. This time we cover the 2018 Outfield Preview.

We welcome Ryan Hallam to help analyze the position. Ryan is currently one of the co-owners and writers of Fighting Chance Fantasy.

2018 Outfield Preview

The Fantasy Six Pack Hour

2018 Fantasy Baseball

Outfield Preview

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Kirk Cousins to the Vikings?

A.J. and I discuss the recent rumors that Kirk Cousins is going to sign with the Minnesota Vikings. The contract details are all over the place but all very high dollar amounts.

We also ask the question that is on everybody's mind. What would his signing mean for the Vikings receivers Stefon Diggs and Adam Theilen?


We discuss our draft strategy for the 2018 season for how you should attack the outfield position in your drafts.

Other questions we ask Seth are:

  1. Where are you targeting oft-injured players such as A.J. Pollock and Yoenis Cespedes?
  2. Andrew McCutchen and Christian Yelich were both traded this offseason. Who would you rather own this season? Why?
  3. Is Byron Buxton worth is current ADP?
  4. Michael Conforto's shoulder still is an issue. Where would you draft him with this risk?
  5. Adam Eaton is another injury risk, yet being drafted relatively high still. Would you?
  6. Gregory Polanco has shown us signs that he can be that impact player both with power and speed, just not all at once. Can this be the year?
  7. Adam Jones, Matt Kemp are those types of boring players who just get the job done, but lack upside. Can you win with these guys or do you ignore them?
  8. Steven Souza Jr. was traded to Arizona. What are you expecting from him this year?

We then each give our over and undervalued players for the upcoming season for the outfield position for the 2018 Fantasy Baseball season.

2018 Fantasy Baseball Position Previews
CatcherFirst BaseSecond BaseThird BaseShortstopOutfieldStarting PitcherRelief PItcher

Check out the rest of our great Fantasy Baseball content as the 2018 season approaches.

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