Garrett Wilson 2022 NFL Draft Profile

by Tyler Marling
Garrett Wilson 2022 NFL Draft

The Garrett Wilson 2022 NFL Draft profile shows a package of traits that makes the Ohio State Buckeye, arguably, the top wide receiver in the 2022 NFL Draft.

The 2022 wide receiver class is a very strong one and there will be plenty of competition for WR1.

Wilson will be competing with teammate Chris Olave, Alabama's Jameson Williams,  and USC's Drake London for that title.

Unfortunately, we just witnessed Williams go down with a non-contact knee injury in the National Championship. Let's hope that he is able to make a full recovery ahead of the 2022 NFL season.

In the first version of the 2022 NFL Draft Big Board, London was down a bit due to the season-ending injury he suffered earlier this year. Expect a rise for him in version 2.0, which will be dropping soon!

Garrett Wilson 2022 NFL Draft Profile

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Route Running/Separation

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Wilson is the best route runner in the 2022 NFL Draft. Learning from arguably the best wide receiver coach in America, at Ohio State, in Brian Hartline, Wilson perfected his route running craft this season. Even as a freshman in the 2019-20 season, Wilson showed plus ability as a route runner. However, it took another step this season.

Ohio State worked to get Wilson matched up with safeties a lot this season, especially in the red zone. Wilson would push so hard vertical that he would get the safety on his heels, allowing Wilson to pick which direction he wanted to go to get open. The quickness in his cuts at the top of his route is second to none as he has elite agility in short spaces.

Wilson also does an excellent job of getting vertical on comeback routes and creating separation, allowing for easy completions.

Release at the Line of Scrimmage

Good luck playing press man against Garrett Wilson. His quick-twitch feet and hand technique allow for some nasty moves at the line of scrimmage, making it nearly impossible for defensive backs to get a solid jam on him.

Throughout his marvelous three-year career in Columbus, Wilson showed a bevy of elite-level moves at the line of scrimmage. It's especially impressive in goal-to-go situations when there is no fear from the defender of getting beat deep.

His short-area agility, again, plays a role here. The quickness he displays in the short area is unmatched in this draft class.


If there are any fans of The Office reading this, Garrett Wilson's hands can be compared to that of David Wallace's invention, Suck It. Anything in Wilson's catch radius is going to be caught.

The impressive thing is how he catches the ball. Wilson doesn't use his body. He just plucks everything out of the air with his hands.


Garrett Wilson is a freak athlete. He's not a burner, but in the open field, he's very difficult to get to the ground. This goes back, again, to his short-area agility. Wilson gets to top speed so quick out of a cut that it makes him very difficult to wrangle.

Although it's a small sample size, Wilson carried the ball six times in his Ohio State career and averaged 23.8 yards per carry.

His ability to go up and high-point the football is another checkmark in the athleticism category. There's not a lot to say about it, but this catch in the college football playoff, during his freshman year against Clemson is all the proof anyone needs.

Question Marks

Top-End Speed

Although he is plenty fast to be successful in the NFL, is he elite-level fast? Maybe it's because he is so smooth, but it just doesn't seem that Wilson has speed that's in the 4.4 range like say Jameson Williams does.

When you're talking about the top player at a position, and the talent is so equal, one thing could be the deciding factor on whether someone is number one at their position or not.

The question is, will Wilson run at the combine? If he does indeed run a sub-4.50 40, he will be a lock to be an early selection on Thursday night of the draft. If he runs slower than that? Maybe he drops towards the end of the first round.


Garrett Wilson is listed at 6' and 188 pounds. That is not what most NFL teams are looking for in an X-receiver. X-receivers are typically what teams spend high draft picks on. However, Wilson played mainly X this season for the Buckeyes and parlayed that into a 70 catch, 1,058 yards, and 12 touchdown season, over just 11 games.

With his ability to beat press man, does it matter that he's only six-foot-tall? Guys his size have been able to play X at an elite level before. One example, and I know it's not a great one now, is Odell Beckham Jr. Beckham is listed at 5'11'' and has had some elite seasons playing mainly at the X.

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Wilson possesses a lot of the same traits as Beckham. Elite route running. Elite ability to beat press-man. Lastly, elite hands.

If Garrett Wilson can show NFL talent evaluators that he can be elite at X-receiver, they shouldn't hesitate to take him in the beginning stages of the first round.

Garrett Wilson 2022 NFL Draft Projection

WR1, early-to-mid first-round.

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