2023 IDP Football Green Dot Defenders

by Steve Hungarter (IDPHunter)
2023 IDP Football Green Dot Defenders

Welcome to an article where I'm going to discuss the 2023 IDP Football Green Dot Defenders.

I'm starting with a question for you, hotshot:

Situation: You are sitting in an expert league that is drafting. Your team is on the clock and you are overwhelmed and promise to never do that one again, then all of a sudden it happens. One of the elite IDP managers mentions the green dot and you don't know what that is. Or worse yet, how about you heard of it but do not know how to apply it or why that has any relevant value in terms of fantasy football?

To be fair, there are many of us that dabble in the offensive side of Football, where the green dot seldom, if ever, matters as it is just a formality. Or maybe you play in small IDP leagues where you get by learning the minimum and get lucky sometimes. Eventually, like all things, time catches up to you.

You will hear it here today. To be skilled at forecasting how a defense reacts to a given situation you will want to know this and absolutely need to know if you want to advance your game beyond the above-mentioned in regards to what is going on on both sides of the football. Yes, it may be true who the best players are you always have to understand these general terms but to understand how the game flow works is what makes owners their best and why we come here to play in the first place.

Allow me to explain with the introductions, hopefully, this is entertaining enough as it is informative so without further suspense, In today's installment, we discuss Green Dot Defenders: 2023 IDP Play callers, who should receive the green dot for their team, and the significance of knowing this,

so sit back have a brew at the Fantasy six-pack and be prepared to be entertained with value

2023 IDP Football Green Dot Defenders

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So what exactly is a green dot?

The presence of a green dot on the back of certain players' helmets is worth noting, as it holds significant importance within the game. Allow me to provide you with comprehensive information regarding the significance of these green dots on NFL helmets.

First, the basics,  the term "green dot" defines the green sticker attached to the back of a helmet (as pictured above) equipped with a headset.  This unique headset and sticker enable coaches to relay into the game to that chosen offense or defensive player pre-snap before any play. On offense, it is the Quarterback, but on Defense, it isn't always clear and could determine the coach's scheme.

There are two types of players that get designated for "green dot duties" on offense, so its kinda boring to discuss. It is generally a Quarterback, to be honest. Sarcasm aside you came to the right article on defense and most of us can tell you who the top 200 offensive players are.

On Defense, this can shift from week to week.  It's important to know who is calling the plays and why the schemes are being used in the first place. If you don't see the value you will likely get lapped by your league mates. On your Defense though, if you don't know players you will get lapped in your experts league. This Green dot here signifies players who communicate with the coach, receive play calls, and put themselves in the best situations to succeed. Don't believe me? Look no further than fantasydata.com and look at those metrics it is no coincidence that these are usually the best players on any team.

It runs much deeper than that though. The Defensive player who gets assigned this role is going to play three downs of football and rarely leaves the field. This makes him even more valuable since he is guaranteed a high snap count.

So ask yourself this, would you rather have a top household player who plays just one down or a solid player or who plays all three? The latter will have triple the chance of scoring your points.  This is one of the biggest mistakes a rookie manager will make when doing research. The top College players not being trusted enough to log significant snaps is far less valuable to the Veteran who is out there making plays. Because IDP is so much different than offense, where you could get away with those misnomers, the Defense you will need to pack information due to the research and count the snaps. An easy identifier to know such a player is to figure out who will have that green dot sticker. Your friends know about its significance and now you do too.

NFL Team2023 Green Dot ProjectionSecondaryrumors during OTAs:
ARIKyzir WhiteZaven CollinsThis one is a longshot as it has always been Zaven Collins but if he moves to DL or edge this could change things and Kyzir would probably be that leading guy.
ATLTroy AndersonKaden EllisCoaches in OTAS are committed to him here
BALRoquon SmithKyle Hamilton
BUFMatt MilanoTerel BernardNot convinced. Was passed over last year for Edmunds so we'll see.
CARShaq ThompsonFrankie Luvu
CHIT.J EdwardsTremaine EdmundsBoth had the role last year and could share. Edwards has made a career out of reading the Defense vs. Edmonds is more reactive and uses speed and athletic prowless to make plays.
CINLogan WilsonGermaine Pratt
CLEVAnthony WalkerGrant DelpitRemember him? Browns were a decent tackling team before his injury.
DALJayron KearseMalik HookerHooker wore it '22 but Kearse was solid in '21 with 101 tackles, 9 TFL, and a sack wearing the green dot in '21. Injuries aside should still be the guy.
DENJosey JewellAlex Singleton
DETAlex AnzaloneJack CampbellExpecting Jack Campbell to wear it by seasons end.
GBQuay WalkerDe'Vondre CampbellKeep and eye on Devondre Campbell, but Walker outplayed him down stretch
HOUChristain KirkseyDre Greenlawrumors emerging that Drew Perryman may take his job, but they play seperate spots too.
INDShaquille LeonardZaire Franklin
JAXFoyesade OlukunDevin Lloyd
KCNick BoltonDrue Tranquill
Las VegasDivine DeabloRobert SpillaneIf Spillane emerges as the Mike it is possible he could get the dot, over Divine Deablo
LACDerwin JamesEric Kendricks
LARErnest JonesJordan Fuller
MIADavid LongJerome BakerJerome Baker is more of an edge rusher, and doesnt measure up as a true inside LB, whiffs a lot of open tackles.
MINJordan HicksBrian Asamoah
NEKyle DuggerJa'Whaun BentleyDevin McCourty retired so play call duties and high snap counts coming
NODemario DavisPete Werner
NYGXavier McKinneyBobby OkerekeFive guys have been seen in OTAS wearing it so far its a battle.
NYJCJ MosleyQuincy Williams
PHINakobe DeanNicholas Morrow
PITCole HolcombElandon RobertsAlready spotted in OTAs already with the role.
SFFred WarnerDre Greenlaw
SEABobby WagnerJordyn BrooksThink this should be Jordyn Brooks, but coming off ACL now Wagners job.
TBDevin WhiteLavonte David
TENAzeez Al-ShaairMonty Riceseveral otas reports saying its his job. Managed this well when Warner got hurt, with 49ers.
WASHJamin DavisCody Bartonplenty of thre down saftey formation will cause this group to loose snaps.

Identifying candidates for green dot usage.

Secondly, know the following point. The NFL has allowed headsets for defensive players since 2008; this opens it up and gave the ability to have a quarterback on that side of the field. They will have to have high IQs, be natural leaders, and be athletic enough to make key plays. Early off-season forecasting for this is tricky, as it will take OTAs, plenty of reporting, and some general assumptions to identify these players correctly.

On the list below, we try to identify and outline four major sleepers for the green dot position based on their sneaky usage or team scheme.

Due to the frequent substitutions and sub-packages in the defense, there are some differences in how the green dot system operates. If the player designated with the green dot leaves the field, another player with a green dot can replace them. However, to maintain continuity and effective communication, the coaches prefer to have one player wear the green dot as much as possible.

In fantasy football terms, there is a special connection between the number of defensive snaps a player participates in and the number of fantasy points they accumulate. Therefore, rostering a player on the field for the entire game (100% snap count) and who can anchor the defense can provide a significant advantage.

So, wearing the green dot may indicate that a player is an every-down linebacker and will likely be able to make several impact plays.

Robert Spillane, LB, Las Vegas Raiders

The talk right now is Divine Deablo, but he plays more of a hybrid role, so if Spillane locks down the Mike role, we could see him in line for this job.

Kyzir White, LB, Arizona Cardinals

Most think it is Zaven Collins' job to lose. as they should, beings he finished last season wearing it. But think again. Now that Collins is playing snaps at the defensive line and the edge rusher, look for White (who already knows the coach and this defense) to take a significant leap and get the dot. It could take the entire pre-season, but I see this as a possibility.

Xavier McKinney, DB, New York Giants

Most will assume this is Bobby Okereke, and it could be if that is what the Giants' defense decides to run. At the time of this writing, Okereke is quoting as saying he does not think it is him, and during OTAS, there were as many as five players all spotted wearing the green dot. Expect this one to play out into the preseason.

T.J. Edwards, LB, Chicago Bears

Most people think the green dot will go to Edmunds or at least be shared, but Edwards has been quoted a few times previously about how he proudly loves the green dot. Between Edwards and Edmonds, however, these potential candidates are different in regard to playing abilities.

Edwards is more of a play-call guesser and uses his ability to detect the play to make key stops, versus Edmonds is more of an athletic freak who uses his speed and prowess to cover and make impact plays. I think the green dot will eventually go to Edwards and could be the better player.

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