How To Prepare For The 2022 NFL Season

by Andy Stitzer
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For all football bettors and fans, the new season of the NFL is about to come after the victorious Super Bowl this year. Teams are now preparing to showcase better performances to grab a chance for the Super Bowl LVII. Until the kickoffs start, it would be best to prepare yourself better as early as now. 

Figure Out The 2022 NFL Schedule

The NFL schedule presents the match brackets for every NFL team. Every team will need to play 17 regular-season games for five months. To better understand the schedule, it is usually set like this:

  • A team will need to play six games against the other three teams in their division—two games against each team with one at home and one on the road.
  • Next, they will play four games against the other three divisions in the same conference—two games at home and two on the road.
  • Then, the team will play four times against other teams in the other conferences. Again, two games at home and two games on the road.
  • Another two games will take place against the remaining two divisions in the same conference—one game at home and another on the road.
  • Finally, the team will play one game against a division that they are not scheduled to match with.

However, teams rotate between the four divisions, so in some sense, you will not be playing against the same team from last season. It is also the same with conferences where they alternate between home and away each season.

The schedules are released to the public months after the Super Bowl and before the kickoffs. However, it would be a good idea to guess and figure out the possible matches for the season to foresee possible bets you might want to place.

Find An Online Sportsbook

A sportsbook, bookmaker, or bookie are the ones that accept bets from sports bettors. Whether you plan to wager on NFL draft betting or NFL futures, it is always essential to ensure that your bets are safe. 

Moreover, in finding the right online sportsbook for you, you must ensure that they accommodate the sports you will bet on. If not, you might not wager on your favorite team once the season starts. Also, look into their institution and make sure that they are legal and regulated. Protect your bets, and find the right bookie for you.

Learn About The NFL Bets

Once you have found your sportsbook, you should prioritize learning the NFL bets you can wager next time. It will also help you find a bookie that would offer the best you want. So to start, here are a few types of bets that most NFL bettors wage on.


Over/Under is a popular bet because of its simple nature. The online bookie will present the bettors with a predicted total score of the two teams. Then, you will only need to wager if the final total score of the game would be over or under the bookie's set number. If the final score ends up being the same as the bookie's set number, the bets will be refunded.

Money Line 

The money line is the most common type of wager the newbies bet on. It is more straightforward than the Over/Under bet, and anyone can easily understand its mechanics. 

The bettor will be required to predict which team will beat the other team to successfully gamble in the money line. In other words, you place your money on the team that you think will win. 

Prop Bets

Proposition, "prop," betting is any side wages the bettor makes that are not really significant during the game. It is a fun bet where you can still earn money. 

One example of prop betting would be predicting how many passes a Quarterback player would make. In this case, you will incorporate the Over/Under bet to make things more fun.

NFL Futures

The next type of wager is NFL future betting. As its name suggests, this bet is where the bettors would wager on a future game that would not take place anytime soon. A bettor can bet on a team that would win in the division, conference level, etc. 

However, the most popular type of NFL future betting would be the Super Bowl. It is also available 24/7, where you can regularly check the bookmaker's site to see the change in odds.

Understand The NFL Odds

You must have read the odds a bit too much already but do you still remember how to read the NFL odds or how it works?

So on the bookmaker's site, you will notice that numbers with positive and negative signs accompany the names of the teams. The negative sign shows that they are the current favorites, and they have higher chances of winning the game. On the other hand, the positive sign represents being an underdog. It means they have lesser chances of winning the game.

Final Thoughts

After reading the article, how ready are you now? The NFL schedule was released on May 12, so it would be safer to take this chance to prepare your bets already and secure a sportsbook. Ensure that you are working with reliable people to enjoy the game still while waiting for your bet.

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