How to Rebuild a Dynasty Baseball Team: Part 1 Know your league

by Dave Eddy
Dynasty Baseball Rebuild: Part 1

Every up must have its down and in the world of Dynasty Baseball that down means a rebuild. This is part 1 of a 10 part series that is going to cover the start to finish of how to rebuild a Dynasty Baseball team. It is going to be in-depth, calculated, aggressive, and hopefully help you be efficient in your success.

If you have played Dynasty Baseball long enough then you have had to at some point make the tough choice to rebuild your team. A lot of reasons could prompt this. Your team could be coming off a string of successful seasons and going all in to win for multiple years has left your team in a bad place. Hopefully, you will have a title or two to show for this. Maybe, your team has never hit its stride and you are muddling around in the middle or bottom of the league year after year. So, you finally decide to burn it to the ground, start fresh and rebuilt it the right way.

No matter how you find yourself in the need to rebuild your Dynasty Baseball team this article will help you to navigate through the process. It will help to ensure that you don't miss any steps or try to take shortcuts that will make this tough and daunting journey an unsuccessful and frustrating waste of time. Let's jump right into part 1 of the dynasty baseball rebuild guide.

How to Rebuild a Dynasty Baseball Team: Part 1

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Do your due diligence

A lot of things covered, especially in this dynasty baseball rebuild part 1, are going to seem obvious. They are going to be no-brainers for most of you. There will be some people that it is not, however. Even if you are certain that all of these things are obvious to you I would highly encourage you to go piece by piece and ensure you aren't overlooking anything. Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. Even if the vast majority of this isn't new information for you. Even if just a single section is, you will find it useful.

Do yourself a favor and make sure you check it out, in its entirety. Rebuilding a Dynasty Baseball team is a long and difficult process. Make sure you are taking the steps to do it the right way. The last thing we want is to do a poor rebuild and have to start back over from scratch shortly down the road.

League Settings

While this seems like an obvious place to start, boy oh boy, let me tell you that not everyone starts here or ever even ends up considering this.

I have played in Industry leagues where after the draft, yes AFTER the draft, owners are surprised to find out that the league is OBP and not batting average. That is a big fat #oops! So, make sure that you know your league settings inside and out. Specifically what you need to know is the rest of this dynasty baseball rebuild guide part 1. Give it a good look.


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Head-to-head (H2H) or Rotisserie (ROTO). These are different types of leagues and must be treated as such.

In a H2H league, you are going against another opponent each week. You need to beat them in more categories than they beat you. That is the most simple form and they can get more complicated but in a nutshell that is how they work. My preferred strategy for H2H leagues is to look at which categories you think are easiest to build a team to compete in. Once you determine that, try to dominate in those categories. In the more difficult categories, like saves or holds, you are better off just punting them. I would just focus on being able to dominate other categories.

In ROTO leagues you have no choice but to build a well-rounded team. Your team is being scored, in each category with an accumulation of totals from the entire season. Punting a category in ROTO is the easiest way to ensure you will not be winning your league.

Of course, there are a lot of ways to skin a cat and you can most certainly win your leagues going against my recommended strategies. I would highly advise you to take my years of experience in competing in these leagues. At the end of the day, it is your time and money on the line so you need to do what you think is best. It is you, not me, that has to live with the outcomes.

Scoring Categories

Seems obvious but again you would be shocked.  So make sure! What are your hitting categories? What are your pitching categories?

Don't be fooled into thinking that leagues with batting average and OBP are the same. They may be similar but certain guys excel in one format while not being so great in the other. The best example of this is Joey Gallo. In batting average leagues he is a major drain on your roster for that category. However, in OBP leagues he is a great benefit to your roster in that category.

You are going to need to fully understand your scoring categories to assemble the best team possible for your specific league. Without this knowledge, you could easily end up targeting guys that aren't ideal for the leagues' structure. It would be an awful mistake to make and struggle because of a self-inflicted wound.


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Ensure you know how many starters you have, their positions, and your bench size. With so many various ways for this to be set up, it is important to understand how this affects how you want to build your team going forward.

Some positions like SS and 3B are very deep, on the flip side, 2B and OF get scarce really quickly. So, if your league has CI/MI or maybe has 5 OF spots, for example, then you definitely need to take that into consideration. In those cases, I would really try to focus on making sure you target long-term options at the most scarce positions first and foremost.

Once you have decided who you want them to be, based on your league settings, be aggressive in acquiring them. These guys are going to be the building blocks of your team. "Overpaying" for them shouldn't be an issue. More about exactly this will be available in part 4. You will find it much easier to fill holes from plentiful positions down the road. Trying to find a quality player at those scarce positions is going to be more difficult. It is in your best interest to make those a top priority.

Draft rules

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Like pretty much everything in Dynasty Baseball, there can be so many varieties of First-Year Player Drafts (FYPD). Can you trade picks? If so, are there limits or rules to trading them? How many rounds is your FYPD? When does your FYPD take place? Can you trade 1st RD picks in multiple years? Is there a limit to how many 1st RD picks you can acquire?

I hate to sound like a broken record here, but again, know your league rules. It would be a shame to make a plan to sell off assets from your team in an effort to acquire as many 1st RD picks as possible then find out, after reaching out to owners and negotiating, that you can only own three 1st RD picks in any given year. This is all information you need to know and take into consideration when developing your rebuild plan. Acquiring draft assets is likely the most obvious place to start but doesn't necessarily mean it is the right move for your team in your specific league.

Other owners

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Often overlooked, the different types of owners in your league can really help lead you in the right direction to take your team and more specifically how to get there.

If you have an owner that is constantly in a rebuild, we all know that guy, then you can likely consider his younger pieces will be harder to get. If guys you are targeting are on his roster you know you are going to have to give up assets similar to what you are trying to acquire. This would be an example of possibly having to overpay with assets you view as more valuable than owners that are in a win now mindset.

Speaking of win now owners, these are going to be the guys that will likely not value their early picks as much as you will. These are the owners you will first look to when trying to obtain additional draft capital. It is also reasonable to think they would value veterans more than you do and their young players less. Moving veterans for prospects would be the type of deal that would be mutually beneficial between you and them.

That is exactly why it is so important to make your intentions of rebuilding widely known in the league. Much easier for you to make deals when you have other owners coming to you with trade ideas or offers than it would be for you to be the instigator of all activity.

League specific information

Generally speaking, each league is going to have its own quirks.

For example, one Dynasty league I am in places a super high value on starting pitching. I am not quite sure why because pitching isn't any more or less valuable based on the league settings. However, for some reason, it is extremely tough to acquire pitching. This is important to note when deciding on your rebuild plan.

I am someone that subscribes to the TINSTAAPP way of thinking. So for pitching to be overvalued in that league is a big advantage to the way I went about constructing my team and how I go about maintaining it. It is things like that you must have the awareness of to be able to take full advantage.

Coming up next.....

In the next article we are going to head into part 2: Define your assets.

I will dive into how to determine what your best assets are. What to do with those assets. How to decide which assets on your team you will want to sell or hold on to. A self-evaluation of your roster before you dive headfirst into making moves is one of your most critical steps. It is possible certain building blocks already exist.  Before you can make a plan of how to move forward, you need to know where you already stand.

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