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How to Rebuild a Dynasty Baseball Team: Part 3 Determining Your Timeframe


Welcome to part 3 of the 10 part series discussing how to rebuild a Dynasty Baseball team. In this article, we are going to discuss how to determine the timeframe of your team before you will be ready to compete.

Every up must have its down and in the world of Dynasty Baseball that down means a rebuild. This is part 3 of a 10 part series that is going to cover the start to finish of how to rebuild a Dynasty Baseball team. It is going to be in-depth, calculated, aggressive, and hopefully help you be efficient in your success.

If you have played Dynasty Baseball long enough then you have had to at some point make the tough choice to rebuild your team. A lot of reasons could prompt this. Your team could be coming off a string of successful seasons and going all in to win for multiple years has left your team in a bad place.

Hopefully, you will have a title or two to show for this. Maybe, your team has never hit its stride and you are muddling around in the middle or bottom of the league year after year. So, you finally decide to burn it to the ground, start fresh and rebuilt it the right way.

No matter how you find yourself in the need to rebuild your Dynasty Baseball team. This article will help you to navigate through the process. It will help to ensure that you don’t miss any steps or try to take shortcuts that will make this tough and daunting journey an unsuccessful and frustrating waste of time.

In Part 1 I discussed knowing your league. In Part 2 I discussed how to define your assets. Now let’s get to part 3 of the Dynasty Baseball rebuild guide.

How to Rebuild a Dynasty Baseball Team: Part 3

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Determining your time frame

First things first, you need to be realistic. Thinking that you will be ready to compete before you actually are could put a wrench in your plans. If you go into win-now mode a year or two early, you might actually lessen your Championship winning window. If you sell off presumed no longer needed assets to get win now assets and your team isn’t ready you are actually going to set back your team.

Making a fluid and possibly ever-changing plan for which players will be filling which spots on your team will be critical. Build a plan, don’t be afraid to change it but hold yourself accountable to it.

Player values and the landscape of your league will be ever-changing. Find your spots to take advantage of them all. If that means trading away a player like say Mitch Keller that you were relying on, then so be it.

The opportunity might strike to move an asset(s) you intend to build around to improve your team as a whole and get a guy that makes more sense for you team like Vidal Brujan. He also happens to currently be a better Dynasty asset. This is why you would pivot from Keller to acquire Brujan. If a chance is there and the value is right make the move.

Of course, this is not an apples-to-apples suggestion across all leagues. But it is a type of move that embodies a lot of what we have discussed to this point and what we will continue to discuss. So bookmark that one.

When does your window open

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This is likely going to be a difficult question that will have an answer that changes numerous times. Once you have determined the assets you plan on keeping you will have a much better idea. This will allow you to start thinking about what is left that will need to be acquired to fill your starting lineup in such a way that you can compete for a title.

Look over the current building blocks on your roster. Decide at which point you will need the prospects, picks and other players you will acquire to all to be ready to contribute in a meaningful way. Once you determine exactly when you think your window will open, you can start to get a feel for how long this rebuild will take. It will also be a driving force in helping you decide, in the next steps, which players you should be targeting.

Planning is key

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This will be easier said than done. Try to time your guys to all be available for your active starting lineup within 2 years of each other. Let’s say you have determined it would make sense for your team to start being a serious competitor in 2023. Then you have a great starting point. You are going to want to put a high priority in targeting guys that you would expect to be ready then. Guys that will contribute to your team starting in this window.

Prospect ETA’s are anything but an exact science. This is definitely going to take some research. I cannot stress enough how crucial it will be. Do to the leg work and plan this out to the best of your ability. Here are a couple of great resources I think you can use to help you to determine prospects ETA’s:

Prospects Live is a great resource for all things fantasy related. You will not only be able to find great scouting reports and articles but also some help with ETA’s.

Prospects 1500 is another great site with very in depth prospect information. Best known for their team by team top 50 prospect lists, this site is another great resource to help you with ETA’s.

MLB Pipeline is another great place to take a look. They do not go as deep as the other two sites. Also, have less total information. But, they do offer some great ETA-specific information.

Between these sites and things you will be able to find on your own, you should be able to get a pretty good handle on roughly when to expect these prospects to debut.

Final thoughts

Choosing an appropriate timeframe for your team is going to be a trial and error adventure. Do not feel as though you have to stick to your original plan by any means.

Depending on the trades available to you, the types of guys you can draft and even possibly waiver wire additions, this timeframe could easily fluctuate. In fact, I would expect it to change a couple of times. Though it is likely not to move more than 2 years in either direction.

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Coming up next…..

In the next article we are going to head into part 4: Develop trade targets. Here we will take all the work we have done to this point and really put it to practice. Thinking about everything we have learned we will dig deep to find the players that we are going to look to acquire.

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