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How to Rebuild a Dynasty Baseball Team: Part 6 Build Draft Capital


Welcome to part 6 of the 10 part series discussing how to rebuild a Dynasty Baseball team. In this article, we are going to discuss building draft capital.

Every up must have its down and in the world of Dynasty Baseball that down means a rebuild. This is part 6 of a 10 part series that is going to cover the start to finish of how to rebuild a Dynasty Baseball team. It is going to be in-depth, calculated, aggressive, and hopefully help you be efficient in your success.

If you have played Dynasty Baseball long enough then you have had to at some point make the tough choice to rebuild your team. A lot of reasons could prompt this. Your team could be coming off a string of successful seasons and going all in to win for multiple years has left your team in a bad place.

Hopefully, you will have a title or two to show for this. Maybe, your team has never hit its stride and you are muddling around in the middle or bottom of the league year after year. So, you finally decide to burn it to the ground, start fresh, and rebuilt it the right way.

No matter how you find yourself in the need to rebuild your Dynasty Baseball team. This article will help you to navigate through the process. It will help to ensure that you don’t miss any steps or try to take shortcuts that will make this tough and daunting journey an unsuccessful and frustrating waste of time.

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Now let’s get to part 6 of the Dynasty Baseball rebuild guide.

How to Rebuild a Dynasty Baseball Team: Part 6

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Building draft Capital

Acquiring and trading players isn’t the only way to improve your Dynasty Baseball team. Utilizing draft capital can be a sneaky way to help get the job done as well. This idea isn’t as simple as acquiring picks to stock your team full of prospects. Even though you are rebuilding and naturally getting a younger roster across the board, you can definitely use draft picks as trade assets.

Sometimes a player-for-player trade leaves some value on the table. Make up that difference by acquiring or trading away picks. Let’s say you are moving a veteran to acquire a building block for your future. There is no harm in getting a pick back, even a late pick, thrown in to finalize the deal. Most Dynasty leagues have a five-round FYPD (first-year player draft). And while an additional fourth-round pick might not seem like much value, it beats not having it.

Let me give you a realistic example. Let’s say you own DJ LeMahieu and have identified him as an asset you are going to move for a building block. While going through Part 4, you do your research and decide that Julio Rodriguez is one of your main targets. According to my Dynasty Baseball Rankings LeMahieu is ranked 45th and Rodriguez 50th. A straight-up deal provides both owners with fair value.

However, I would imagine you wouldn’t have a hard time convincing a win-now team to add some draft capital. You could simply ask the owner for a second or third-round pick and gauge their interest. It is more likely than not they won’t value that pick nearly as much as you and would just throw that pick in to increase their title chances.

Earlier the better

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There is also another approach you could take to try and acquire an even more impactful pick. In the LeMahieu for Rodriguez deal, you could try to get their first-round pick, along with your building block target. In a fairly even trade it is unlikely an owner will be willing to move a 1st round pick as a “throw in”. Asking for it, however, is definitely worth the trouble.

In this case, I would suggest offering up a later pick(s) in exchange for the first-rounder. Even if it requires you to add a second-round pick to get their first, it is a nice upgrade for you.

In a perfect world, you would be able to add something like a third and fourth-round pick. This will really depend on the owner you are trading with. What they are willing to do and how they value their picks. Instead of a simple 1:1 swap of LeMahieu for Rodriguez, you could very well end up with LeMahieu and a first-round pick for Rodriguez and a third and fourth-round pick. Thus, getting you the building block you were targeting and the chance to draft an impact potential prospect.

This type of strategy concerning your draft picks should always be considered when you are rebuilding. Do not make the mistake of considering draft picks as an acquirable only asset because you are rebuilding. You will definitely want to obtain as many picks as possible but not necessarily with the end goal of using them all to draft with. They can be a very powerful tool in making deals.

As I said above, getting a third or fourth-round pick back in deals should always be something you inquire about. They just give you more ammo down the road to pull off the moves you want to make during your rebuild.

Make it known

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Like a lot of the things that have been covered already, and will be covered in the remaining parts of the series, making it known you are interested in acquiring draft capital is probably obvious. Do not make the mistake of assuming other owners know that you are interested in picks. You know what they say about assuming…

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Anyways, make your intentions known to the league before even engaging in talks. This way when you receive offers they are more likely to include draft picks. Also, when engaged in talks, it shouldn’t surprise the other owner when picks are brought up. Having good relationships with the other owners in your league will prove over and over again to be to your benefit. Just like any relationship, being open, transparent and fair will go a long way.

Final thoughts

Going back to the previous article, be aggressive. Even in the most equal of deals, don’t be afraid to ask for a pick to sweeten the deal. Remember, it doesn’t have to be as simple as one going one way or the other to even things up. You should be looking for situations where you can get an impactful pick like a first-rounder while giving back a pick(s) to complete the deal.

Ultimately, draft pick capital will not be as important to your success as the building blocks you acquire. Those picks are similar to lottery tickets or “fun coupons” as I like to call them. You can acquire all the draft picks you want but if you end up drafting poorly with them, what good are they. Consider your fun coupons just another asset that can be acquired and traded just like anything else.

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Coming up next…..

In the next article, I will be discussing using the waiver wire. To be sure, you will certainly want to do your research and dig deep. That being said, you might be able to obtain valuable assets on your team for free.

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