How to Rebuild a Dynasty Baseball Team: Part 8 Re-evaluating your team

by Dave Eddy
How to Rebuild a Dynasty Baseball Team: Part 8

Welcome to Part 8 of the 10-part series discussing how to rebuild a Dynasty Baseball team. In this article, we are going to discuss taking a moment to step back and re-evaluate the progress you have made.

Every up must have its down and in the world of Dynasty Baseball, that down means a rebuild. This is part 8 of a 10-part series that is going to cover the start to finish of how to rebuild a Dynasty Baseball team. It is going to be in-depth, calculated, aggressive, and hopefully help you be efficient in your success.

If you have played Dynasty Baseball long enough then you have had to at some point make the tough choice to rebuild your team. A lot of reasons could prompt this. Your team could be coming off a string of successful seasons and going all in to win for multiple years has left your team in a bad place.

Hopefully, you will have a title or two to show for this. Maybe, your team has never hit its stride and you are muddling around in the middle or bottom of the league year after year. So, you finally decide to burn it to the ground, start fresh, and rebuild it the right way.

No matter how you find yourself in the need to rebuild your Dynasty Baseball team. This article will help you to navigate through the process. It will help to ensure that you don't miss any steps or try to take shortcuts that will make this tough and daunting journey an unsuccessful and frustrating waste of time.

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Now let's get to part 8 of the Dynasty Baseball rebuild guide.

How to Rebuild a Dynasty Baseball Team: Part 8

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State of your roster

Your team should look quite different now than it did at the beginning of this process. Of course, depending on how long it took you to get to this point is going to depend on how different. You should be rid of your most valuable assets that are not part of your future. Building blocks for your future should now be in place and hopefully advancing as planned.

Ideally, you have addressed the most difficult positions to fill and they are in good shape. Whether that is with current MLB talent of prospects you are relying on shortly will be team-specific. All in all, you should be pretty satisfied with your roster construction process. Don't expect everything to be perfect. Also, don't think that you are done yet. Rebuilding is a long process and it is ever-evolving until your team is in full win-now mode.

Your timeline

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It is important that during this re-evaluation process you also strongly look at where you are compared to your original timeline. Keep in mind that if you are behind, that is not a problem. If you are ahead, well that is great. It is likely the result of some good trades or great luck. Either way, the point here isn't for your current position to be a negative or positive thing. It is simply to help you determine your path moving forward.

Being honest with yourself will be crucial. Do not lie to yourself to make yourself feel better if things haven't gone as well as you had hoped. I feel this is unfortunately easy to fall prey to. My best suggestion, reach out to people that you know and trust. Show them your roster, and your progress and ask for their opinion. Ultimately, your feelings on your team are paramount. While the opinions of others are valuable if they drastically differ from yours I wouldn't jump ship and make major changes. If they make a lot of sense and you feel the best course of action is to change course, even in a drastic way, then make sure you do so with the same fury and aggressiveness you have to this point.

Top priorities moving forward

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After a full re-evaluation, likely including help from some friends, it is time to get back to work. You will need to take what you have learned and develop your top priorities moving forward. This means scrapping any preconceived notions or ideas that you were working with before. This is the new direction of your team as you have passed yet another benchmark.

Let's say that your progress isn't in as good of shape as you hoped. First of all, do not get down. You should remain positive. While it is not good news, it is not the end of the world. Determine the biggest downfall of your team and address it with aggression. Maybe your top building block has disappointed you. Maybe you haven't been able to acquire the players at the most difficult positions like you had wanted. Just remember that it is ok and make getting this in line with where you want it your top priority.

Hopefully, you are ahead of where you expected to be. This would be the best-case scenario. In that case, you might be looking to move some of your younger prospects for guys closer to the Big Leagues or guys that can help you start winning soon. Just be careful that you aren't making moves that go against your timeline. However, if you are ahead of the game there is nothing wrong with being aggressive by giving up some high-risk upside for some lower-risk production that comes to you more immediately.

Final thoughts

This portion of the rebuild is going to be as important as any other. You could argue that it is one of the two or three most important. This is where you are taking your new team and determining the final path toward trying to win again. As always, be calculated, be aggressive but do not be short-sighted. You are still in rebuild mode but the light at the end of the tunnel is becoming much brighter.

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Coming up next…..

In the next article, I will be discussing implementing your newly revised strategy. A lot of work has gotten you to this point. After taking a fresh look at your team it is time to pull some of the final strings. It would help if you now were on the brink of competing again. Let's make sure we are as focused as ever and finish this up.

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