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How to Rebuild a Dynasty Baseball Team: Part 9 Implement your revised strategy


Welcome to part 9 of the 10 part series discussing how to rebuild a Dynasty Baseball team. In this article, we are going to discuss implementing your revised strategy after re-evaluating your roster.

Every up must have it’s down and in the world of Dynasty Baseball that down means a rebuild. This is part 9 of a 10 part series that is going to cover the start to finish of how to rebuild a Dynasty Baseball team. It is going to be in-depth, calculated, aggressive, and hopefully help you be efficient in your success.

If you have played Dynasty Baseball long enough then you have had to at some point make the tough choice to rebuild your team. A lot of reasons could prompt this. Your team could be coming off a string of successful seasons and going all in to win for multiple years has left your team in a bad place.

Hopefully, you will have a title or two to show for this. Maybe, your team has never hit its stride and you are muddling around in the middle or bottom of the league year after year. So, you finally decide to burn it to the ground, start fresh and rebuilt it the right way.

No matter how you find yourself in the need to rebuild your Dynasty Baseball team. This article will help you to navigate through the process. It will help to ensure that you don’t miss any steps or try to take shortcuts that will make this tough and daunting journey an unsuccessful and frustrating waste of time.

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Now let’s get to part 9 of the Dynasty Baseball rebuild guide.

How to Rebuild a Dynasty Baseball Team: Part 9

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Scan the waiver wire

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After Part 7 of the rebuilding process, you should be pretty aware of what is available on the waiver wire. It is time to scan it with a new set of eyes as your priorities have shifted, even if slightly, since your last deep dive. What you are looking for is going to be league-specific and also dependent on exactly where your team stands.

While it is unlikely there is going to be an obvious future building block sitting on the wire for you to scoop up, keep in mind that it is possible. The depth of your league is going to play a huge factor in this. Regardless, you should be checking out resources like my Dynasty Baseball rankings to look for these types of players. You are likely going to be looking for very young players who have a high upside. These are probably guys that are 500th or deeper in my rankings. As always, take the time to do your research and leave no stone unturned.

You will almost certainly have MLB assets available to pick up. Unless of course you are crazy like me and play in 30 team industry leagues where you cannot even find backup Catchers. The MLB assets that will be available aren’t going to be guys you can rely on for building blocks. In this case, you are looking for players you think you could get now and turn into trade chips in the near or not too distant future. It might be a guy that is currently on the IL. It might be a guy that is simply playing at a high level currently.

Make league aware of your new priorities

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Your league mates will not be aware of your change in priorities unless you tell them. That could come in the form of an updated trade block, a league-wide message, or even speaking with them individually. Whatever makes the most sense for you in your specific league is going to be up to you. But, you have got to let them know.

This is going to hopefully open up the trade waters even more for you. It is likely that you will be inquiring about different players than before and probably have new players to move.

Go after new trade targets

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Just like in Part 4, you are going to want to define your new trade targets and go after them aggressively. You should have some sort of working relationship with every owner in your league. Hopefully it is not too difficult to get hold of them to discuss the player(s) that you are interested in. You also are likely to have a pretty good idea of what that teams priorities are and what on your roster is likely to be of the most interest to them.

Not to beat a dead horse here but go after these new targets with a calculated aggression. As always, if the move is right do not be afraid to “overpay”. If you have a plan that you believe it and trust then follow it and do what it takes to try and achieve it.

Final thoughts

This is going to be the final stretch before you are ready to go all in as you compete for a title. Remain aggressive and follow your plan. If you have taken your time and followed along, things will be looking really good after you have gotten through this step. The real fun is about to begin.

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In the next article, I will be closing out the series. I will be discussing final thoughts and tips as your team should now be ready to make a run towards the title.

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