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Introducing People into the Fantasy Football Fold


We make no secret of our enjoyment of fantasy football in all its incarnations. As football fanatics, this digital side of the sport simply gives us a way to enjoy the games which we wouldn’t otherwise bother with. Sure, we’re always going to watch and cheer for the Frogs, but we can’t always say the same about some nothing team in the middle of nowhere. Fantasy helps bridge this gap.

Over the years, our love of fantasy football and what it means for the overall state of the game has led us to draw a lot of friends and family into the fold, as both competitors and just for friendly banter. That said, getting into fantasy football can be trying for those not fully comfortable with technology or mathematics, and so we came up with the idea for this article.

Here, we want to go over a few simple tips to help new players get accustomed to the game, to streamline the experience for you and the people you play with.
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The Math Side

Few people enjoy math, and this is triple the case for those of us getting into it after years of letting our mental math muscles atrophy. If taking a class sounds like a nightmare, then consider a different tack.

People learn far better when they’re entertained, this is a simple reality of how humans operate. Because of this, learning maths can be as simple as turning to games that employ maths and statistics.

Online casino games are an extremely popular example of this, loved almost universally and with a wide range of different opportunities on offer. Readers can check out for an easy to navigate list of popular online casino websites. With bonuses like deposit matches and free spins, alongside hundreds of different games, learning or relearning the skills players need is simple.

The Tech Side

The other common complaint we see people having with fantasy football is that the technology is too confusing. While most of us now are sufficiently up-to-date with digital technology to accomplish basic tasks, a fantasy football level of work can prove a step above for some.

In our experience, the best way to introduce new players is to first ensure that they’re using the same software you use, whenever possible. We’ve seen confusion between different operating systems and browsers become a constant issue, so this is something we want to try to avoid.

For the first parts of setting up a team, it’s best to guide a new player through in person, with a guide like the one you can find at At the same time, you want to keep constant notes of what is necessary for later seasons.

In terms of weekly effort, a similar path should be followed as the season begins. People are going to forget what they do the first time around, and having to repeatedly answer the same questions is only going to frustrate, so be sure your recorded steps are thorough.
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Practice Practice Practice

People have a tendency to psych themselves out when it comes to any potential new interest which involves a reliance on technology. As explains, this idea has been around for decades. This is what held some of our friends back from getting into the world of fantasy football, and chances are good it will affect someone you know as well.

Just as with any other sport, fantasy or real, the hardest part is the start. Get a foot in the door, and everything else will quickly fall into place.

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