Is Kenneth Walker Worth His ADP? | 2024 Seattle Seahawks Fantasy Football Draft Guide

by Mike Bonni
Is Kenneth Walker worth his ADP

Welcome to the 2024 Seattle Seahawks Fantasy Football Draft Guide. In this article, I will be answering the burning questions you have surrounding the team. The questions that will be coming up include: Is Kenneth Walker Worth His ADP? What can we expect from the WR room? Is Geno Smith worth drafting? This and more questions will be answered as you continue reading the 2024 Seattle Seahawks Fantasy Football Draft Guide.

But first, let's talk about Seattle's offseason.

They did NOTHING (for fantasy football). What a boring off-season for Seattle. It looks like they will be running it back, the same team that went 9-8 and missed the playoffs. The hope among the organization is that Geno Smith will keep up his production, the RBs will stay healthy, and a breakout season from Jaxon Smith-Njaba will occur. For all of this and more, continue reading the 2024 Seattle Seahawks Fantasy Football Draft Guide.

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Is Kenneth Walker worth his ADP?

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NO! I'll explain why.

In 2023, Walker finished as RB19 (RB20 in FPPG). He was an RB2 or better in eight of his 15 games played, four of those were RB1s.

He rushed for 905 yards and scored eight touchdowns. Kenneth Walker was also able to catch 29 of his 37 targets for 259 yards and one touchdown. Not a bad season right? Well, if we dig deeper it gets worse for Walker. You can thank the emergence of Zach Charbonnet for this.

Kenneth Walker before Zach Charbonnet even sniffed consistent snaps (W. 1-7).

  • RB7 (RB8 in FPPG, 17.4)
  • 5 RB2+ finishes (2 of them were RB1)
  • Averaged 67% of the snaps
  • 18.2 carries-86 yards-1 TD/game were his averages during those games
  • 2.8 targets/game

Kenneth Walker after Charbonnet got a consistent workload (W. 8-18).

  • RB31 (RB34 in FPPG, 10.5)
  • 3 RB2+ finishes (2 of them were RB1)
  • Averaged 50% of the snaps
  • 13.3 carries- 54.6 yards-0.4 TDs/game were his averages during this time.
  • 2.6 targets/game

As you can see, Kenneth Walker lost a significant amount of playing time to Zach Charbonnet. Currently going as the RB16, Walker screams disappointment. I would much rather draft Alvin Kamara, David Montgomery, Aaron Jones, Najee Harris, Rhamondre Stevenson, and a few others before I even think about Kenneth Walker. To me, he is nothing more than a borderline RB2.

I don't see the allure or the reasoning behind him going RB16. All I see is Kenneth Walker's workload decrease in the second half of the season, which is what we can expect to happen in 2024.

Is Geno Smith Worth Drafting

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In 2023, Geno Smith finished as the QB19 (missed two games). QB15 in FPPG. You can say he had a down year compared to his 2022 season (QB5). I wouldn't say a down year, I would say Geno just regressed to what we can expect from him now (mid-QB2).

With Seattle, Geno Smith is averaging just under 4000 yards and 25 TDs. He also has some rushing to add (avg. 260 yards and 1 TD).

Geno Smith has the weapons (see below) to succeed. Not to mention, there is a new O.C. in town. Ryan Grubb (Washington O.C.) LOVES to throw the ball. Expect Geno to be airing it out in 2024. Will we be expecting a QB5 finish like in 2022, No. But, Geno Smith has every chance in the world to finish as a borderline QB1. I trust him more in SuperFlex leagues, but if you decide to stream QBs or punt the position, Geno is a solid choice.

You can get him for nothing. Currently going as QB23, Geno Smith is screaming value. So yes, in short, Geno Smith is worth drafting in 2024.

What Can We Expect From This WR Room?

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I hate to say this, but let's get the least desirable out of the way.

Tyler Lockett, you're up.

In 2023, Lockett finished as WR32 (averaged a WR10 previous four years). Jaxon Smith-Njaba (see more on him later) could be the reasoning behind this. With JSN expected to take the next step, does this mean Tyler Lockett isn't worth drafting? Should we be leaving him on the waivers?

The community seems to think so. Currently going as WR51, Lockett is getting straight-up disrespected. Even when JSN started taking more snaps (W. 6-18), Lockett still finished as WR25 during this time.

What I'm saying here is that you should be drafting Tyler Lockett as your WR 4 or 5. He is a fantastic depth piece and could see a huge workload if an injury occurs.

Now that we got that out of the way, let's get to the potential breakout star.

Jaxon Smith-Njaba, step up to the plate.

Jaxon Smith-Njaba is currently going as WR47. To me, this screams value. I expect JSN to take the next step, even though his 2023 season suggests nothing of the sort. He only had six games where he scored 10+ fantasy points, only two WR2 finishes, ZERO WR1 finishes, and saw only 7+ targets in five games.

I fully expect JSN to be a solid WR3/flex option in 2024.

Finally, we are at the main course.

D.K. Metcalf

In 2023, D.K. Metcalf saw his lowest target total (119) and catches (66) since his rookie season. The same can be said for his WR21 finish. He only had eight WR2+ finishes, which includes only two WR1 finishes.

This now makes it four straight years where D.K. Metcalf has regressed (WR7 (2020), WR14 (2021), WR16 (2022), and WR21 in 2023).

Currently going as WR21, the community seems to be lower than usual on Metcalf. For me, I would like him at the spot very much. D.K. Metcalf should be taken before the likes of Malik Nabers and Brandon Aiyuk. He has been one of the most reliable WRs in the league. His health is unmatched for the position (16+ games every year in the league). So, if you are one of those people who are worried about injuries, Metcalf is a perfect pick for you.

Final Thoughts

As you can tell, Seattle has some fantasy assets that people will want. D.K. Metcalf is the cream of the crop. He should be a mid-WR2. Tyler Lockett has a shot at being a flex option if an injury occurs, barring that, he is a fantastic depth piece.

JSN could be a breakout in 2024, but I wouldn't bet on it. I do think he takes the next step in this new-look offense though, so he should be drafted as a WR3/flex option. Geno Smith is a great option for SuperFlex leagues. The RBs are a mess, so I would let your friends or enemies draft them.

Oh and by the way, you can leave the TEs undrafted.

Hope you got your answer to is Kenneth Walker worth his ADP in the 2024 Seattle Seahawks Fantasy Football Draft Guide. Check out our other great Fantasy Football content from the F6P Team!

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