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KBO DFS 5-23-20 Slate Recommendations


My KBO DFS 5-23-20 slate recommendations arrive a little off-kilter. Last week I led you right. But that might have been the last time. I admittedly have been in a little bit of a slump that started on Monday, the KBO’s off day. One might look at that and says he’s slumping so stay away.

Or one could flip that on its head too. Many of you have read my DFS picks before, so you know I’m not some poser or whatever the kids today are calling phonies. I’ve had success before. I know what I’m doing. You can check out my KBO DFS primer for example or see my willingness to stand alone but correctly nail the pick of Noh last week.

But in the spirit of disclosure I wanted to mention that I’ve been slumping this week. Call it a hunch, but I think I break out of my slump tonight. Or not.

Sometimes you can’t explain it. Just as I can’t explain some of the pricing differences between the two sites. The pitching price discrepancies at least I understand. FanDuel rewards pitchers that get the W more than DraftKings. There are also so fewer pitching performances compared to hitting. Thus, certain salary modeling discrepancies result in greater differentiation.

But I don’t understand why DraftKings values first baseman Roberto Ramos so much less than FanDuel, yet both have kept Chung Woong Lee’s price the same as last week. However, those are some of the players I featured last week.

I want to try and focus on mostly new players this week. And that starts with pitching of course.

KBO DFS 5-23-20 Slate Recommendations

5-23-20 KBO Pitching Recommendations

We have a lot more options on the mound tonight than we did last week.

I’m not gonna yoke the joker, but I’m definitely gonna saddle up Eric Jokisch (DK $8900, FD $27), aka “The Joker”, tonight. To quote the aforementioned Naughty by Nature song, had Jokisch “been born in Chung Li’s temple, I woulda turned out a shogun”. In other words, Jokisch is on a hot streak. He’s striking out nearly a batter an inning (14 Ks in 17 IP) but even more impressive is his 0.53 WHIP and 0.71 WHIP.

The Lotte Giants are no pushovers, but he’s holding opponents to a .172 batting average this season. That number is likely to rise, but even a 15% jump tonight would still be below the Mendoza line! Given that KBO scores are often higher than MLB scores, Jokisch is an obvious start tonight.

After Jokisch there are maybe four other pitchers I would still be comfortable rostering. Raul Alcantra ($7600, $25) is the one I like the most. Alcantra has not dominated since coming to the KBO, unlike many of his North American counterparts. Yet he’s coming off a gem when he whiffed nine in 7 IP against KIA last week. And like KIA, Alcantra’s opponent tonight the Samsung Lions, offense is nothing to roar about right now. Alcantra’s floor is much lower than Jokisch, but I will have plenty of exposure tonight to both.

A deeper SP2 GPP option for DraftKings?

I suspect you are also going to see heavy ownership fall the way of Ruchinski, Wa, and Brooks. I wouldn’t fault you for going with any of those three. But I’d expect pretty high ownership on that trifecta, making them less savory GPP options. However, I suspect between those three and my top two choices above, most owners will completely bypass Min Kim. But not me. His price ($6700) on DraftKings is just too attractive. (Interestingly, Fan Duel has him as the most expensive option on the board. Don’t ask me why!)

Of course Kim is nowhere the pitcher that Jokisch is. He’s probably about league average. Sure, he got rocked in his first start by the Defending Champ Doosan Bears for seven runs. But he bounced back nicely in his second start mowing down six batters in six innings. The LG Twins are also league average. He probably strikes out six again and gives up four runs tonight. But at a price-tag of well under 7K, he doesn’t need to do that much to make him worth rostering. And he will be, but with a minuscule ownership rate.

5-23-20 KBO Batting Recommendations


Despite a handful of decent pitchers on the bump tonight, there are still plenty of great hitting options. But with the three pitchers above facing the Twins, Giants, and Lions,, I will look elsewhere from those teams to select my hitters. And like last week, let’s start with the bargains.

Ji Young Lee (DK $3400, FD $6) is actually the second-string catcher on the Warriors and his price, especially on FanDuel, reflects that. However, he’s hitting so well that KIW is DH-ing him on night’s he’s not the backstop. He’s hitting .343 and makes a great way to save so you can spend elsewhere.

Looking for even cheaper options? I’m not sure why, but the sites are constantly under-pricing some very good shortstops. I included Jae Ho Kim in this space last week and his salary has finally started to rise, but he’s still under 3K. At a reasonable $11 on FanDuel and the exact same $2800 price point on DK as Kim is Woo Jun Sim. Sim has some serious wheels, having swiped half a dozen bags already.

Or if you are looking to save some dough in the OF, take a look at Jeaong Dae Bae (KT) who is a near minimum $2300 on DK. For one, he is pretty nifty with the glove…

Those kind of plays will help keep you in the lineup. But he’s also hitting a very solid .380!

5-23-20 KBO Stack of the Night

I know I won’t be alone, but I’m stacking the Kiwoom Warriors tonight. In addition to the aforementioned hitters, I will be including Keon Change Seo (DK $3600, FD $11) and Jung Hoo Lee (DK $4600, FD $14). Seo has a nice combination of power and speed, while Jung hoo Lee has been a consistent producer. I also like Dong-Won Park (DK $4300, FD $9). His single-digit price tag on FanDuel is lower than I expected given he recently hit his fourth dinger.

But nearly every Kiwoom player is in play against In Bok Lee tonight. Lee is making his first career start tonight. And the 213 batters he’s opposed as a reliever have smacked him around to the tune of a 10.75 ERA. The only bad news for the Warriors is that In Bok Lee might be Out Quik Lee and not everyone will have enough opportunities to tee off on him.

But of course the sites won’t let us put in the entire Kiwoom lineup, so let’s go over a few other names.

5-23-20 KBO DFS Slate One-Offs

Jose Miguel Fernandez ($6400, $17) continues to produce despite his lofty salary levels. I wouldn’t force people out of your lineup, but if your lineup is made up of mostly value plays, Fernandez is a must.

One player who might still be under the radar however is Ah Seop Son. I’m not sure why he isn’t getting more attention. However, tonight is one night I won’t roster him as he is facing Jokisch. If you are fading Jokisch however, get Ah Seop Son in your lineup immediately.  However, if you agree with me on Jokisch, give Dong-Min Han ($4100, $11)  a serious look. And if you don’t like what you see, get your vision checked. He might be the only one clubbing the ball in the entire SK lineup. But clubbing it he is; very quietly he has six HRs.  He’s averaging double-digit FPs and maybe it was because he was trying to hit a milestone HR mark…


But something tells me he will continue to rake.

Finally, Hyung Woo Choi ($5400, $12) is another great OF option, especially on FanDuel. Choi is not ablaze like teammate Preston Tucker. In fact Choi has been all over the place and yet to record back-to-back double-digit fantasy point nights. But his price is the lowest it’s been on DraftKings all year and now is the time to take advantage. He’s hit 25 or more HRs six of the last seven years. KIA is one of the heavy favorites on the slate and Choi is part of the reason.

Good luck on the May 23rd KBO slate!

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