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League of Legends DFS – DraftKings LEC Slate Breakdown 3-28-20


Welcome to the League of Legends DFS DraftKings LEC (European Championship) Slate Breakdown for 3-28-20.

Janax won 50% of the vote on twitter when asked who was the Player of the Game for SK when the upset Rogue on Friday!

For those of you who are new to LoL DFS, please take a moment to read my League of Legends DFS Basics post first.

League of Legends DFS – DraftKings LEC Slate Breakdown 3-28-20

Schalke 04 (+203) vs Rogue (-318)

Implied Kill Total – Schalke 8.5, Rogue 14

Schalke against Rogue is a game that seems to have gotten a lot more interesting after SK’s surprise upset over Rogue earlier today.

Yesterday I wrote about Schalke having higher chances to upset G2 than Vegas gave them credit for. I think the same for them here. It’s the game with the lowest kill projection on the slate so I’m not going to get carried away with my Schalke exposure. I still think the most likely outcome is that Rogue wins, but I imagine this as a Rogue favored 60-40 which is means I’m higher on Schalke than Vegas is.

Rogue collapsing today against SK might blow up the spot and increase Schalke ownership. They have a good chance of being an underdog that pulls off a win, so I’ll be invested a bit here. Lean heavily on Gilius and Abbedagge.

If you’re going with Rogue and maybe taking advantage of depressed ownership, their kill participation is evenly spread so your guess is as good as mine as to who carries here.

Projected Lineups (KP)


Top – Finn (54.9%) – $6000

Jungle – Inspired (69%) – $6400

Mid – Larssen (69.6%) – $7600

ADC – Hans sama (69%) – $7400

Support – Vander (69%) – $5400


Top – Odoamne (53.8%) – $5800

Jungle – Gilius (63.2%) – $6000

Mid – Abbedagge (71.4%) – $7000

ADC – Innaxe (65.9%) – $7200

Support – Dreams (60.4%) – $4400

SK (+214) vs Excel (-270)

Implied Kill Total – SK 9, Excel 14.5

As mentioned above, SK just pulled off a massive upset! That might set some eyes on them as they go against Excel, who just missed the playoffs in 7th. I’m not sure how much SKs ownership will increase, but I think I’m going to try and fade it and be on Excel’s side in this one.

SK moved to 3-14 on the year with wins coming against last-placed Vitality, Schalke before their roster swaps, and now Rogue who are the worst playoff team. This team is simply not good even though they have the ability to take random games here and there.

Excel aren’t world-beaters themselves but they were in the playoff hunt for much of the year and are a clear tier above SK. I’ll be playing a bit of them here. With that being said, taking risks on SK having found some new life with Ventair isn’t the craziest thing ever, and as shown earlier today – taking risks can net big rewards.

Again, if you’re rolling SK I’d be including Trick and Crownshot in my stacks.

Projected Lineups (KP)


Top – Ventair (87.5%) – $5000

Jungle – Trick (75.9%) – $5400

Mid – Jenax (61.1%) – $6200

ADC – Crownshot (72.2%) – $6600

Support – LIMIT (66.7%) – $3800


Top – Expect (63.9%) -$6600

Jungle – Caedrel (68.9%) – $7000

Mid – Mickey (70%) -$7800

ADC – Patrik (73.9%) – $7800

Support – Tore (70.6%) – $6000

Origen (-280) vs MAD Lions (+182)

Implied Kill Total – Origen 14, MAD Lions 9.5

Origen’s clinical style comes up against MAD in a spot that I think again Vegas might be underestimating the MAD Lions.

I think Origen should win this, but their slow pace generally has me looking elsewhere for fantasy upside. If you’re on Origen and betting on how close this game should be blowing up the scoring then Upset + Destiny is a great place to start.

I’ll take some shots again on the MAD Lions who looked a little bit behind the ball in their loss to Fnatic. An early lead turned into a loss as they botched a 4-man play in the bot lane and Fnatic just never looked back.

Origen are, for me anyway, a tier below Fnatic in skill level and I thought MAD had a shot at beating them yesterday – after all they beat them earlier this season, as well as G2!

What I’m saying is MAD Lions have some juice and can beat anyone on any day, and I’m fully willing to go back to Carzzy/Kaiser/Humanoid as GPP building blocks here.

Projected Lineups (KP)


Top – Alphari (60.5%) – $6400

Jungle – Xerxe (67.6%) – $6600

Mid – Nukeduck (63.8%) -$7200

ADC – Upset (72.9%) – $7600

Support – Destiny (71.9%) – $5200

MAD Lions

Top – Orome (58.3%) – $6800

Jungle – Shad0w (66%) – $6000

Mid – Humanoid (64.6%) – $6600

ADC – Carzzy (68.9%) – $6800

Support – Kaiser (76.2%) – $4800

Fnatic (-995) vs Vitality (+481)

Implied Kill Total – Fnatic 18, Vitality 7.5

Fnatic looked good in their win against MAD Lions. They gave up an early lead but never really looked like they weren’t going to win the game.

Vitality have one win on the season and I would be very surprised to see that number change because of this match.

Fnatic have a high kill projection and are probably the safest play on the slate. They should be staples in all formats.

Vitality winning would really be quite the upset, and it would take some massive lineup changes to get me to roster a single one of their players.

Projected Lineups (KP)


Top – Bwipo (60.5%) – $6800

Jungle – Selfmade (60.9%) – $7200

Mid – Nemesis (59.2%) – $7400

ADC – Rekkles (73.8%) – $8600

Support – Hylissang (60.9%) – $5800


Top – Cabochard (58.3%) – $4800

Jungle – Skeanz (73.9%) – $5200

Mid – Selfie (52%) – $5800

ADC – Comp (63.5%) – $6200

Support – Steeelback (75.5%) – $3400

Misfits (+265) VS G2 (-342)

Implied Kill Total – Misfits 10, G2 18.5

Unsurprisingly G2 have the highest kill projection on the slate and come into this as large favorites. G2 can randomly have games where they push the envelope too far. Maybe now that they’ve locked up the top seed for playoffs they’re more prone to that, but this slate is just like most LEC slates – jam in G2 and see what else you can fit.

Misfits have shown some flashes and in a high kill environment against a team that might use this game for testing a random team comp, I can see the argument for some GPP shots here. I think Misfits would be in my underdog rotation for the slate, along with Schalke and MAD.

Projected Lineups (KP)


Top – Dan Dan (65.1%) – $5200

Jungle – Razork (66.1%) – $5600

Mid – Febiven (62.4%) – $6400

ADC – Bvoy (65.1%) – $6000

Support – Denyk (68.3%) – $4000


Top – Wunder (59.6%) – $7000

Jungle – Jankos (71.2%) – $7600

Mid – PERKZ (65.4%) – $8200

ADC – Caps (76%) – $8400

Support – Mikyx (74.7%) – $6400

Thanks for checking out the League of Legends DFS DraftKings LEC Slate Breakdown for 3-28-20. Don’t forget to read through my League of Legends DFS Basics post!

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