Managing Dynasty Baseball April 25th

by Andrew Spurling
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Welcome to Managing Dynasty Baseball April 25th. Almost a month into the season. At this point, it's time to start potentially making some adjustments. They do not have to be drastic in nature. Even benching an underperforming player temporarily could help your team from sinking to an irreparable position in the standings.  It's time to examine the market as well and check in on players you may be interested in acquiring. Before making offers I like to always start with my favorite Dynasty List from Dave Eddy.

Managing Dynasty Baseball April 25th

Fantasy baseball has a tendency to reward the active and therein the proactive manager as well quite frequently.  It's time to make a trade for a veteran that can help your team when they can be found for palatable prices. Perhaps it is also the right time to assess players you can either drop or trade away. The most successful teams are oftentimes continuously trying to shape and mold their rosters. It is a disservice to your team not to utilize every advantage you can given the constraints of the format. This means figuring out how to use the replacement value of waivers to your advantage when trading as well. Every roster spot is valuable.

Benching Players

Sometimes we don't have to drop every underperforming player. Quite frankly it is not always possible to find a suitable replacement either depending on the format that makes the player worth cutting forever. Here are a few players I am holding because I do truly think they will turn the corner based on skills and past performance.

Dansby Swanson, ATL, SS, 28 yr 2 mo

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It hasn't gone well at all so far for Dansby Swanson. Honestly, there isn't a real concern here long term as far as I can tell. The only potential roadblock I see that caps his short-term value is the fact that he is likely to continue hitting no higher than sixth all season and most likely the vast majority of his ABs will come from the bottom-third of the order.

The good news is his job appears to be stable at this point as he has shown himself to be relatively a league-average player both offensively and defensively as a shortstop. The Atlanta Braves also possess one of the best offenses in the league. Once Dansby and the next player on this list get it going this team will turn over the lineup a lot. Let's not forget that Ronald Acuna Jr. will also be returning to the lineup in roughly two weeks. Tentatively scheduled to return around the 2nd week of May.

Eddie Rosario, ATL, OF, 30 yr 7 mo

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There is just no way to ignore how bad Eddie Rosaro has been so far this season. He just hasn't looked comfortable yet and doesn't seem to be recognizing pitches like we are accustomed to from him. Eddie has always been a free swinger but he is currently swinging at unhittable pitches which are hindering his ability to produce at a reasonable level.

It has been noted how a short spring training and little ramp-up time as largely contributed to his poor form thus far. I do believe we will see Eddie work his way out of this slump soon. With Eddie currently on a 3-for-42 stretch to start the season, good for a .071 BA with eight strikeouts it's time to give him a breather. I'm not panicking but it's time for him to show us something first instead of blindly taking Zeros every game with him in the lineup.

Jesse Winker, SEA, OF, 28 yr 8 mo

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I'm pretty sure no one has dropped Jesse Winker yet.  Jesse Winker still has a good .355 OBP thanks to a bloated 24.2% walk rate. Unfortunately, Winker only has seven hits so far in 47 ABs and 62 PAs resulting in a .149 BA currently. My advice would be to avoid dropping him even in the shallowest of leagues. I would also ignore anyone trying to get you to sell drastically low on him. I am only here to suggest that it might be a good time to stash him on your bench for a little while. If anything I will be buying if anyone wants to sell him at a low valuation.

Max Muncy. LAD, 1B/2B, 31 yr 8 mo

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Max Muncy has been historically streaky, especially in leagues that do not reward walks. As such Max Muncy could potentially be a tempting drop at the moment. I would urge anyone thinking of cutting him to instead move him to your bench for a few games to a week. I have no doubt that things will turn around soon, Muncy is currently batting .140 on the back of seven hits in 50 ABs. It's only a matter of time before he gets locked in and starts slugging 2B and HRs again. Just last season Muncy had 64 extra-base hits in 144 games. He has also never had less than 54 XBH in any full season since joining the LAD and becoming a full-time player. Better days lie ahead be patient.

Parting Thoughts

Sometimes it's hard to be patient when the Fantasy Baseball team is in a slump. These are 4 players I am definitely holding. to reap the rewards of better days that are coming. If anything I would be looking to trade for these players at any discount someone is looking to give.

Checking in from #TGFBI, I currently sit 2nd in my league and 19th overall in the competition. One early FAAB addition helping the cause is Astros Jeremy Pena. This week I was able to win CLE Josh Naylor for $125 to replace Michael Conforto who is lost for the season. I'm getting strong contributions from Nestor Cortes and Jesus Luzardo on the pitching side to supplement Corbin Burnes and a strong relief core of Edwin Diaz, Corey Knebel, and Emanuel Clase. I'm pretty confident this team has staying power barring any crucial injuries. Luis Robert is the key piece I need to stay healthy for long-term success.

Thank you for joining me again for Managing Dynasty Baseball April 25th. I hope to join you again soon to help lead our teams to Fantasy and Dynasty success!

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Dane Stroemer April 26, 2022 - 8:37 pm

Where do you stand on yelich? If you are selling, what kind of comps are you looking to get back?

Andrew Spurling May 2, 2022 - 2:54 pm

Personally, I would be looking to trade him. I suppose it depends on what you are looking for in return. In a 1 for 1 trade, I would still definitely want a top 150 player back in return based on most lists. Unless there is a player you are confident in slightly outside of those parameters I might be willing to accept slightly less. I would still rather hold him than accept a terrible or low offer at this point though. It largely depends on what type of league you play in and what you are trying to accomplish. I might also try and pair him with another player to acquire a top 100 player.


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