MLB best bets: Here are the picks for Sunday night!

by Andy Stitzer
MLB Best Bets Sunday May 9th

Give your MLB wagering a boost by checking out the MLB best bets for Sunday’s action right here.

MLB Best Bets - Sunday, May 9th

The betting markets are now open and ready for business for Sunday’s MLB games. There’s some rather juicy contests going down, but rather than look at any old market, we’ve put together some MLB best bets that you can make for this particular day:

  • Phillies Win vs Braves

Some would say this game is too close to call, but we believe that the Phillies have the edge. Of course, anything could happen on the day, but they’ve racked up several wins back to back, and they are leading the head to head by 4-3 too.

  • Tampa Bay Win vs Athletics

With just a 9-8 head-to-head record in favor of Tampa Bay here, this one is pretty tough to call. But given that there are some terrific odds on Tampa Bay to beat the top-ranked Oakland Athletics right now, and given that they’ve won 2 of the last 3 games against this team, we are going for Tampa.

  • Cubs Win vs Pirates

First and foremost, the Cubs are way ahead of the Pirates in the current standings. But interestingly, the Pirates have been getting the better of them over the last month or so. However, we believe that the Cubs have really stepped things up over the last few weeks, so we are going for a Cubs win on Sunday.

While all of the MLB best bets listed above have accurate odds at the time of writing, just know that these odds could well shift between now and Sunday.

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MLB outright markets to wager on

World Series Winner

This is always an exciting market to back, as you can bet on it at any time - right the way through until the finals are played. And if you make your bet right at the start of the season, you could get some much higher odds than you might think. But as things currently stand for the 2021 season, we are shooting for the Dodgers, due to the team’s recent form and the quality of their squad.

American League Winner

Of course, the American League is where the best MLB action happens - depending on which side of the track you sit on! It’s always a very competitive league, and while it’s extremely close right now, we think that the Yankees will ultimately emerge victorious. And since they are still trailing the Red Sox in their own individual league, the odds are fantastic right now for this market.


Most MLB followers are likely screaming that Mike Trout will take the trophy for this market, but we believe this would be a little too cautious - not to mention that the return on your money wouldn’t be that great given the odds. So rather than go for the man on everyone's list, we are actually going for Byron Buxton! If you check his odds right now, they are incredibly appealing.

Alternative MLB wagers - possible at most online bookmakers

Total runs scored (team)

Baseball is always a little unpredictable concerning how many runs a game may consist of, but that’s why this market can sometimes have great odds - if you go for the higher margins that is. This market can be accessed for most MLB games, and if you know that a team has some big hitters in their ranks, it could well be feasible to go for some large numbers here.

Total home runs

Everybody loves a home run, but they aren’t guaranteed - and that’s why the odds can be seriously impressive should you go down this avenue. Sure, it’s a risky bet to make, but the returns could be worth it if a few players step up to the mark, quite literally.


If you want to really push the boat out, parlays are always a good option to keep in the back pocket. By combining many markets into the same bet, you’ll see that the odds get multiplied together, resulting in some huge potential returns. Note that we said potential, and that’s because you must get each prediction correct to win anything at all.

Live betting

There’s a lot of stopping and starting in baseball, and that’s why live betting is ideal. Not only does this setup give you more time to think and lock in your bets, but the scoring system means that you can always find some value in the live markets.

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Best online betting sites to wager on the MLB


One of the main reasons we’ve picked Unibet is because the site is full of bonuses that can be used on the MLB, and there’s a very active community - many of whom contribute via free betting tips and much more.


FanDuel is always a great choice for those wishing to bet on the MLB. The site has been designed incredibly well, making it user-friendly, and the in-play visuals involving charts and dynamic game reports make it feel truly professional.


Finally, DraftKings is another magnificent site for MLB betting. DraftKings tends to whip up flash MLB promotions quite regularly, the odds are very competitive, and they have a top-notch mobile app too.

MLB Best Bets FAQs

Are these predictions guaranteed to come through?

No, although we have put significant research into putting these tips together. With that said, there is no such thing as a ‘sure bet’ in the world of sport, so as close as we can get to the potential outcome, we can’t be certain.

How many MLB games can I bet on throughout the season?

The MLB involves countless games throughout the season, and you can bet on as many - or as few of them as you wish.

How much do I have to bet for it to be accepted on these sites?

Most online sportsbooks in the US will accept MLB wagers over $1, although this can sometimes be lower should you choose to bet on the live markets.

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