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NBA DFS 1-13-20 Value Plays


Seven game NBA DFS main slate tonight (1-13-20) which means finding value plays is going to be more important than ever!

Looking at the injury reports, Anthony Davis (glute) is questionable for the Los Angeles Lakers. LeBron James (sick) is probable.

Karl-Anthony Towns (knee) has been ruled out for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Domantas Sabonis (knee) and Malcolm Brogdon (sick) will start for the Indiana Pacers.

Aaron Gordon (calf) is questionable for the Orlando Magic.

The Sacramento Kings will keep a minutes limit on Marvin Bagley (foot), but he will play. Bogdan Bogdanovic (ankle) is out.

Jrue Holiday (elbow), Brandon Ingram (knee) and Derrick Favors (hamstring) are out, while J.J. Redick (hamstring) is questionable for the New Orleans Pelicans.

Zion Williamson is expected to make his NBA debut Thursday night at home against the Utah Jazz!

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NBA DFS 1-13-20 Value Plays

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Seven Game Main Slate

  • Pelicans @ Pistons (-4.5) – 223 over/under
  • Cavs @ Lakers (-14) – 221
  • Thunder (-2) @ Wolves – 218
  • Hornets @ Blazers (-9.5) – 215.5
  • Bulls @ Celtics (-9.5) – 216.5
  • Sixers @ Pacers (-2) – 213.5
  • Magic @ Kings (-2) – 212

Rather than using traditional value ((Projection/Salary)*1000), we square the projections first to calculate CoreVal.

Top Projected Value Plays on DraftKings (6:00 PM EST update)

PGDarius GarlandCLECLE@LAL480025.995.414.1
PGJeff TeagueMINOKC@MIN490024.895.112.6
PGD.J. AugustinORLORL@SAC490023.344.811.1
PGRajon RondoLALCLE@LAL390020.705.311.0
PG/SGNickeil Alexander-WalkerNONO@DET350024.927.117.7
PG/SGDennis SchroderOKCOKC@MIN540030.705.717.5
PG/SGCollin SextonCLECLE@LAL550030.795.617.2
PG/SGFrank JacksonNONO@DET300019.596.512.8
PG/SGJarrett CulverMINOKC@MIN480024.125.012.1
PG/SGMarcus SmartBOSCHI@BOS520024.374.711.4
PG/SGDante ExumCLECLE@LAL340019.275.710.9
PG/SFTomas SatoranskyCHICHI@BOS530028.405.415.2
PG/SFKris DunnCHICHI@BOS510024.774.912.0
SG/SFE'Twaun MooreNONO@DET450032.027.122.8
SG/SFJosh HartNONO@DET530029.325.516.2
SG/SFSvi MykhailiukDETNO@DET320020.706.513.4
SG/SFKent BazemorePORCHA@POR360020.855.812.1
SG/SFJeremy LambINDPHI@IND500023.934.811.5
SG/SFTerrence RossORLORL@SAC500023.784.811.3
SG/SFJosh OkogieMINOKC@MIN330018.275.510.1
SF/PFCarmelo AnthonyPORCHA@POR540031.815.918.7
SF/PFCedi OsmanCLECLE@LAL400023.625.913.9
SF/PFSekou DoumbouyaDETNO@DET490025.105.112.9
SF/PFHarrison BarnesSACORL@SAC500025.265.112.8
PFNemanja BjelicaSACORL@SAC550031.545.718.1
PF/CNicolo MelliNONO@DET300021.167.114.9
PF/CPJ WashingtonCHACHA@POR500025.475.113.0
PF/CCody ZellerCHACHA@POR380021.805.712.5
CEnes KanterBOSCHI@BOS540034.996.522.7
CJaxson HayesNONO@DET460026.615.815.4
CJahlil OkaforNONO@DET300021.337.115.2
CDaniel GaffordCHICHI@BOS400022.715.712.9
CBismack BiyomboCHACHA@POR430021.915.111.2
CDwight HowardLALCLE@LAL470022.284.710.6

Top Projected Value Plays on FanDuel (6:00 PM EST update)

PGTomas SatoranskyCHICHI@BOS460027.686.016.7
PGCollin SextonCLECLE@LAL550029.855.416.2
PGMarkelle FultzORLORL@SAC550027.905.114.2
PGDarius GarlandCLECLE@LAL470024.725.313.0
PGKris DunnCHICHI@BOS520025.404.912.4
PGJeff TeagueMINOKC@MIN480024.305.112.3
PGShabazz NapierMINOKC@MIN380021.095.511.7
PGD.J. AugustinORLORL@SAC460022.344.910.8
PGCoby WhiteCHICHI@BOS410020.435.010.2
SGJosh HartNONO@DET440028.556.518.5
SGDennis SchroderOKCOKC@MIN540029.225.415.8
SGNickeil Alexander-WalkerNONO@DET360023.796.615.7
SGBruce BrownDETNO@DET490027.465.615.4
SGMarcus SmartBOSCHI@BOS470024.275.212.5
SGJeremy LambINDPHI@IND470024.095.112.3
SGTerrence RossORLORL@SAC450022.825.111.6
SFE'Twaun MooreNONO@DET430030.777.222.0
SFT.J. WarrenINDPHI@IND510026.465.213.7
SFMiles BridgesCHACHA@POR500026.005.213.5
SFHarrison BarnesSACORL@SAC450024.155.413.0
SFJarrett CulverMINOKC@MIN470024.095.112.3
SFCedi OsmanCLECLE@LAL450022.815.111.6
PFNemanja BjelicaSACORL@SAC490030.706.319.2
PFLauri MarkkanenCHICHI@BOS540028.955.415.5
PFAaron GordonORLORL@SAC540028.475.315.0
PFSekou DoumbouyaDETNO@DET460024.735.413.3
PFDaniel GaffordCHICHI@BOS480024.575.112.6
PFNicolo MelliNONO@DET360020.985.812.2
PFMarvin BagleySACORL@SAC470023.695.011.9
PFKyle KuzmaLALCLE@LAL470022.054.710.3
CEnes KanterBOSCHI@BOS510034.496.823.3
CGorgui DiengMINOKC@MIN450028.916.418.6
CJaxson HayesNONO@DET430027.886.518.1
CJahlil OkaforNONO@DET350021.526.113.2
CCody ZellerCHACHA@POR430021.605.010.9
CDwight HowardLALCLE@LAL510023.214.610.6
CBismack BiyomboCHACHA@POR470022.004.710.3

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