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NBA DFS 1-6-20 Value Plays


Nine game NBA DFS main slate tonight (1-6-20) which means finding value plays is going to be more important than ever!

Looking at the injury reports, the Boston Celtics will be without Kemba Walker tonight, who is sick.

The Milwaukee Bucks are still without Malcolm Brogdon (back).

Kristaps Porzingis (knee) is out tonight for the Dallas Mavericks. Lauri Markkanen (ankle) is now questionable for the Chicago Bulls.

The Golden State Warriors will be without Draymond Green (ankle) and D’Angelo Russell (shoulder). On the other side of the ball, Bogdan Bogdanovic (ankle) has been ruled out by the Sacramento Kings.

Bradley Beal (leg) is officially out for the Washington Wizards.

Mike Conley‘s hamstring will keep him out at least one more game. Jrue Holiday (elbow) is now officially ruled out for the New Orleans Pelicans in this game as well.

John Collins (back) is now expected to play for the Atlanta Hawks. Jabari Parker (sick) is still questionable.

The Brooklyn Nets welcomed back Caris LeVert last night but he will rest on the second night of back-to-back games tonight.

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NBA DFS 1-6-20 Value Plays

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Nine Game Main Slate

  • Bucks (-7) @ Spurs – 228 over/under
  • Celtics (-8.5) @ Wizards – 226.5
  • Nuggets (-7.5) @ Hawks – 223.5
  • Jazz (-4) @ Pelicans – 219.5
  • Bulls @ Mavs (-9.5) – 217
  • Warriors @ Kings (-10.5) – 214.5
  • Thunder @ Sixers (-7.5) – 212.5
  • Nets @ Magics (-5) – 212.5
  • Pacers (-5) @ Hornets – 208.5

Rather than using traditional value ((Projection/Salary)*1000), we square the projections first to calculate CoreVal.

Top Projected Value Plays on DraftKings (6:15 PM EST update)

PGDejounte MurraySAMIL@SA520029.455.716.7
PGD.J. AugustinORLBKN@ORL480024.895.212.9
PGIsaiah ThomasWASBOS@WAS410021.485.211.3
PG/SGMarcus SmartBOSBOS@WAS520031.146.018.6
PG/SGMarkelle FultzORLBKN@ORL500027.125.414.7
PG/SGJordan ClarksonUTAUTA@NO460023.005.011.5
PG/SFTomas SatoranskyCHICHI@DAL550027.935.114.2
PG/SFKris DunnCHICHI@DAL490025.195.112.9
SGGary HarrisDENDEN@ATL450024.625.513.5
SG/SFJosh HartNOUTA@NO440025.485.814.8
SG/SFJoe HarrisBKNBKN@ORL530025.804.912.6
SG/SFLonnie Walker IVSAMIL@SA340020.436.012.3
SG/SFE'Twaun MooreNOUTA@NO410022.105.411.9
SG/SFTerrence RossORLBKN@ORL470023.345.011.6
SG/SFGarrett TempleBKNBKN@ORL470023.224.911.5
SG/SFGlenn RobinsonGSGS@SAC480023.424.911.4
SG/SFJ.J. RedickNOUTA@NO440022.085.011.1
SFRoyce O'NealeUTAUTA@NO380020.935.511.5
SF/PFEric PaschallGSGS@SAC370022.786.214.0
SF/PFThaddeus YoungCHICHI@DAL370022.206.013.3
SF/PFTrevor ArizaSACGS@SAC360021.215.912.5
SF/PFTaurean PrinceBKNBKN@ORL530025.644.812.4
SF/PFDe'Andre HunterATLDEN@ATL460023.895.212.4
SF/PFMiles BridgesCHAIND@CHA500024.234.811.7
PF/CAl HorfordPHIOKC@PHI540029.705.516.3
PF/CDaniel TheisBOSBOS@WAS400022.975.713.2
PF/CCody ZellerCHAIND@CHA420023.495.613.1
PF/CPaul MillsapDENDEN@ATL510024.854.912.1
CJarrett AllenBKNBKN@ORL540028.035.214.5
CMyles TurnerINDIND@CHA550027.795.114.0
CWillie Cauley-SteinGSGS@SAC440024.745.613.9
CDwight PowellDALCHI@DAL490025.775.313.6
CBismack BiyomboCHAIND@CHA430024.125.613.5
CDeAndre JordanBKNBKN@ORL510024.114.711.4
CIan MahinmiWASBOS@WAS450022.665.011.4

Top Projected Value Plays on FanDuel (6:15 PM EST update)

PGMarkelle FultzORLBKN@ORL510027.305.414.6
PGTomas SatoranskyCHICHI@DAL540027.455.114.0
PGKris DunnCHICHI@DAL500025.885.213.4
PGIsh SmithWASBOS@WAS530025.554.812.3
PGD.J. AugustinORLBKN@ORL490024.014.911.8
PGT.J. McConnellINDIND@CHA420021.685.211.2
PGDerrick WhiteSAMIL@SA410021.445.211.2
SGMarcus SmartBOSBOS@WAS490030.896.319.5
SGJosh HartNOUTA@NO420024.895.914.8
SGGary HarrisDENDEN@ATL450024.895.513.8
SGKevin HuerterATLDEN@ATL540026.404.912.9
SGGarrett TempleBKNBKN@ORL430022.605.311.9
SGLonnie WalkerSAMIL@SA350020.405.811.9
SGTerrence RossORLBKN@ORL450022.755.111.5
SGJordan ClarksonUTAUTA@NO420021.965.211.5
SFJoe InglesUTAUTA@NO540028.225.214.7
SFHarrison BarnesSACGS@SAC500025.945.213.5
SFDe'Andre HunterATLDEN@ATL390022.965.913.5
SFGlenn RobinsonGSGS@SAC430023.095.412.4
SFJoe HarrisBKNBKN@ORL500024.704.912.2
SFMiles BridgesCHAIND@CHA480023.935.011.9
SFDorian Finney-SmithDALCHI@DAL480023.734.911.7
SFTaurean PrinceBKNBKN@ORL510024.124.711.4
SFTrevor ArizaSACGS@SAC380020.795.511.4
SFE'Twaun MooreNOUTA@NO400021.305.311.3
PFAl HorfordPHIOKC@PHI540030.005.616.7
PFNemanja BjelicaSACGS@SAC480028.265.916.6
PFJarrett AllenBKNBKN@ORL510028.895.716.4
PFP.J. WashingtonCHAIND@CHA550028.365.214.6
PFEric PaschallGSGS@SAC350022.226.314.1
PFDaniel TheisBOSBOS@WAS430023.765.513.1
PFPaul MillsapDENDEN@ATL480025.025.213.0
PFThaddeus YoungCHICHI@DAL420022.085.311.6
CEnes KanterBOSBOS@WAS540029.775.516.4
CWillie Cauley-SteinGSGS@SAC480026.065.414.1
CBismack BiyomboCHAIND@CHA470024.265.212.5
CCody ZellerCHAIND@CHA450023.245.212.0
CAlex LenATLDEN@ATL480023.694.911.7
CIan MahinmiWASBOS@WAS480023.524.911.5

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