NBA DFS 11-11-19 Value Plays

by Keith Lott
NBA DFS 11-11-19 Value Plays

Six game NBA DFS main slate tonight (11-11-19) which means finding value plays is going to be more important than ever!

Blake Griffin will make his 2019-20 NBA season debut tonight for the Pistons, who play the Wolves. In that game, Derrick Rose (hamstring) says he will play, but Jeff Teague (illness) and Shabazz Napier (hamstring) have been downgraded to out!

Looking at injury reports, Lonzo Ball (groin) is listed as out again for the Pelicans who play the Rockets tonight.

Enes Kanter (knee) will play for the Celtics against the Mavericks.

Draymond Green (finger) and Eric Paschall (hip) will play tonight for the Warriors at home, against the Jazz.

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NBA DFS 11-11-19 Value Plays

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Six Game Main Slate

  • Rockets (-6) @ Pelicans - 246 o/u
  • Grizzlies @ Spurs (-10.5) - 224
  • Raptors @ Clippers (-10) - 221.5
  • Wolves @ Pistons (-2.5) - 222.5
  • Mavericks @ Celtics (-3.5) - 220
  • Jazz (-8) @ Warriors - 211

Rather than using traditional value ((Projection/Salary)*1000), we square the projections first to calculate CoreVal.

Top Projected Value Plays on DraftKings (6:15 PM EST update)

Patrick BeverleyPG/SGLACTOR@LAC510026.45.213.7
Marcus SmartPG/SGBOSDAL@BOS540026.44.912.9
Derrick WhitePG/SGSAMEM@SA440022.65.111.6
Delon WrightPG/SGDALDAL@BOS400020.75.210.7
Alec BurksPG/SGGSUTA@GS520023.24.510.4
Bryn ForbesPG/SGSAMEM@SA440020.74.79.8
J.J. RedickSG/SFNOHOU@NO470023.75.011.9
Norman PowellSG/SFTORTOR@LAC420022.25.311.8
Eric GordonSG/SFHOUHOU@NO390021.25.411.6
Landry ShametSG/SFLACTOR@LAC350019.05.410.3
Danuel HouseSF/PFHOUHOU@NO530025.54.812.3
P.J. TuckerSF/PFHOUHOU@NO520024.64.711.7
Rudy GaySF/PFSAMEM@SA460023.25.011.7
Joe InglesSF/PFUTAUTA@GS440022.45.111.4
Kenrich WilliamsSF/PFNOHOU@NO430021.95.111.2
JaMychal GreenSF/PFLACTOR@LAC380019.55.110.0
Chris BoucherPF/CTORTOR@LAC340025.97.619.8
Derrick FavorsPF/CNOHOU@NO470028.56.117.3
Jaren JacksonPF/CMEMMEM@SA530028.25.315.0
Marc GasolCTORTOR@LAC540030.25.616.9
Dwight PowellCDALDAL@BOS520025.14.812.1
Willie Cauley-SteinCGSUTA@GS420022.15.311.6

Top Projected Value Plays on FanDuel (6:15 PM EST update)

Patrick BeverleyPGLACTOR@LAC530026.14.912.8
Derrick WhitePGSAMEM@SA440023.05.212.1
Landry ShametPGLACTOR@LAC360017.84.98.8
Marcus SmartSGBOSDAL@BOS540026.64.913.1
J.J. RedickSGNOHOU@NO450022.24.910.9
Norman PowellSGTORTOR@LAC430021.45.010.6
Delon WrightSGDALDAL@BOS460020.84.59.4
Bryn ForbesSGSAMEM@SA420019.64.79.1
Kenrich WilliamsSFNOHOU@NO390022.15.712.5
Jarrett CulverSFMINMIN@DET380021.15.511.7
Danuel HouseSFHOUHOU@NO550024.84.511.1
Rudy GaySFSAMEM@SA460022.64.911.1
Joe InglesSFUTAUTA@GS470021.64.610.0
Eric GordonSFHOUHOU@NO420020.14.89.6
Josh OkogieSFMINMIN@DET400019.54.99.5
Derrick FavorsPFNOHOU@NO530029.05.515.9
P.J. TuckerPFHOUHOU@NO540024.64.611.2
Royce O'NealePFUTAUTA@GS400020.05.010.0
JaMychal GreenPFLACTOR@LAC370018.85.19.5
Chris BoucherCTORTOR@LAC410027.66.718.6
Marc GasolCTORTOR@LAC520029.95.817.2
Dwight PowellCDALDAL@BOS510025.14.912.4
Willie Cauley-SteinCGSUTA@GS490022.94.710.7

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