NBA DFS 11-18-19 Value Plays

by Keith Lott
NBA DFS 11-18-19 Value Plays

Nine game NBA DFS main slate tonight (11-18-19) which means finding value plays is going to be more important than ever!

Looking at the injury reports, Domantas Sabonis (hip) is questionable for the Pacers vs the Nets. Kyrie Irving (shoulder) and Jeremy Lamb (ankle) have now been ruled out.

Kawhi Leonard (knee) and Patrick Beverley (calf) are questionable for the Clippers, who did see Paul George debut this past weekend. George has scored 70 points in 44 minutes of action over two games.

Andrew Wiggins is doubtful (illness) for the Wolves.

The Cavaliers have listed both Kevin Love (back) and Larry Nance (thumb) out tonight against the Knicks at Madison Square Garden.

Carmelo Anthony will not make his Blazers debut and return to the NBA tonight.

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NBA DFS 11-18-19 Value Plays

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Nine Game Main Slate

  • Bucks (-8.5) @ Bulls - 231 o/u
  • Blazers @ Rockets (-7.5) - 230
  • Celtics @ Suns (-3.5) - 227
  • Spurs @ Mavs (-4.5) - 224.5
  • Thunder @ Clippers (-9) - 222
  • Wolves @ Jazz (-9.5) - 219
  • Pacers @ Nets (-2) - 214
  • Hornets @ Raptors (-8.5) - 214
  • Cavs @ Knicks (-5.5) - 210

Rather than using traditional value ((Projection/Salary)*1000), we square the projections first to calculate CoreVal.

Top Projected Value Plays on DraftKings (6:15 PM EST update)

Darius GarlandPGCLECLE@NY410022.05.411.8
Frank NtilikinaPG/SGNYCLE@NY410022.25.412.0
Tomas SatoranskyPG/SGCHIMIL@CHI490023.74.811.4
Delon WrightPG/SGDALSA@DAL400020.55.110.5
Jordan ClarksonPG/SFCLECLE@NY460023.25.111.7
Jarrett CulverPG/SFMINMIN@UTA440022.65.111.6
Justin HolidaySG/SFINDIND@BKN420024.25.814.0
Joe InglesSG/SFUTAMIN@UTA410021.35.211.1
OG AnunobySF/PFTORCHA@TOR460026.75.815.5
Danuel HouseSF/PFHOUPOR@HOU370023.46.314.8
Miles BridgesSF/PFCHACHA@TOR430024.05.613.4
Cedi OsmanSF/PFCLECLE@NY410023.05.612.9
Rondae Hollis-JeffersonSF/PFTORCHA@TOR470024.55.212.7
P.J. TuckerSF/PFHOUPOR@HOU480024.05.012.0
Thaddeus YoungSF/PFCHIMIL@CHI410021.95.311.7
Dzanan MusaSF/PFBKNIND@BKN360020.35.611.4
Nassir LittleSF/PFPORPOR@HOU330019.15.811.1
Frank KaminskyPF/CPHOBOS@PHO480023.04.811.0
Maxi KleberPF/CDALSA@DAL420020.84.910.3
Daniel TheisPF/CBOSBOS@PHO400020.25.110.2
Jarrett AllenCBKNIND@BKN490026.95.514.7
Dwight PowellCDALSA@DAL450023.15.111.9
Enes KanterCBOSBOS@PHO400020.85.210.8

Top Projected Value Plays on FanDuel (6:15 PM EST update)

Aaron HolidayPGINDIND@BKN410030.57.422.6
Frank NtilikinaPGNYCLE@NY430022.25.211.5
Darius GarlandPGCLECLE@NY450021.44.810.2
George HillPGMILMIL@CHI400018.44.68.5
Norman PowellSGTORCHA@TOR460022.34.910.8
Donte DiVincenzoSGMILMIL@CHI410019.44.79.1
Garrett TempleSGBKNIND@BKN390018.24.78.5
Sterling BrownSGMILMIL@CHI370017.74.88.4
Justin HolidaySFINDIND@BKN380024.26.415.4
Jarrett CulverSFMINMIN@UTA420022.25.311.7
Cedi OsmanSFCLECLE@NY430022.15.111.4
Dzanan MusaSFBKNIND@BKN350019.55.610.8
Nicolas BatumSFCHACHA@TOR360018.75.29.7
Maurice HarklessSFLACOKC@LAC370018.85.19.6
Nassir LittleSFPORPOR@HOU370018.55.09.3
Kevin PorterSFCLECLE@NY350017.45.08.7
Rondae Hollis-JeffersonPFTORCHA@TOR440024.95.714.1
Frank KaminskyPFPHOBOS@PHO460022.14.810.6
Thaddeus YoungPFCHIMIL@CHI460021.84.710.3
Maxi KleberPFDALSA@DAL460020.94.59.5
Royce O'NealePFUTAMIN@UTA380018.44.88.9
Taj GibsonPFNYCLE@NY380017.64.68.1
Dwight PowellCDALSA@DAL540023.24.39.9
Bobby PortisCNYCLE@NY500020.54.18.4
Enes KanterCBOSBOS@PHO510020.34.08.1

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