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NBA DFS 11-25-19 Value Plays


Eleven game NBA DFS main slate tonight (11-25-19) which means finding value plays is going to be more important than ever!

Looking at the injury reports, Kemba Walker is doubtful tonight for the Boston Celtics against the Sacramento Kings after suffering a scary neck injury.

Bogdan Bogdanovic (hamstring) has been upgraded to probable.

Going up against the Milwaukee Bucks tonight, the Utah Jazz might be without Rudy Gobert (ankle), who is listed as questionable.

Draymond Green (heel) is questionable for the Golden State Warriors tonight, at home against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Kevin Love (back) and DeAndre Jordan (ankle) have been ruled out!

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NBA DFS 11-25-19 Value Plays

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Eleven Game Main Slate

  • Wolves (-4.5) @ Hawks – 234.5 o/u
  • Blazers (-1) @ Bulls – 225.5
  • Jazz @ Bucks (-7) – 223
  • Lakers (-5) @ Spurs – 223
  • Grizzlies @ Pacers (-9) – 218
  • Nets @ Cavs (-1) – 217.5
  • Thunder (-6) @ Warriors – 215
  • Hornets @ Heat (-10.5) – 213.5
  • Sixers (-1) @ Raptors – 211.5
  • Kings @ Celtics (-7) – 209.5
  • Magic @ Pistons (-4.5) – 207.5

Rather than using traditional value ((Projection/Salary)*1000), we square the projections first to calculate CoreVal.

Top Projected Value Plays on DraftKings (6:30 PM EST update)

Brad WanamakerPG/SGBOSSAC@BOS430025.45.915.0
Cam ReddishPG/SGATLMIN@ATL390021.05.411.3
Kris DunnPG/SGCHIPOR@CHI410019.54.89.3
Malik MonkPG/SGCHACHA@MIA410018.94.68.7
Jarrett CulverPG/SFMINMIN@ATL440021.04.810.1
Darius GarlandPGCLEBKN@CLE430023.05.312.3
Tyler HerroSGMIACHA@MIA490024.14.911.8
Terrence RossSG/SFORLORL@DET470024.85.313.0
Garrett TempleSG/SFBKNBKN@CLE490023.44.811.1
Duncan RobinsonSG/SFMIACHA@MIA430020.84.810.1
Joe InglesSG/SFUTAUTA@MIL430020.84.810.0
Jordan PooleSG/SFGSOKC@GS390018.54.78.7
Sterling BrownSG/SFMILUTA@MIL420018.84.58.5
Royce O'NealeSFUTAUTA@MIL420019.34.68.8
Kyle KuzmaSF/PFLALLAL@SA440021.85.010.8
Cedi OsmanSF/PFCLEBKN@CLE460021.24.69.7
Thaddeus YoungSF/PFCHIPOR@CHI430019.74.69.1
Kelly OlynykPF/CMIACHA@MIA420022.15.311.6
Enes KanterCBOSSAC@BOS370026.57.219.0
Willie Cauley-SteinCGSOKC@GS460026.95.915.8
Dwight HowardCLALLAL@SA450022.75.011.5
Khem BirchCORLORL@DET440021.74.910.7
Nerlens NoelCOKCOKC@GS450021.24.710.0
Damian JonesCATLMIN@ATL390019.65.09.8

Top Projected Value Plays on FanDuel (6:30 PM EST update)

Brad WanamakerPGBOSSAC@BOS400025.16.315.7
Darius GarlandPGCLEBKN@CLE390022.35.712.8
Ky BowmanPGGSOKC@GS460023.55.112.0
Rajon RondoPGLALLAL@SA440022.75.211.7
Cory JosephPGSACSAC@BOS470022.04.710.3
Kris DunnPGCHIPOR@CHI460020.24.48.9
Jordan ClarksonSGCLEBKN@CLE450023.75.312.5
Langston GallowaySGDETORL@DET420022.25.311.7
Terence DavisSGTORPHI@TOR440020.74.79.7
Duncan RobinsonSGMIACHA@MIA420020.14.89.6
Kentavious Caldwell-PopeSGLALLAL@SA380018.85.09.3
Sterling BrownSGMILUTA@MIL390018.24.78.5
Jordan PooleSGGSOKC@GS390017.94.68.2
Carmelo AnthonySFPORPOR@CHI480024.75.112.7
Glenn RobinsonSFGSOKC@GS470023.14.911.4
Cedi OsmanSFCLEBKN@CLE380020.45.411.0
Jarrett CulverSFMINMIN@ATL400020.95.210.9
Cam ReddishSFATLMIN@ATL410020.85.110.6
Omari SpellmanPFGSOKC@GS370021.25.712.1
Thaddeus YoungPFCHIPOR@CHI450019.94.48.8
Royce O'NealePFUTAUTA@MIL410018.74.68.5
Enes KanterCBOSSAC@BOS380025.96.817.6
Jakob PoeltlCSALAL@SA390021.45.511.8
Damian JonesCATLMIN@ATL390020.85.311.1
Mo BambaCORLORL@DET410019.44.79.2
Robert WilliamsCBOSSAC@BOS360017.04.78.0

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