NBA DFS 12-16-19 Value Plays

by Keith Lott
NBA DFS 12-16-19 Value Plays

Seven game NBA DFS main slate tonight (12-16-19) which means finding value plays is going to be more important than ever!

Looking at the injury reports, Andre Drummond (eye) is a game-time decision and Blake Griffin (knee) has been ruled out by the Detroit Pistons tonight.

The Toronto Raptors will be without Fred VanVleet (knee) against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Phoenix Suns have listed Devin Booker (forearm) as questionable. Deandre Ayton is serving the last of his 25 game suspension tonight and will return to the Suns lineup tomorrow!

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NBA DFS 12-16-19 Value Plays

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Seven Game Main Slate

  • Spurs @ Rockets (-10) - 232 over/under
  • Wizards @ Pistons (-6.5) - 228.5
  • Blazers @ Suns (-1.5) - 228.5
  • Mavs @ Bucks (-11) - 227.5
  • Heat (-5.5 @ Grizzlies - 219.5
  • Cavs @ Raptors (-12.5) - 217
  • Bulls @ Thunder (-5.5) - 208.5

Rather than using traditional value ((Projection/Salary)*1000), we square the projections first to calculate CoreVal.

Top Projected Value Plays on DraftKings (5:55 PM EST update)

Isaiah ThomasPGWASWAS@DET480023.614.911.6
Darius GarlandPGCLECLE@TOR380020.295.310.8
Jalen BrunsonPG/SGDALDAL@MIL550032.445.919.1
Collin SextonPG/SGCLECLE@TOR490026.225.414.0
Patrick MillsPG/SGSASA@HOU470022.924.911.2
Bruce Brown Jr.PG/SGDETWAS@DET450022.254.911.0
Anfernee SimonsPG/SGPORPOR@PHO380019.535.110.0
Donte DiVincenzoPG/SFMILDAL@MIL460022.244.810.8
Kris DunnPG/SFCHICHI@OKC470022.184.710.5
Tyler HerroSGMIAMIA@MEM460025.895.614.6
Luke KennardSG/SFDETWAS@DET540030.505.617.2
Norman PowellSG/SFTORCLE@TOR550028.975.315.3
Troy BrownSG/SFWASWAS@DET500026.145.213.7
Kent BazemoreSG/SFPORPOR@PHO450024.005.312.8
Duncan RobinsonSG/SFMIAMIA@MEM530024.994.711.8
OG AnunobySF/PFTORCLE@TOR490025.575.213.3
Dorian Finney-SmithSF/PFDALDAL@MIL390022.505.813.0
Derrick JonesSF/PFMIAMIA@MEM420022.765.412.3
Danuel HouseSF/PFHOUSA@HOU430022.085.111.3
Markieff MorrisPF/CDETWAS@DET390025.616.616.8
Christian WoodPF/CDETWAS@DET450025.795.714.8
Serge IbakaPF/CTORCLE@TOR510026.215.113.5
Frank KaminskyPF/CPHOPOR@PHO480025.035.213.1
P.J. TuckerPF/CHOUSA@HOU440023.355.312.4
Larry Nance Jr.PF/CCLECLE@TOR400021.405.311.4
Kelly OlynykPF/CMIAMIA@MEM420021.175.010.7
Dwight PowellCDALDAL@MIL400023.705.914.0
Aron BaynesCPHOPOR@PHO480025.405.313.4
Nerlens NoelCOKCCHI@OKC390021.815.612.2
Brook LopezCMILDAL@MIL470023.715.012.0

Top Projected Value Plays on FanDuel (5:55 PM EST update)

Jalen BrunsonPGDALDAL@MIL370031.248.426.4
Patrick MillsPGSASA@HOU430021.855.111.1
George HillPGMILDAL@MIL390019.965.110.2
Norman PowellSGTORCLE@TOR500028.365.716.1
Tyler HerroSGMIAMIA@MEM460024.645.413.2
Donte DiVincenzoSGMILDAL@MIL400022.095.512.2
Bruce BrownSGDETWAS@DET420022.345.311.9
Duncan RobinsonSGMIAMIA@MEM490023.804.911.6
Markieff MorrisSFDETWAS@DET370024.936.716.8
Tim Hardaway Jr.SFDALDAL@MIL540028.095.214.6
Troy BrownSFWASWAS@DET480026.225.514.3
Derrick Jones Jr.SFMIAMIA@MEM410023.465.713.4
OG AnunobySFTORCLE@TOR550026.074.712.4
Kent BazemoreSFPORPOR@PHO470023.805.112.1
Dorian Finney-SmithSFDALDAL@MIL410021.985.411.8
Rudy GaySFSASA@HOU470023.004.911.3
Christian WoodPFDETWAS@DET380024.926.616.3
Frank KaminskyPFPHOPOR@PHO490024.345.012.1
Larry Nance Jr.PFCLECLE@TOR420021.345.110.8
Nerlens NoelPFOKCCHI@OKC530023.654.510.6
P.J. TuckerPFHOUSA@HOU530023.134.410.1
Dwight PowellCDALDAL@MIL470023.655.011.9
Aron BaynesCPHOPOR@PHO540025.154.711.7
Brook LopezCMILDAL@MIL530024.084.510.9

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