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NBA DFS 12-2-19 Value Plays


Six game NBA DFS main slate tonight (12-2-19) which means finding value plays is going to be more important than ever!

Looking at the injury reports, the Memphis Grizzlies (6-13) have Jonas Valanciunas (sick) listed as questionable, while Kyle Anderson (heel) and Brandon Clarke (hip) have been downgraded to out.

The New York Knicks (4-16) have Frank Ntilikina (back) listed as questionable. Elfrid Payton (hamstring) and  Marcus Morris (neck) have been ruled out.

Brook Lopez (back) is now out for the Milwaukee Bucks (17-3).

Josh Richardson (hamstring) has been downgraded to out for the Philadelphia 76ers (14-6).

The Golden State Warriors (4-17) will rest Draymond Green tonight and will be without D’Angelo Russell again tonight. He is expected to return during this road trip.

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NBA DFS 12-2-19 Value Plays

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Six Game Main Slate

  • Suns (-4.5) @ Hornets – 224.5 over/under
  • Warriors @ Hawks (-6.5) – 222.5
  • Knicks @ Bucks (-16.5) – 220.5
  • Pacers (-9.5) @ Grizzlies – 216
  • Bulls @ Kings (-5) – 212
  • Jazz @ Sixers (-5.5) – 208.5

Rather than using traditional value ((Projection/Salary)*1000), we square the projections first to calculate CoreVal.

Top Projected Value Plays on DraftKings (4:30 PM EST update)

Ky BowmanPGGSGS@ATL510029.205.716.7
Dennis Smith Jr.PGNYNY@MIL320019.076.011.4
Kris DunnPG/SGCHICHI@SAC460024.205.312.7
Tomas SatoranskyPG/SGCHICHI@SAC530024.934.711.7
Cory JosephPG/SGSACCHI@SAC490023.654.811.4
Grayson AllenPG/SGMEMIND@MEM320018.895.911.2
DeAndre BembryPG/SGATLGS@ATL480023.084.811.1
Coby WhitePG/SGCHICHI@SAC490022.484.610.3
De'Anthony MeltonPG/SGMEMIND@MEM340017.265.18.8
Glenn RobinsonSG/SFGSGS@ATL510026.295.213.6
Dillon BrooksSG/SFMEMIND@MEM520025.104.812.1
De'Andre HunterSF/PFATLGS@ATL500026.295.313.8
Miles BridgesSF/PFCHAPHO@CHA550026.694.913.0
Jae CrowderSF/PFMEMIND@MEM540025.624.712.2
Kevin KnoxSF/PFNYNY@MIL350019.065.410.4
PJ WashingtonPF/CCHAPHO@CHA510026.085.113.3
Marquese ChrissPF/CGSGS@ATL490021.934.59.8
Bruno CabocloPF/CMEMIND@MEM300017.045.79.7
Bobby PortisPF/CNYNY@MIL430019.484.58.8
Aron BaynesCPHOPHO@CHA540028.255.214.8
Willie Cauley-SteinCGSGS@ATL520024.334.711.4
Cody ZellerCCHAPHO@CHA480022.774.710.8
Mitchell RobinsonCNYNY@MIL490022.734.610.5
Robin LopezCMILNY@MIL440020.754.79.8

Top Projected Value Plays on FanDuel (4:30 PM EST update)

Tyus JonesPGMEMIND@MEM400024.546.115.1
Kris DunnPGCHICHI@SAC470024.885.313.2
Tomas SatoranskyPGCHICHI@SAC510024.494.811.8
Cory JosephPGSACCHI@SAC470023.505.011.8
Coby WhitePGCHICHI@SAC510021.724.39.3
De'Anthony MeltonPGMEMIND@MEM350017.565.08.8
Dennis Smith Jr.PGNYNY@MIL360017.354.88.4
DeAndre BembrySGATLGS@ATL420023.475.613.1
Dillon BrooksSGMEMIND@MEM490024.214.912.0
Grayson AllenSGMEMIND@MEM350017.705.19.0
Furkan KorkmazSGPHIUTA@PHI350017.355.08.6
Glenn RobinsonSFGSGS@ATL490026.035.313.8
De'Andre HunterSFATLGS@ATL500025.345.112.8
Jae CrowderSFMEMIND@MEM500024.534.912.0
Kevin KnoxSFNYNY@MIL370018.124.98.9
Bruno CabocloSFMEMIND@MEM350017.375.08.6
Nemanja BjelicaPFSACCHI@SAC550028.925.315.2
Dario SaricPFPHOPHO@CHA540026.564.913.1
P.J. WashingtonPFCHAPHO@CHA550026.354.812.6
Marquese ChrissPFGSGS@ATL540022.764.29.6
Willie Cauley-SteinCGSGS@ATL520025.534.912.5
Robin LopezCMILNY@MIL350020.836.012.4
Cody ZellerCCHAPHO@CHA530022.444.29.5
Bobby PortisCNYNY@MIL400018.924.78.9
Damian JonesCATLGS@ATL410018.914.68.7

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