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NBA DFS 12-23-19 Value Plays


Eleven game NBA DFS main slate tonight (12-23-19) which means finding value plays is going to be more important than ever!

Looking at the injury reports, Karl-Anthony Towns (knee) is questionable tonight for the Minnesota Timberwolves. They play the Golden State Warriors on the road and will have the last tip-off of the slate. Be careful!

Joel Embiid (sick) is starting for the Philadelphia 76ers. He did not go through shootaround.

The Indiana Pacers now say Jeremy Lamb (groin) is going to play, while Domantas Sabonis (hip) is available. Malcolm Brogdon has been ruled out.

The Chicago Bulls list Zach LaVine (shoulder) and Wendell Carter Jr. (abdomen) as probable.

A trio of Detroit Pistons made the injury report. Derrick Rose (knee) and Blake Griffin (body) are on track to play. Luke Kennard (knee) is ruled out.

Carmelo Anthony (knee) and Bogdan Bogdanovic are questionable in the Portland Trailblazer vs Sacramento Kings game.

Ricky Rubio (sick) is available to play for the Phoenix Suns tonight. After posted an 18 point, 12 rebound (7 offensive) double-double in his return from suspension, Deandre Ayton (ankle) has been banged up and is officially out tonight, again.

The Atlanta Hawks will see John Collins return to the court tonight after serving his 25-game suspension.

Jonas Valanciunas (foot) is good to go for the Memphis Grizzlies tonight.

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NBA DFS 12-23-19 Value Plays

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Eleven Game Main Slate

  • Rockets (-6) @ Spurs – 230.5 over/under
  • Hawks (-1.5) @ Cavs – 229.5
  • Pelicans @ Blazers (-5.5) – 229.5
  • Wizards @ Knicks (-3.5) – 227.5
  • Spurs (-1.5) @ Grizzlies – 227
  • Wolves (-1.5) @ Warriors – 222
  • Nuggets (-3) @ Suns – 217.5
  • Sixers (-5.5) @ Pistons – 216
  • Jazz @ Heat (-4.5) – 213
  • Raptors @ Pacers (-5) – 209.5
  • Bulls @ Magic (-5) – 206

Rather than using traditional value ((Projection/Salary)*1000), we square the projections first to calculate CoreVal.

Top Projected Value Plays on DraftKings (6:30 PM EST update)

Ish SmithPGWASWAS@NY450032.757.323.8
Elfrid PaytonPGNYWAS@NY510030.436.018.2
Darius GarlandPGCLEATL@CLE460024.245.312.8
T.J. McConnellPGINDTOR@IND420022.515.412.1
Alec BurksPG/SGGSMIN@GS530032.236.119.6
Aaron HolidayPG/SGINDTOR@IND440029.076.619.2
Shabazz NapierPG/SGMINMIN@GS340024.957.318.3
RJ BarrettPG/SGNYWAS@NY550031.435.718.0
Collin SextonPG/SGCLEATL@CLE540029.145.415.7
Kevin HuerterPG/SGATLATL@CLE510027.475.414.8
Markelle FultzPG/SGORLCHI@ORL520025.474.912.5
Kris DunnPG/SFCHICHI@ORL500026.025.213.5
Gary HarrisSGDENDEN@PHO450024.085.412.9
Damion LeeSG/SFGSMIN@GS430028.656.719.1
Jeremy LambSG/SFINDTOR@IND460027.996.117.0
Troy BrownSG/SFWASWAS@NY480028.325.916.7
Bogdan BogdanovicSG/SFSACHOU@SAC490028.235.816.3
Kent BazemoreSG/SFPORNO@POR470026.475.614.9
J.J. RedickSG/SFNONO@POR480025.485.313.5
Dillon BrooksSG/SFMEMSA@MEM530026.655.013.4
Admiral SchofieldSF/PFWASWAS@NY350023.456.715.7
T.J. WarrenSF/PFINDTOR@IND520028.305.415.4
Robert CovingtonSF/PFMINMIN@GS530026.425.013.2
Dario SaricSF/PFPHODEN@PHO490025.225.113.0
Cedi OsmanSF/PFCLEATL@CLE400022.725.712.9
Danuel HouseSF/PFHOUHOU@SAC390022.095.712.5
Nemanja BjelicaPFSACHOU@SAC510028.865.716.3
Derrick FavorsPF/CNONO@POR520030.065.817.4
Bobby PortisPF/CNYWAS@NY480028.185.916.5
Paul MillsapPF/CDENDEN@PHO420024.015.713.7
Richaun HolmesPF/CSACHOU@SAC550026.724.913.0
P.J. TuckerPF/CHOUHOU@SAC460023.585.112.1
Aron BaynesCPHODEN@PHO470029.006.217.9
Myles TurnerCINDTOR@IND510027.745.415.1
Willie Cauley-SteinCGSMIN@GS460024.305.312.8

Top Projected Value Plays on FanDuel (6:30 PM EST update)

Ish SmithPGWASWAS@NY450032.127.122.9
Aaron HolidayPGINDTOR@IND420028.136.718.8
Elfrid PaytonPGNYWAS@NY520030.065.817.4
Derrick RosePGDETPHI@DET550030.685.617.1
Jeff TeaguePGMINMIN@GS550028.495.214.8
Kris DunnPGCHICHI@ORL540026.885.013.4
Tomas SatoranskyPGCHICHI@ORL550026.654.812.9
Markelle FultzPGORLCHI@ORL510025.555.012.8
Darius GarlandPGCLEATL@CLE440023.155.312.2
Damion LeeSGGSMIN@GS430027.736.417.9
RJ BarrettSGNYWAS@NY550031.025.617.5
Bogdan BogdanovicSGSACHOU@SAC440027.106.216.7
Jeremy LambSGINDTOR@IND480027.915.816.2
Jordan ClarksonSGCLEATL@CLE460025.025.413.6
Kevin HuerterSGATLATL@CLE540026.915.013.4
Evan FournierSGORLCHI@ORL550027.124.913.4
Dillon BrooksSGMEMSA@MEM520026.015.013.0
Gary HarrisSGDENDEN@PHO470023.975.112.2
T.J. WarrenSFINDTOR@IND480028.445.916.9
Troy BrownSFWASWAS@NY480027.995.816.3
Kent BazemoreSFPORNO@POR480026.295.514.4
Joe InglesSFUTAUTA@MIA500025.985.213.5
Harrison BarnesSFSACHOU@SAC470024.955.313.2
Cedi OsmanSFCLEATL@CLE390022.295.712.7
Admiral SchofieldSFWASWAS@NY420023.005.512.6
Jae CrowderSFMEMSA@MEM510025.064.912.3
Derrick FavorsPFNONO@POR550030.185.516.6
Nemanja BjelicaPFSACHOU@SAC500028.185.615.9
Richaun HolmesPFSACHOU@SAC540027.995.214.5
Dario SaricPFPHODEN@PHO430024.145.613.6
Robert CovingtonPFMINMIN@GS530026.805.113.6
Brandon ClarkePFMEMSA@MEM550025.764.712.1
Paul MillsapPFDENDEN@PHO480024.065.012.1
Bobby PortisCNYWAS@NY390027.337.019.2
Aron BaynesCPHODEN@PHO430028.236.618.5
Willie Cauley-SteinCGSMIN@GS480025.505.313.5
Ian MahinmiCWASWAS@NY420022.495.412.0

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