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NBA DFS 12-30-19 Value Plays


Six game NBA DFS main slate tonight (12-30-19) which means finding value plays is going to be more important than ever!

Looking at the injury reports, Trae Young (ankle) is out for the Atlanta Hawks tonight.

Bradley Beal (leg) is now officially ruled out for the Washington Wizards.

Giannis Antetokounmpo (back) will play tonight for the Milwaukee Bucks.

The Minnesota Timberwolves will be without both Karl-Anthony Towns (knee) and Andrew Wiggins (sick).

Lauri Markkanen is also sick and questionable for the Chicago Bulls. Zach LaVine (shoulder) and Wendell Carter Jr. (abdomen) are probable.

Stop me if you have heard this one before – Blake Griffin (knee) is doubtful for the Detroit Pistons

The Orlando Magic have downgraded Aaron Gordon (Achilles) to out!

The Phoenix Suns have upgraded Deandre Ayton (ankle) to questionable.

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NBA DFS 12-30-19 Value Plays

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Six Game Main Slate

  • Suns @ Blazers (-4.5) – 231 over/under
  • Heat (-10.5) @ Wizards – 227.5
  • Bucks (-9) @ Bulls – 220
  • Nets (-4.5) @ Wolves – 218
  • Pistons @ Jazz (-9) – 217.5
  • Hawks @ Magic (-10.5) – 208.5

Rather than using traditional value ((Projection/Salary)*1000), we square the projections first to calculate CoreVal.

Top Projected Value Plays on DraftKings (5:55 PM EST update)

PGGoran DragicMIAMIA@WAS520030.105.817.4
PGJeff TeagueMINBKN@MIN550030.145.516.5
PGIsaiah ThomasWASMIA@WAS540028.465.315.0
PGD.J. AugustinORLATL@ORL430023.915.613.3
PGTim FrazierDETDET@UTA360019.715.510.8
PGIsh SmithWASMIA@WAS460021.444.710.0
PG/SGJordan McRaeWASMIA@WAS460028.026.117.1
PG/SGMarkelle FultzORLATL@ORL480028.055.816.4
PG/SGJordan ClarksonUTADET@UTA410023.705.813.7
PG/SGKendrick NunnMIAMIA@WAS510025.475.012.7
PG/SGShabazz NapierMINBKN@MIN470022.414.810.7
PG/SGCoby WhiteCHIMIL@CHI380019.645.210.2
PG/SFKris DunnCHIMIL@CHI500025.495.113.0
SGTyler HerroMIAMIA@WAS460022.544.911.0
SG/SFTerrence RossORLATL@ORL420026.926.417.3
SG/SFKent BazemorePORPHO@POR390024.416.315.3
SG/SFJoe HarrisBKNBKN@MIN530027.485.214.2
SG/SFBruce Brown Jr.DETDET@UTA470024.275.212.5
SG/SFGarrett TempleBKNBKN@MIN490024.565.012.3
SG/SFCam ReddishATLATL@ORL470022.594.810.9
SG/SFWesley IwunduORLATL@ORL320018.475.810.7
SFRoyce O'NealeUTADET@UTA450022.134.910.9
SF/PFCarmelo AnthonyPORPHO@POR530032.056.019.4
SF/PFDerrick JonesMIAMIA@WAS440025.075.714.3
SF/PFTaurean PrinceBKNBKN@MIN540027.445.113.9
SF/PFDe'Andre HunterATLATL@ORL450024.555.513.4
PF/CChristian WoodDETDET@UTA380031.198.225.6
CDeAndre JordanBKNBKN@MIN480026.085.414.2
CIan MahinmiWASMIA@WAS440024.375.513.5
CAron BaynesPHOPHO@POR490023.384.811.2
CAlex LenATLATL@ORL390020.385.210.6

Top Projected Value Plays on FanDuel (5:55 PM EST update)

PGJeff TeagueMINBKN@MIN520029.495.716.7
PGMarkelle FultzORLATL@ORL490028.085.716.1
PGGoran DragicMIAMIA@WAS530028.635.415.5
PGIsaiah ThomasWASMIA@WAS470026.635.715.1
PGD.J. AugustinORLATL@ORL400023.085.813.3
PGKendrick NunnMIAMIA@WAS450024.395.413.2
PGKris DunnCHIMIL@CHI550026.414.812.7
PGShabazz NapierMINBKN@MIN460021.704.710.2
SGGary Payton IIWASMIA@WAS530033.956.421.7
SGJordan McRaeWASMIA@WAS400027.566.919.0
SGEvan FournierORLATL@ORL550030.925.617.4
SGTerrence RossORLATL@ORL440026.286.015.7
SGGarrett TempleBKNBKN@MIN420024.105.713.8
SGKevin HuerterATLATL@ORL510026.465.213.7
SGBruce BrownDETDET@UTA460024.415.313.0
SGJordan ClarksonUTADET@UTA450022.775.111.5
SGTyler HerroMIAMIA@WAS420021.375.110.9
SFTroy BrownWASMIA@WAS550032.065.818.7
SFCarmelo AnthonyPORPHO@POR540031.605.918.5
SFDerrick Jones Jr.MIAMIA@WAS420025.826.115.9
SFJoe HarrisBKNBKN@MIN450025.915.814.9
SFTaurean PrinceBKNBKN@MIN470026.095.614.5
SFKent BazemorePORPHO@POR420024.535.814.3
SFCam ReddishATLATL@ORL410022.205.412.0
SFDe'Andre HunterATLATL@ORL460023.385.111.9
SFWesley IwunduORLATL@ORL350018.825.410.1
PFChristian WoodDETDET@UTA410031.167.623.7
PFRobert CovingtonMINBKN@MIN510029.095.716.6
PFRoyce O'NealeUTADET@UTA420022.005.211.5
CWendell CarterCHIMIL@CHI520030.695.918.1
CBrook LopezMILMIL@CHI500028.315.716.0
CDeAndre JordanBKNBKN@MIN480026.015.414.1
CIan MahinmiWASMIA@WAS450024.495.413.3
CAron BaynesPHOPHO@POR430022.995.312.3

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