NBA DFS 2-10-20 Value Plays

by Keith Lott
Underdog Fantasy NBA Pick’em 11-17-21

Tonight, we have a nine-game NBA DFS main slate tonight (2-10-20). If you are looking for a way to reduce your player pool, our list of value plays below is a great place to start!

Looking at the injury reports, Luka Doncic (ankle) is out for the Dallas Mavericks.

Giannis Antetokounmpo (personal) is out for the Milwaukee Bucks.

Kyrie Irving (knee) is out for the Brooklyn Nets.

Serge Ibaka (sick) is out for the Toronto Raptors.

Will Barton (knee) is out for the Denver Nuggets.

D'Angelo Russell (quad) will make his Minnesota Timberwolves debut tonight!

Kyle Lowry (neck) is now probable for the Toronto Raptors.

Derrick Rose (hip) and Svi Mykhailiuk (hip) are out for the Detroit Pistons.

Jimmy Butler (shoulder) is questionable for the Miami Heat.

Deandre Ayton (ankle) is questionable for the Phoenix Suns.

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NBA DFS 2-10-20 Value Plays

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Nine-Game Main Slate

  • Wolves @ Raptors (-9) - 230.5 over/under
  • Suns @ Lakers (-12.5) - 229
  • Kings @ Bucks (-10.5) - 228.5
  • Hawks @ Magic (-8.5) - 220.5
  • Nets @ Pacers (-6.5) - 218.5
  • Jazz (-1.5) @ Mavs - 218.5
  • Heat (-5) @ Warriors - 218.5
  • Spurs @ Nuggets (-7) - 216
  • Hornets @ Pistons (-3) - 205.5

Rather than using traditional value ((Projection/Salary)*1000), we square the projections first to calculate CoreVal.

Top Projected Value Plays on DraftKings (6:00 PM EST update)

PGMike ConleyUTAUTA@DAL550029.465.415.8
PGKy BowmanGSMIA@GS420022.765.412.3
PGRajon RondoLALPHO@LAL380020.635.411.2
PG/SGVictor OladipoINDBKN@IND420029.837.121.2
PG/SGDonte DiVincenzoMILSAC@MIL410025.946.316.4
PG/SGMalik MonkCHACHA@DET450023.845.312.6
PG/SGMichael Carter-WilliamsORLATL@ORL460023.255.111.8
PG/SGTerence DavisTORMIN@TOR480023.484.911.5
PG/SGDelon WrightDALUTA@DAL440022.435.111.4
PG/SFBruce BrownDETCHA@DET500028.535.716.3
SGMalik BeasleyMINMIN@TOR450025.205.614.1
SGWesley MatthewsMILSAC@MIL370020.915.711.8
SGGary HarrisDENSA@DEN410022.005.411.8
SG/SFTerrence RossORLATL@ORL490027.365.615.3
SG/SFDamion LeeGSMIA@GS510027.385.414.7
SG/SFBogdan BogdanovicSACSAC@MIL500026.115.213.6
SG/SFTim Hardaway Jr.DALUTA@DAL540026.594.913.1
SG/SFJoe InglesUTAUTA@DAL480024.425.112.4
SG/SFJoe HarrisBKNBKN@IND480024.045.012.0
SG/SFMikal BridgesPHOPHO@LAL480023.064.811.1
SFDuncan RobinsonMIAMIA@GS520024.214.711.3
SF/PFOG AnunobyTORMIN@TOR390024.196.215.0
SF/PFHarrison BarnesSACSAC@MIL510024.894.912.1
PFRondae Hollis-JeffersonTORMIN@TOR320025.908.121.0
PFJuancho HernangomezMINMIN@TOR360021.385.912.7
PFTaurean PrinceBKNBKN@IND490024.635.012.4
PF/CChris BoucherTORMIN@TOR340030.919.128.1
PF/CErsan IlyasovaMILSAC@MIL320027.598.623.8
PF/CJerami GrantDENSA@DEN460024.555.313.1
PF/CThon MakerDETCHA@DET430023.595.512.9
PF/CCody ZellerCHACHA@DET480024.705.112.7
PF/CPJ WashingtonCHACHA@DET440023.645.412.7
PF/CPaul MillsapDENSA@DEN470023.285.011.5
PF/CMaxi KleberDALUTA@DAL470023.114.911.4
CBrook LopezMILSAC@MIL530030.535.817.6
CMyles TurnerINDBKN@IND510029.915.917.5
CJarrett AllenBKNBKN@IND540027.645.114.1
CDeAndre JordanBKNBKN@IND500025.415.112.9
CDewayne DedmonATLATL@ORL440023.085.212.1

Top Projected Value Plays on FanDuel (6:00 PM EST update)

PGJalen BrunsonDALUTA@DAL460026.625.815.4
PGGoran DragicMIAMIA@GS540028.285.214.8
PGMonte MorrisDENSA@DEN420023.595.613.3
PGKy BowmanGSMIA@GS380022.355.913.1
PGMichael Carter-WilliamsORLATL@ORL460024.275.312.8
PGKendrick NunnMIAMIA@GS460023.925.212.4
PGDejounte MurraySASA@DEN530024.184.611.0
SGBruce BrownDETCHA@DET450028.796.418.4
SGVictor OladipoINDBKN@IND530029.505.616.4
SGTerrence RossORLATL@ORL500026.885.414.5
SGDamion LeeGSMIA@GS490026.585.414.4
SGKevin HuerterATLATL@ORL460025.295.513.9
SGBogdan BogdanovicSACSAC@MIL480024.955.213.0
SGDonte DiVincenzoMILSAC@MIL430023.605.513.0
SGMalik BeasleyMINMIN@TOR470024.655.212.9
SGDelon WrightDALUTA@DAL400022.615.712.8
SGTerence DavisTORMIN@TOR440022.695.211.7
SGDuncan RobinsonMIAMIA@GS440022.365.111.4
SGTorrey CraigDENSA@DEN360020.165.611.3
SGJeremy LambINDBKN@IND450022.455.011.2
SFTim Hardaway Jr.DALUTA@DAL480024.725.212.7
SFDorian Finney-SmithDALUTA@DAL430023.215.412.5
SFMikal BridgesPHOPHO@LAL460024.005.212.5
SFT.J. WarrenINDBKN@IND550026.224.812.5
SFJoe InglesUTAUTA@DAL440023.315.312.3
SFHarrison BarnesSACSAC@MIL490023.924.911.7
SFTaurean PrinceBKNBKN@IND470023.305.011.6
SFJuancho HernangomezMINMIN@TOR380020.845.511.4
SFOG AnunobyTORMIN@TOR410021.335.211.1
PFJarrett AllenBKNBKN@IND540028.015.214.5
PFJerami GrantDENSA@DEN490024.715.012.5
PFEric PaschallGSMIA@GS440023.125.312.1
PFJosh OkogieMINMIN@TOR440022.895.211.9
PFMaxi KleberDALUTA@DAL440022.845.211.9
PFP.J. WashingtonCHACHA@DET490023.614.811.4
CThon MakerDETCHA@DET410024.145.914.2
CDeAndre JordanBKNBKN@IND500025.275.112.8
CCody ZellerCHACHA@DET490024.285.012.0

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