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NBA DFS 2-24-20 Value Plays


Tonight, we have an eight-game NBA DFS main slate tonight (2-24-20). If you are looking for a way to reduce your player pool, our list of value plays below is a great place to start!

Looking at the injury reports, Jimmy Butler (personal) is out for the Miami Heat tonight.

Ben Simmons (back) was injured in the Philadelphia 76ers last game and will not play tonight either. Tobias Harris (knee) will play tonight!

Brook Lopez (back) is out for the Milwaukee Bucks.

Paul George (hamstring) is questionable tonight for the Los Angeles Clippers.

Luka Doncic (ankle), Deandre Ayton (ankle) and Kevin Love (achilles) are probable tonight.

D’Angelo Russell (knee) was not listed on the injury report!

The Washington Wizards and New York Knicks will be without Thomas Bryant (rest) and Frank Ntilikina (groin).

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NBA DFS 2-24-20 Value Plays

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Eight-Game Main Slate

  • Bucks (-13) @ Wizards – 243.5 over/under
  • Wolves @ Mavs (-13) – 238.5
  • Grizzlies @ Clippers (-10) – 233
  • Knicks @ Rockets (-14) – 229
  • Hawks @ 76ers (-8.5) – 228.5
  • Suns @ Jazz (-8) – 224.5
  • Heat (-6) @ Cavs – 222.5
  • Magic @ Nets (-3.5) – 214

Rather than using traditional value ((Projection/Salary)*1000), we square the projections first to calculate CoreVal.

Top Projected Value Plays on DraftKings (6:00 PM EST update)

PGMike ConleyUTAPHO@UTA530029.85.616.7
PGIsh SmithWASMIL@WAS500027.55.515.1
PGPatrick BeverleyLACMEM@LAC400024.36.114.7
PGDarius GarlandCLEMIA@CLE440023.85.412.9
PG/SGDe'Anthony MeltonMEMMEM@LAC390024.16.214.9
PG/SGRJ BarrettNYNY@HOU520026.45.113.4
PG/SGGarrett TempleBKNORL@BKN410022.35.412.1
SGJosh RichardsonPHIATL@PHI480029.86.218.4
SG/SFDillon BrooksMEMMEM@LAC480027.85.816.1
SG/SFJoe HarrisBKNORL@BKN460027.25.916.1
SG/SFDuncan RobinsonMIAMIA@CLE500027.35.514.9
SG/SFKevin Porter Jr.CLEMIA@CLE420024.15.713.8
SG/SFJoe InglesUTAPHO@UTA470025.05.313.3
SG/SFEric GordonHOUNY@HOU370022.16.013.2
SG/SFKevin HuerterATLATL@PHI550026.44.812.7
SFTroy BrownWASMIL@WAS440025.05.714.2
SF/PFIsaac BongaWASMIL@WAS310020.46.613.5
SF/PFJosh JacksonMEMMEM@LAC330020.46.212.7
SF/PFMarcus Morris Sr.LACMEM@LAC490024.75.012.4
PFTaurean PrinceBKNORL@BKN440026.36.015.8
PF/CBrandon ClarkeMEMMEM@LAC550033.56.120.4
PF/CMoritz WagnerWASMIL@WAS390027.97.220.0
PF/CAl HorfordPHIATL@PHI450026.75.915.8
PF/CKelly OlynykMIAMIA@CLE370023.96.515.5
CGorgui DiengMEMMEM@LAC340024.47.217.5
CMontrezl HarrellLACMEM@LAC540029.35.415.9
CRobin LopezMILMIL@WAS300021.47.115.3
CJarrett AllenBKNORL@BKN480025.55.313.5
CDeAndre JordanBKNORL@BKN540026.54.913.0
CDewayne DedmonATLATL@PHI480024.35.112.3

Top Projected Value Plays on FanDuel (6:00 PM EST update)

PGKendrick NunnMIAMIA@CLE470029.06.217.8
PGGoran DragicMIAMIA@CLE550029.55.415.8
PGIsh SmithWASMIL@WAS500026.95.414.5
PGDe'Anthony MeltonMEMMEM@LAC450024.45.413.2
PGPatrick BeverleyLACMEM@LAC460024.35.312.8
SGDillon BrooksMEMMEM@LAC430027.26.317.2
SGJosh RichardsonPHIATL@PHI510029.65.817.2
SGLou WilliamsLACMEM@LAC520028.65.515.7
SGRJ BarrettNYNY@HOU460025.55.514.1
SGDuncan RobinsonMIAMIA@CLE450025.25.614.1
SGEvan FournierORLORL@BKN550027.35.013.5
SGKevin HuerterATLATL@PHI490025.35.213.0
SGAlec BurksPHIATL@PHI400022.85.713.0
SGJordan ClarksonUTAPHO@UTA530025.74.812.4
SFBojan BogdanovicUTAPHO@UTA520027.95.415.0
SFTroy BrownWASMIL@WAS440025.15.714.3
SFTaurean PrinceBKNORL@BKN480025.15.213.1
SFJoe InglesUTAPHO@UTA440023.95.413.0
SFMarcus MorrisLACMEM@LAC440023.85.412.9
SFJoe HarrisBKNORL@BKN490025.05.112.7
SFDerrick JonesMIAMIA@CLE420022.95.512.5
SFKevin PorterCLEMIA@CLE450023.55.212.3
PFBrandon ClarkeMEMMEM@LAC520033.86.522.0
PFNaz ReidMINMIN@DAL500032.06.420.5
PFRui HachimuraWASMIL@WAS520028.75.515.8
PFAl HorfordPHIATL@PHI490026.75.414.5
PFJarrett AllenBKNORL@BKN510025.95.113.2
CMoritz WagnerWASMIL@WAS390026.86.918.4
CGorgui DiengMEMMEM@LAC360024.56.816.7
CRobin LopezMILMIL@WAS350021.66.213.4
CDeAndre JordanBKNORL@BKN510026.15.113.3
CKelly OlynykMIAMIA@CLE390022.65.813.1
CMitchell RobinsonNYNY@HOU500025.45.112.9

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