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NBA DFS 2-3-20 Value Plays


Tonight, we have a ten-game NBA DFS main slate tonight (2-3-20). If you are looking for a way to reduce your player pool, our list of value plays below is a great place to start!

Looking at the injury reports, the Boston Celtics will be without Kemba Walker (knee) and Marcus Smart (thigh). Enes Kanter (hip) is available tonight.

In that same contest, Trae Young (ankle) will start for the Atlanta Hawks.

D’Angelo Russell (quad) is officially out the Golden State Warriors.

T.J. Warren (concussion) will not play tonight for the Indiana Pacers.

Derrick Rose (groin) is questionable for the Detroit Pistons.

Ricky Rubio (ankle) is now probable for the Phoenix Suns.

Julius Randle (quad) is now probable for the New York Knicks.

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NBA DFS 2-3-20 Value Plays

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Ten Game Main Slate

  • Warriors @ Wizards (-6.5) – 235 over/under
  • Celtics (-5) @ Hawks – 231
  • Spurs @ Clippers (-9) – 228.5
  • Wolves @ Kings (-1.5) – 225.5
  • Suns @ Nets (-2.5) – 224.5
  • Pistons @ Grizzlies (-9) – 223.5
  • Knicks @ Cavs (-1) – 216.5
  • Mavs @ Pacers (-5) – 212.5
  • Sixers @ Heat (-2.5) – 212
  • Magic (-5) @ Hornets – 203.5

Rather than using traditional value ((Projection/Salary)*1000), we square the projections first to calculate CoreVal.

Top Projected Value Plays on DraftKings (6:45 PM EST update)

PGRicky RubioPHOPHO@BKN550034.266.221.3
PGReggie JacksonDETDET@MEM470031.426.721.0
PGDarius GarlandCLENY@CLE540027.575.114.1
PGDejounte MurraySASA@LAC520026.615.113.6
PGPatrick BeverleyLACSA@LAC520025.815.012.8
PGIsh SmithWASGS@WAS490024.745.012.5
PGGoran DragicMIAPHI@MIA550025.694.712.0
PG/SGAlec BurksGSGS@WAS530035.366.723.6
PG/SGJeff TeagueATLBOS@ATL390026.626.818.2
PG/SGMarkelle FultzORLORL@CHA540029.795.516.4
PG/SGBrad WanamakerBOSBOS@ATL360023.536.515.4
PG/SGDe'Anthony MeltonMEMDET@MEM360023.186.414.9
PG/SGMalik MonkCHAORL@CHA440024.205.513.3
PG/SGGarrett TempleBKNPHO@BKN400023.065.813.3
PG/SGJarrett CulverMINMIN@SAC410022.955.612.9
PG/SGDelon WrightDALDAL@IND520025.845.012.8
PG/SFBruce BrownDETDET@MEM380028.617.521.5
PG/SFCaris LeVertBKNPHO@BKN470026.495.614.9
SGKevin HuerterATLBOS@ATL540030.435.617.2
SG/SFBogdan BogdanovicSACMIN@SAC530028.475.415.3
SG/SFKevin Porter Jr.CLENY@CLE450025.375.614.3
SG/SFJoe HarrisBKNPHO@BKN480025.985.414.1
SG/SFTerrence RossORLORL@CHA470024.645.212.9
SG/SFSvi MykhailiukDETDET@MEM380021.695.712.4
SFGlenn RobinsonGSGS@WAS500026.245.213.8
SF/PFHarrison BarnesSACMIN@SAC430026.156.115.9
SF/PFRobert CovingtonMINMIN@SAC550027.945.114.2
SF/PFCedi OsmanCLENY@CLE420023.005.512.6
SF/PFTroy BrownWASGS@WAS520025.454.912.5
PFTaurean PrinceBKNPHO@BKN510026.115.113.4
PF/CLarry Nance Jr.CLENY@CLE540029.555.516.2
PF/CMarquese ChrissGSGS@WAS550026.884.913.1
CJohn HensonCLENY@CLE300022.247.416.5
CMyles TurnerINDDAL@IND490027.895.715.9
CDamian JonesATLBOS@ATL440025.005.714.2
CDeAndre JordanBKNPHO@BKN470025.425.413.8
CIvica ZubacLACSA@LAC420023.775.713.5
CMitchell RobinsonNYNY@CLE500025.075.012.6

Top Projected Value Plays on FanDuel (6:45 PM EST update)

PGRicky RubioPHOPHO@BKN550033.406.120.3
PGReggie JacksonDETDET@MEM450029.646.619.5
PGJeff TeagueATLBOS@ATL480026.005.414.1
PGDarius GarlandCLENY@CLE470025.665.514.0
PGDejounte MurraySASA@LAC530026.555.013.3
PGPatrick BeverleyLACSA@LAC500025.785.213.3
PGBrad WanamakerBOSBOS@ATL410023.105.613.0
PGDe'Anthony MeltonMEMDET@MEM440023.555.412.6
PGIsh SmithWASGS@WAS490024.735.012.5
SGBruce BrownDETDET@MEM400028.717.220.6
SGDamion LeeGSGS@WAS450030.206.720.3
SGKevin HuerterATLBOS@ATL500029.295.917.2
SGCaris LeVertBKNPHO@BKN410025.376.215.7
SGLou WilliamsLACSA@LAC550028.885.315.2
SGBogdan BogdanovicSACMIN@SAC490027.165.515.1
SGJeremy LambINDDAL@IND430023.815.513.2
SGDelon WrightDALDAL@IND510025.925.113.2
SGVictor OladipoINDDAL@IND510025.074.912.3
SGTerrence RossORLORL@CHA450023.335.212.1
SFAlec BurksGSGS@WAS510034.346.723.1
SFGlenn RobinsonGSGS@WAS450025.735.714.7
SFMiles BridgesCHAORL@CHA530027.865.314.6
SFHarrison BarnesSACMIN@SAC450025.105.614.0
SFTroy BrownWASGS@WAS470025.305.413.6
SFKevin PorterCLENY@CLE450024.625.513.5
SFJoe HarrisBKNPHO@BKN460024.585.313.1
SFTim Hardaway Jr.DALDAL@IND450024.195.413.0
SFJarrett CulverMINMIN@SAC420022.975.512.6
SFTaurean PrinceBKNPHO@BKN500024.975.012.5
SFCedi OsmanCLENY@CLE400022.045.512.1
SFMikal BridgesPHOPHO@BKN460023.545.112.1
PFLarry Nance Jr.CLENY@CLE490029.516.017.8
PFRobert CovingtonMINMIN@SAC530028.055.314.9
PFJohn HensonCLENY@CLE360023.066.414.8
PFDaniel TheisBOSBOS@ATL500026.955.414.5
CDamian JonesATLBOS@ATL410026.276.416.8
CMyles TurnerINDDAL@IND510028.645.616.1
CMarquese ChrissGSGS@WAS500027.445.515.1
CThomas BryantWASGS@WAS530027.695.214.5
CDewayne DedmonSACMIN@SAC390023.316.013.9
CMitchell RobinsonNYNY@CLE540027.055.013.6
CCody ZellerCHAORL@CHA500025.945.213.5
CDeAndre JordanBKNPHO@BKN500025.565.113.1

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