NBA DFS 3-2-20 Value Plays

by Keith Lott
NBA DFS 3-2-20 Value Plays

Tonight, we have a seven-game NBA DFS main slate (3-2-20). If you are looking for a way to reduce your player pool, our list of value plays below is a great place to start!

Looking at the injury reports, Luka Doncic (thumb) has been upgraded to probable, while Kristaps Porzingis (rest) is officially out for the Dallas Mavericks.

Aaron Gordon has been ruled out by the Orlando Magic.

LaMarcus Aldridge (shoulder) is now officially ruled out for the San Antonio Spurs.

Tristan Thompson (knee), Andre Drummond (calf) and Darius Garland (groin) are all ruled out for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Chicago Bulls will limit Otto Porter (foot) to 20 minutes max tonight. He takes the court for the first time since early November. Lauri Markkanen (pelvis) and Zach LaVine (quad) have officially been ruled out for the Bulls.

The Indiana Pacers will be without Victor Oladipo.

Cam Reddish (back) has been downgraded to doubtful for the Atlanta Hawks.

Seth Curry (back) is now questionable for the Dallas Mavericks.

Damian Lillard is set to miss at least one more game for the Portland Trail Blazers, before returning from a groin injury.

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NBA DFS 3-2-20 Value Plays

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Seven-Game Main Slate

  • Grizzlies @ Hawks (-2) - 241 over/under
  • Rockets (-10) @ Knicks - 230.5
  • Bucks (-4.5) @ Heat - 227.5
  • Jazz (-9.5) @ Cavs - 222.5
  • Mavs (-6.5) @ Bulls - 222
  • Blazers @ Magic (-6.5) - 221
  • Pacers (-2) @ Spurs - 221

Rather than using traditional value ((Projection/Salary)*1000), we square the projections first to calculate CoreVal.

Top Projected Value Plays on DraftKings (6:20 PM EST update)

PGMike ConleyUTAUTA@CLE540031.35.818.2
PGGoran DragicMIAMIL@MIA550030.85.617.2
PGTomas SatoranskyCHIDAL@CHI550030.75.617.2
PGDejounte MurraySAIND@SA550029.85.416.1
PGTyus JonesMEMMEM@ATL320019.86.212.3
PGT.J. McConnellINDIND@SA300018.06.010.8
PGD.J. AugustinORLPOR@ORL320018.25.710.3
PG/SGMarkelle FultzORLPOR@ORL530030.85.817.9
PG/SGDe'Anthony MeltonMEMMEM@ATL440026.86.116.3
PG/SGAaron HolidayINDIND@SA390024.96.415.9
PG/SGRJ BarrettNYHOU@NY540028.55.315.0
PG/SGJeff TeagueATLMEM@ATL330021.96.614.6
PG/SGDerrick WhiteSAIND@SA420023.55.613.2
PG/SGJordan ClarksonUTAUTA@CLE510025.35.012.5
PG/SGKendrick NunnMIAMIL@MIA540025.94.812.4
PG/SGBryn ForbesSAIND@SA300018.26.111.1
PG/SGPatrick MillsSAIND@SA320018.85.911.0
PG/SGMichael Carter-WilliamsORLPOR@ORL340019.25.710.9
PG/SGMatthew DellavedovaCLEUTA@CLE340018.75.510.2
PG/SFShaquille HarrisonCHIDAL@CHI300018.06.010.7
SGDillon BrooksMEMMEM@ATL530031.76.019.0
SG/SFKevin Porter Jr.CLEUTA@CLE490029.46.017.6
SG/SFTerrence RossORLPOR@ORL540029.25.415.8
SG/SFDenzel ValentineCHIDAL@CHI300020.56.814.0
SG/SFDuncan RobinsonMIAMIL@MIA430023.25.412.5
SG/SFGary Trent Jr.PORPOR@ORL430022.95.312.2
SG/SFEric GordonHOUHOU@NY380021.35.611.9
SG/SFJoe InglesUTAUTA@CLE460022.54.911.0
SFTrevor ArizaPORPOR@ORL470024.65.212.9
SF/PFRudy GaySAIND@SA430027.26.317.2
SF/PFKyle AndersonMEMMEM@ATL440025.55.814.8
SF/PFDorian Finney-SmithDALDAL@CHI430024.65.714.1
SF/PFDe'Andre HunterATLMEM@ATL500026.45.314.0
SF/PFJames EnnisORLPOR@ORL390022.95.913.5
SF/PFJosh JacksonMEMMEM@ATL440022.45.111.4
SF/PFCedi OsmanCLEUTA@CLE390020.85.311.1
SF/PFDanuel HouseHOUHOU@NY360019.15.310.2
PFJae CrowderMIAMIL@MIA500024.04.811.5
PF/CLarry Nance Jr.CLEUTA@CLE520030.25.817.5
PF/CTrey LylesSAIND@SA480026.35.514.4
PF/CMaxi KleberDALDAL@CHI440023.55.312.6
PF/CGary ClarkORLPOR@ORL300017.75.910.5
CMyles TurnerINDIND@SA520029.15.616.3
CAnte ZizicCLEUTA@CLE300021.67.215.6
CMitchell RobinsonNYHOU@NY550028.95.215.1
CGorgui DiengMEMMEM@ATL510026.75.214.0
CBruno FernandoATLMEM@ATL340021.16.213.1
CBrook LopezMILMIL@MIA480023.85.011.8
CWendell CarterCHIDAL@CHI550024.44.410.8
CWillie Cauley-SteinDALDAL@CHI360019.05.310.0

Top Projected Value Plays on FanDuel (6:20 PM EST update)

PGCollin SextonCLEUTA@CLE550032.86.019.5
PGMarkelle FultzORLPOR@ORL510031.46.219.3
PGTomas SatoranskyCHIDAL@CHI530030.15.717.1
PGDejounte MurraySAIND@SA550029.75.416.0
PGAaron HolidayINDIND@SA360023.76.615.6
PGGoran DragicMIAMIL@MIA530028.15.314.9
PGDe'Anthony MeltonMEMMEM@ATL490026.25.314.0
PGSeth CurryDALDAL@CHI500025.95.213.4
PGKendrick NunnMIAMIL@MIA490025.05.112.7
PGJeff TeagueATLMEM@ATL370021.45.812.4
PGDerrick WhiteSAIND@SA470023.75.112.0
PGMichael Carter-WilliamsORLPOR@ORL370019.65.310.3
SGKevin HuerterATLMEM@ATL500028.45.716.2
SGTerrence RossORLPOR@ORL490027.75.715.7
SGRJ BarrettNYHOU@NY500027.75.515.3
SGGary TrentPORPOR@ORL420022.85.412.3
SGJordan ClarksonUTAUTA@CLE500024.44.911.9
SGDuncan RobinsonMIAMIL@MIA420022.05.211.5
SFKevin PorterCLEUTA@CLE490028.65.816.7
SFRudy GaySAIND@SA430026.56.216.4
SFBojan BogdanovicUTAUTA@CLE510028.85.716.3
SFKyle AndersonMEMMEM@ATL430026.46.116.3
SFDe'Andre HunterATLMEM@ATL460025.45.514.0
SFJae CrowderMIAMIL@MIA420023.55.613.2
SFTrevor ArizaPORPOR@ORL480024.65.112.6
SFJosh JacksonMEMMEM@ATL390022.05.612.4
SFDorian Finney-SmithDALDAL@CHI480024.35.112.3
SFJames EnnisORLPOR@ORL410022.35.412.1
SFCedi OsmanCLEUTA@CLE370019.95.410.7
SFJoe InglesUTAUTA@CLE430021.45.010.6
SFEric GordonHOUHOU@NY400020.45.110.4
PFLarry Nance Jr.CLEUTA@CLE490029.86.118.1
PFTrey LylesSAIND@SA430025.65.915.2
PFMaxi KleberDALDAL@CHI450023.75.312.5
PFBruno FernandoATLMEM@ATL370021.05.712.0
CWendell CarterCHIDAL@CHI360024.26.716.3
CGorgui DiengMEMMEM@ATL510026.75.214.0
CAnte ZizicCLEUTA@CLE350021.96.313.7
CBrook LopezMILMIL@MIA500024.54.912.0
CWillie Cauley-SteinDALDAL@CHI350020.45.811.9

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