NBA DFS 7-30-20 FanDuel Picks

by Jesse Baum
NBA DFS 7-30-20 FanDuel Picks

You are invited to the NBA Bubble! Welcome to the NBA DFS 7-30-20 FanDuel Picks post!

With sports taking a long hiatus for the last four months during the pandemic, I have gone through competitive withdrawal. The most competitive action I was able to get was seeing which of my kids would take their naps first. But then it happened, on July 23, 2020, baseball started, ending our long nightmare. This also marked the return of DFS competition. I am someone that loves to play NFL DFS every week, but with that still some time away I want to dip my toes into playing another sport.

I do watch Baseball, but Basketball seems like the better choice for me as I know more about that sport. I want you to join me as I navigate through my FanDuel NBA DFS experience. I will go through my decision process and my progress. We will all learn together. We will also pay close attention to the winning lineups and hopefully learn a thing or two from them!

As I look at the rules and the scoring for NBA DFS it looks simple enough. Lineups look like this:

  • 2 PG
  • 2 SG
  • 2 SF
  • 2 PF
  • 1 C

Also, the scoring breakdown is very straight forward, with a number of points going to you for three-pointers made, assists, blocks, field goals made, free throws made, rebounds, and steals. There are negative points for turnovers.

FanDuel has really made this very simple for its users.

NBA DFS 7-30-20 FanDuel Picks

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The first tournament I will be entering is NBA mini Swat. So now drafting my lineup, the first thing that comes to mind is that unlike NFL DFS, NBA DFS is ruled by its stars. There are only two games on Thursday, but between the Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers, New Orleans Pelicans and Utah Jazz, there is a lot of star power.

LeBron James, SF, Los Angeles Lakers ($11,400)

My first player is the most expensive player on the board, and that is LeBron James. Paying up on James over Kawhi Leonard seems like a no brainer to me with his superior assist numbers. James is averaging over ten assist per game, which is doubled Leonard’s five assists per game. Having a player with the ability to distribute the ball like he does, would allow me to look for bargains at Point Guard later.

Paul George, SG, Los Angeles Clippers ($7,400)

My next pick is going to be Paul George. George is $900 cheaper then Jrue Holiday, and for a top-10 player that is a steal.  During the season George was not shy about jacking up the ball from the perimeter at almost eight threes per game. Shooting over 50% from behind the arc during the exhibition games, he just might be one of the better shooters I will draft.

Rudy Gobert, C, Utah Jazz ($8,200)

At the Center position, I am rolling with Rudy Gobert, my second most expensive player. With two blocks and over 13 rebounds a night he is a great addition to my team. I knew I wanted to spend up at this position, cause as we all know Center is not what it use to be. Gobert has stated that he wanted to be more involved in the offense, and if looking at his last two exhibition games as an indicator that is something he is working on. The more telling stat is that he was able to get to the line and make his free throws. In the two games he was most effective he went 13 for 16, which is an 81% success rate, and an almost 20% increase from the season.

Zion Williamson, PF, New Orleans Pelicans ($7,100)

Zion Williamson is my next pick. Williamson is my pick cause of his ability to do almost anything on the floor. He can easily get me double digits in rebounds and a couple of blocks, also with him going to the line 8 times a game would really help me in that area. With him returning to the NBA bubble this weekend and going into quarantine for four days it is looking good that he is going to play this Thursday. Even tho he might be on a  minute restriction, Williamson was already averaging under 30 minutes a game,  so he has proven he can do more with less.

Brandon Ingram, SF, New Orleans Pelicans ($7,300)

Brandon Ingram at is my next pick. He is having a career year with 24 points, six rebounds and four assists per game. Ingram is the next best Small Forward not named Kawhi Leonard. Leonards $9,500 price tag is to steep for me, and I’m going to need to finish rounding out my team.

With more than 70% of my budget spent, it is time for me to start looking for bargains.

Danny Green, SG, Los Angeles Lakers ($4,100)

Danny Green is my next pick. Playing with both James and Anthony Davis really opens up the floor for a player like Green. He is a 40% career shooter from three, and when he gets on a streak he tends to let them fly. He is one of my riskier picks, but I am looking for a repeat performance from his last game against the Clippers when he went seven for nine from downtown.

Mike Conley, PG, Utah Jazz ($5,700)

With no point guards on my roster yet, I have limited options. Lonzo Ball is just too expensive at $7,900 so I will roll with Mike Conley, who is $2,200 cheaper! In his last exhibition, he went four from six from deep, showing he is getting his stroke back. He is also a very efficient ball-handler with only two turnovers a game during his career.

Reggie Jackson, PG, Clippers ($3,800)

Patrick Beverley is questionable for Thursday night, which would open up minutes for Reggie Jackson in the Clippers backcourt. Jackson is $800 cheaper as well, which frees up some extra cash to fill out my roster with a second Power Forward.

Marcus Morris, PF, Los Angeles Clippers ($4,200)

To round out my first every NBA DFS roster, I will select Marcus Morris at $4,200. Morris may not have the flashy numbers that others on his team may have, but with him inserted in the Clippers starting lineup and their uptempo pace, he could add some hidden value.

Hopefully, this article can give many of its readers some insight on how I picked my team. I may not go thought my entire team in future articles, but I wanted to show you my train of thought.

Good luck and welcome back basketball!

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