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NFL DFS Options: Whats Your Beverage Of Choice?


When weighing your NFL DFS options, the DFS (daily fantasy sports) industry is very similar to the soft drink industry. FanDuel is the biggest, but DraftKings is a very robust second, playing Pepsi to FanDuel’s Coke. The numbers are constantly shifting and last time I checked the margin is even smaller between FanDuel (FD) and DraftKings (DK) than it is between Coke and Pepsi. Both FanDuel and DraftKings have valuations at over a billion dollars.

Yet like the cola wars, they are not your only NFL DFS options. Dr. Pepper is not going away and continues its efforts to be at the big boy table. Same is true for the DFS industry.

Yahoo is currently number three and continues to make inroads. Yahoo for example added best ball league this year in order to expand its menu of offerings and capture more of the fantasy player dollar. FantasyDraft meanwhile continues to acquire other smaller DFS sites and recently rolled out the revolutionary “Rake Free DFS” option. And there are still plenty of other smaller options out there like FanBall who were one of the few to feature DFS contests for the recent but now defunct AAF league.

Of course if you are a DFS addict like me, you play DFS on every site you can. One reason is that some sites offer sports that other sites don’t. Even sites that offer the same sport might offer very different formats. And that includes fantasy football.

So what site should you use for your daily fantasy football needs?

NFL DFS Options

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Lineup Requirements

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For years, the two big sites had different lineup structures. However, both now have a QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, TE, Flex, and a DST. Yahoo does the same thing. FantasyDraft, however, requires only two wide receivers but has 2 Flex spots. So if you are the type of player that likes to be able to start 4 RBs, FantasyDraft is the site for you. Otherwise, they are all the same.


One of the biggest differences between the four sites is that DK and FantasyDraft are each PPR while Yahoo and FanDuel are half-point per reception. Likewise, DraftKings and FantasyDraft offer bonuses for 300+ yards passing and 100 yards receiving/rushing as well. This is why you will see different pricing on the sites for example and why DraftKing salaries are higher than Fanduel salaries.

The Cost of Playing or “It’s All About The Price Tag”

Yahoo is generally the most restrictive when it comes to dollar amounts. The lowest denomination is a quarter and then it jumps to a $1. Meanwhile, Draft Kings and Fan Duel started offering lower denomination games, with the latter offering ten cents per entry games and the latter is now offering 5 cent contests. Perhaps it was in response to FantasyDraft who offers quarter and nicked contests, but even penny contests.

Of course on the high end, Yahoo caps out at a $10,500 buy-in per entry while DraftKings and FanDuel like to squeeze that extra hundred dollars out of their deep pocket customers and offer games with a buy-in of $10,600. FantasyDraft, however, offers games up with entry fees up to $25K. To be honest, however, I am still just a poor scribe who doesn’t even think about plunking down four digits on a single entry, so it is possible there will be other options on the high end I am unaware of.


So each site has various promotions providing various free bonus entries and the like. Nearly all of them have some sort of referral bonus where both you and the person you refer get either some kind of free entry or credit to enter various contests.

All four sites have various promotions throughout the year as well, often sponsored by various corporations. To help gather interest, FantasyDraft has been running a free $20K contest sponsored by Hooters for example. But throughout the season, you will see all kinds of promotions on the various sites. A popular one will be a regular contest, but if your entry includes the player with the most TDs you win a share of the jackpot bonus. Or if your defense shutouts the opponent you win X amount of dollars.

Additionally, they each have their own loyalty programs that reward exclusive contests and other freebies. You will see it more on FanDuel and DraftKings than the others, but they all have their various promotions. I will add that Yahoo has a free league every year that is a single-entry contest with 17 rounds where the top 37,000 entry overall and top 2K entries per round share $150,000.


This is simply a start. DFS players typically prefer one site but each one has a different reason. My suggestion is to check them all out and figure out whether you are a Pepsi drinker or a Coke drinker….or Dr. Pepper or RC Cola and so forth. Either way, there are NFL DFS options out there for everyone.

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