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NFL DFS Week 1 DraftKings Salary Breakdown


The reigning NFL Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles will host the Atlanta Falcons on September 6th, to kick off the 2018 NFL season.

Sunday Night Football is not part of the main slate, so the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears are not an option.

We also have the Monday Night Football double-header, featuring the New York Jets @ Detroit Lions and Los Angeles Rams @ Oakland Raiders.

That means the Sunday main slate will NOT feature the following players at each position:

DraftKings has already released its player salaries for NFL Week 1 action, let’s see who they over/under priced and take a look at RPV (Player Salary-Position Average) / Position Average.

NFL DFS Week 1 DraftKings Salary Breakdown


24 QBs

NFL DFS DraftKings Week 1 QB Salary
The Patriots are hosting the Houston Texans at Gillette Stadium and Tom Brady ($7100) is the top-priced QB, 23% above average, despite not having Julian Edelman. New England could also be without rookie RB Sony Michel.

Safe to say, I won’t have Brady in any of my week 1 DK lineups.

Cam Newton ($6.9k) vs the Dallas Cowboys, Drew Brees ($6.8k) vs the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Deshaun Watson ($6.7k) vs the New England Patriots, are the only other QBs priced 15% higher than average.

As you can see in the chart above, Russell Wilson is projected to be in a tough spot week 1, on the road against the Denver Broncos.

Ben Roethlisberger ($6.6k) @ the Cleveland Browns, Kirk Cousins ($6.5k), making his Minnesota Vikings debut vs the San Francisco 49ers and Philip Rivers ($6.4k) vs the Kansas City Chiefs are the only other QBs priced at or above 10% higher than average.

There are 12 QBs priced between 10% & -10%.

Value Plays

Of the six QBs priced below $5300, I like both Sam Bradford and Case Keenum, making their debuts for their new teams.

Bradford ($5.2k) and the Arizona Cardinals host the Washington Redskins, while Keenum’s ($5.1k) Denver Broncos get what is left of the Seattle Seahawks defense, at Mile High Stadium.

DraftKings did Eli Manning dirty, pricing Jacoby Brissett, Brian Hoyer and Landry Jones ahead of him! It’s understandable that they priced them at or above Joe Flacco‘s $4900, but c’mon man!

Running Backs

54 RBs min salary $4.0k

NFL DFS DraftKings Week 1 RB Salary

Le’Veon Bell is the top-priced RB at $9400 (82% above average) against the Cleveland Browns. This, despite the fact that Bell is currently holding out for a new contract.

There are 12 running backs priced at or above $6000 and Bell is still 30% more than the average there.

Next up is David Johnson at $8800 (71% RPV), returning from a wrist injury against the Washington Redskins.

For a $300 savings, you can have Alvin Kamara (64% RPV) without Mark Ingram stealing snaps against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

At $7700, Ezekiel Elliott
is the only RB priced below $8500 and above $7100.

There are 18 running backs priced between $5.8k and $4.6k (+/- 12% RPV).

Rookie RBs

Wide Receivers

47 WRs min salary $4.0k

NFL DFS DraftKings Week 1 WR Salary

Antonio Brown and DeAndre Hopkins are both more than 50% more expensive than the average WR.

You can save $500-800 if you roll with Michael Thomas instead.

Even without Jameis Winston, Mike Evans is priced at $6800. If Doug Baldwin is healthy week 1, I would prefer all five WRs priced below Evans down to $6.0k.

The $5000-6000 price range provides some affordable WRs, including a handful of WR1’s on NFL depth charts.

Value Plays

Corey Coleman ($4.0k) was priced prior to being traded to the Buffalo Bills and should see an increase in targets, leaving the shadows of Josh Gordon and Jarvis Landry.

We are going to have to wait and see how WR depth charts shake out during the preseason, but there will be a very under priced WR or two come September 9th.

Tight Ends

26 TEs min salary $2.8k
NFL DFS DraftKings Week 1 TE Salary
If you want to pay up for Rob Gronkowski ($6.9k), it will cost you 86% more than the average TE!

Oh, don’t think you can just roll with Travis Kelce ($6.4k) instead as he is 72% more expensive than the average tight end!

Gronk is 44% more expensive than the average salary for the top 10 TEs!

After them, Greg Olsen is the third priced TE at $5400 vs the Dallas Cowboys. I might find a way to run a Panthers stack in one of my lineups, but I will not be featuring Gronk or Kelce at that price!

I would be willing to “pay up” for Delanie Walker ($4.9 @ Dolphins) or Kyle Rudolph ($4.5k vs 49ers).

Evan Engram ($4700) vs the Jags is in a tough spot and you can never count on Jordan Reed ($4000 @ Cardinals).

Value Plays

All three tight ends in the Saints vs Bucs game:

Rookie TEs Mike Gesicki and Hayden Hurst are both priced below $3000.

Team Defense/Special Teams

Embed from Getty Images
The Baltimore Ravens are priced at $3800, at home against the Buffalo Bills. That is 36% higher than the average DST.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are $100 less, on the road against the New York Giants.

At $2.9k, the Tennessee Titans are priced just 4% higher than the average DST and will be in Miami against the Dolphins. That could be a nice value play, saving $800-900 if you fade the Ravens/Jaguars.

The Cleveland Browns (vs Pittsburgh Steelers) and Tampa Bay Buccaneers (@ New Orleans Saints) are priced at $2000, -28% lower than the average DST.

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