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NFL Football: 2020 Week 2 Football Odds and Money Lines


A  moneyline wager is one of the most popular betting types since it’s relatively easy to understand. With a moneyline bet, the goal is to wager on which team will win. The number of total points a team leads by is irrelevant.

However, to win a moneyline bet, it’s vital to check the odds of both the teams. It’s also more advantageous to check out the early bookmaker odds and money lines. Although it’s a bit risky to rely on early predictions, checking out the spreads before the crowd can influence it will help with your betting choices.

NFL Football: 2020 Week 2 Football Odds and Money Lines

NFL Football

The NFL is the primary association for American football. The National Football League is composed of 32 teams divided into two conferences: the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC). Every team undergoes a 16-game standard season plan split into divisional games: inter-conference games and intra-conference games.

The NFL is acknowledged as one of the most well-known pro athletics associations around the world. Regarding TV ratings, NFL football has the highest number of views in the US, and its Championship Game is more publicly known as the “Super Bowl.”

Football Odds

In sports wagering, bookmakers offer chances to mirror their take on the likelihood of an outcome happening. The odds that bookmakers indicate are presented to bettors to give them an idea of the amount they’ll win if they place it on a particular sports wager. At first, interpreting odds are a bit challenging for beginners. However, despite it being complicated, wagering odds can still help bettors figure out the results of a specific match.

A ton of research is put into determining odds for games in the football market. Determining the right odds takes a lot of time since various are considered, like match objectives, previous form, records, quality of opposition, injuries, and suspensions.

Various bookmakers may offer somewhat different predictions on a single match. This is relatively common, and a significant part of what makes sports betting fun is finding the best possible odds to make a profit in the market. Fortunately, figuring out how much money can be acquired by wagering a specific sum on a particular wager is currently far simpler than in the past.

Due to technological advancements, the growth of mobile and online betting has skyrocketed over the years. It’s now easier to look up built-in bet slip calculators online. They present the highest potential profit for any wager once the stake is entered, regardless of whether it is in decimal or fractional format.

Football bookmaker odds can be practically found anywhere on the internet. Even online firms currently take wagers on a wide assortment of sports events, ranging from the matches themselves to potential transfers, next manager markets, and all things in between.

Online NFL Odds charts primarily use American odds due to the majority of NFL Daily Fantasy betting sites using them, especially when presenting moneyline odds.

Football Moneyline

Wagering the moneyline for a match is potentially the most basic approach to sports betting. Bettors only need to pick a team or player to win. Once the side the bettor chose wins, the sportsbook will reward the bettor the sum due.

While putting down a bet is easy, understanding how the moneyline pays may be a bit more complicated. Each moneyline bet has two sides that are paid on different schedules, making moneyline wagering confusing.

The favored player or team on the moneyline is the one that’s predicted to win. This side of the wager is generally recorded using a minus (-) sign. The less favored competitor on the moneyline is the person or team predicted to lose, and it is recorded with a plus (+) sign.

These symbols imply how each side of the bet will pay. The favored player or team will then pay less than the initial bet, while the underdog team will pay a greater sum than the initial bet.

Week 2 Money Lines and Odds


Moneyline bets are generally simple. However, to bet on a moneyline with the highest possible profit, bettors need to scrutinize its corresponding odds first. Understanding how odds are decided and how they influence a bettor’s wagering options is essential in winning a bet. Thus, even though odds are confusing at first, it’s crucial to analyze it carefully, especially when bookmaker odds are

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