NHL DFS Cheat Sheet

by Mark Strausberg

Our NHL DFS Cheat Sheet is the place to get your Daily Fantasy Hockey advice. Below you will find the best picks of the day whether it be players or teams that are stacks, fades, values, one-offs or chalk plays of the day. These Cheat Sheet picks will help you win in your cash or GPP contests on DraftKings or FanDuel.

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NHL DFS Cheat Sheet

You can find the description of the headings and data fields below the table.

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Slate: More often than not this will be the main/primary slate. However, from time to time I will talk about Showdown (abbreviated as "SD") or possibly even Tiers. I will probably do some of the smaller slates sometimes, especially if they are separate from the main slates. But for the most part, I will be covering the slate that has the most number of games on it.

Site: This will be DK, i.e. DraftKings most of the time as that is my preferred DFS site. However, I do also play on FD (FanDuel) and Yahoo. So on occasion, I will include recommendations for those sites' slates, especially if there is a player whose salary is proportionally and tremendously different on either of those sites. Even then, I will more likely just mention it in the Notes column. But if you have any FD or Yahoo questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

Position: Pretty straightforward: G=Goalie, F=Forward, W=Wing, C=Center, D=Defense; If it's blank, it is because that line is not position-specific.

Recommendation Type: This is probably the column that needs the most explanation. Each entry will be one of seven categories

  • Stack--This will probably be one of the most common entries. It is simply what team(s) I recommend stacking. On DraftKings, you can stack up to five players from one team plus one goalie. If it is a "mini-stack" of say just two skaters, I will let you know. More often than not however, a 3-man stack will refer to three forwards, a 4-man stack will mean three forwards and a D, and a 5-man stack might be any kind of combination.
  • Goalie--Pretty straightforward as the first two decisions I make is both which goalie(s) am I looking to start and what stacks. Note--I will NEVER start a goalie within the same entry against a team from which I am stacking.
  • Bargain/Punt--This will be a recommendation of a player that is typically less than $4000 or less on DraftKings.
  • General/Strategy--You will likely see this type of less than the others. But sometimes there is a general trend that might impact strategy that I am noticing that might be slate-specific. For example, it might be a low-scoring slate across the board, so I will mention that and what the impact might be on your selections.
  • Production--This is a player or players who I believe will produce tonight, whether it is an overall high number or simply 2x the points of what the player's salary is (ex. A player who costs $5K that produces 10 DKFPs). It's similar to our Bargain/Punt category, but it's a player that is more than $4k in salary.
  • Fade--Quite simply, this is a player, line, or team that I will not be using in my entries. Sometimes I might specify that it is a GPP or cash-only fade. But in general, I would avoid using anyone I suggesting in a Fade line.
  • One-Off--Similar to our Bargain/Punt and Production categories. But this is a player that will essentially be an additional piece that will accompany a stack that is NOT on that team that I am stacking.

Team and Player Name: Self-Explanitory, except the one thing that might need explanation is when I include a line abbreviation. PP1 or PP2 refers to a team's powerplay one or powerplay two line. XXX1, XXX2, XXX3, or XXX4 refers to the team-specific forward lines. D1, D2, or D3 will refer to the top defensive pair, second defensive pair, and third defensive pair. In a rare situation, I might use the abbreviation for a PK line, i.e. penalty kill line.

Notes This is the nitty-gritty, where the rubber meets the road, the meat-and-potatoes, nuts and bolts....you get the idea, section. It is my commentary/analysis and detail of the recommendation. This will obviously vary from entry to entry, day to day, but there will be some abbreviations I use frequently. Here are some for your reference:

  • TOI-Time on Ice
  • HDCF-High Danger Chances For
  • SOG-Shots on Goal
  • GF/GA--Goals For;Goals Against

Any other questions, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @MarkStrausberg.

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