Pro players to watch out for this season

by Andy Stitzer
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Are you looking at Fanduel’s Playoffs Odds and wondering who the pro players to watch out for this season will be? Maybe you are excited about the new season and want to know what players to be looking out for? Whatever your reason might be, we have the answer for you!

We know how exciting a new season of the NFL is, but often it generates questions too. What new players will be entering the season? Who performed well last season and could do well again this year? We all want to know who to watch out for, but finding the information can be difficult!

Well, no more! Today we have a list of the pro players to watch out for this season! We can expect to see great things from these players, so be sure to keep reading and find out what players could deliver outstanding performances in the new NFL season!

Pro players to watch out for this season

Below we have our list of the pro players to watch out for this season. We have included a range of new and older players, offering plenty of variety and lots of exciting players to watch! Keep reading to find out who to watch out for!

Aaron Donald

30-year-old Donald has set himself a standard of excellence, and last year, a loss at the Divisional Round and torn rib cartilage prevented him from delivering on this excellence. Previously he has had the PFFs highest-grade defensive player five years running and has fantastic highlight-per-snap. We can expect to see fantastic defense playing from Donald this season, and he is certainly one to keep your eye on!

Tom Brady

One of the oldest players, Brady continues to deliver performances and helped Tampa Bay win the Super Bowl. His long career has seen many successes, and it doesn’t look as though it will slow any time soon! You just need to look at the final eight weeks of last season to see his value as a player. We can continue to expect good things from Brady, who proves that age is just a number!

Ryan Tannehill

Aged 31, Tannehill is one of the best over 30 players in the NFL and certainly one you should keep your eye on! While he might seem dependent on surrounding talent and coaching, he still performs consistently. It’s worth watching Tannehill this season to see how the quarterback continues to perform and how far he throws for his team in his 31st year.

Chase Young

Young is a second-year NFL player and one to watch this season! He’s poised to be an NFL Defensive Player of the Year candidate, showing just how promising this player is! Currently, he doesn’t have a ton of edge depth at the Washington Football team, which could hinder his effectiveness. However, we should still expect a fantastic performance from Young and perhaps see him emerge as one of the best players in the NFL in Year 2!

Antonio Gibson

It’s been a pleasure watching Gibson at Memphis despite the limited situations he was in. He is the most recent player with limited reps to explode at the NFL level, and we can expect to see great things from him as time goes on. He moves incredibly well and has an immense receiver that we look forward to seeing more of on the field!

CeeDee Lamb

Lamb looked like he could be one of the most productive breakout NFL players in the league last season, but the offense generally fell off. But he’s been using the offseason time to gain muscle and learn from Amari Cooper. We can expect to see massive development in his footwork from this and should see him as one of the Cowboy’s WR1 by the end of the season. Keep your eye on Lamb, as he is surely one of the new players poised for greatness!

Tyler Biadasz

After an injury and recovery, Biadasz is back and starting with the Cowboys! We think he’s one to keep an eye on this year, thanks to his 426 offensive snaps! Whether you believe he was a future first-round pick before his season at Wisconsin or not, you cannot deny that he has talent the football field needs to see! We are looking forward to his season and encourage you all to keep an eye on his performance.

Final word

And there you have it, the top pro players to watch out for this season! Whether you use this information to place your bets or simply enjoy the next match, we hope you found it helpful! Remember to bet what you can afford and to take regular breaks when gambling. If you find yourself struggling to stop playing, be sure to seek professional help before you find yourself in financial difficulties.

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