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QB and RB Fantasy Picks for NFL Playoffs Round 1


Seven teams were mathematically eliminated from the 2019 NFL Playoffs in Week 15.

Now we have a little better idea of who we will be looking at for our DFS, if you want to place some action on the playoffs and the remaining teams make sure to read the Bovada review.

QB and RB Fantasy Picks for NFL Playoffs Round 1

Who’s In?

The New Orleans Saints, Los Angeles Rams, and Chicago Bears have clinched their berths. The most likely candidates at this point to take the remaining three slots in the NFC are the Dallas Cowboys, Seattle Seahawks, and Minnesota Vikings, but the Eagles, ‘Skins, and Panthers are looming.

The AFC is a battlefield. The Los Angeles Chargers and Kansas City Chiefs are the only ones to officially clinch their postseason spots so far. But the Texans and Pats are almost shoe-ins and the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens are likely entrances. But the both Baltimore and Pittsburgh have to watch out. The Colts and Titans are also 8-6, waiting to sneak in the back door.

Let’s have a look ahead at our options under the current playoff landscape.

Planning Ahead at QB

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Don’t plan on getting to use Patrick Mahomes, Deshaun Watson, Drew Brees, or Jared Goff right off the bat, because they are all most certainly going to be on first-round byes.

As of right now, your QB choices will be Lamar Jackson, Tom Brady, Philip Rivers, and Ben Roethlisberger from the AFC and Kirk Cousins, Mitch Trubisky, Russell Wilson and Dak Prescott from the NFC.

Top QB pick for Round 1: Big Ben

With the exception of a couple of early misfires, Roethlisberger has been solid all season. Actually, at 3rd in fantasy points for QBs, he’s been more than solid. But more important is the matchup. The Chargers are definitely stout on defense, but the Ravens currently have the No. 1 scoring defense and No. 3 in both Passing and Rushing Yards. The Chargers sit at No. 8 in total score and stopping the pass. The Vikings are No. 4 in stopping the pass and though Trubisky is a bright young star, we are going to take Big Ben’s playoff experience and overall poise and leadership abilities.

If Mahomes and Goff are indeed on first-round byes, Roethlisberger might be the best choice no matter what position Pittsburgh gets seeded in.

Kirk Cousins would be our second option (according to these matchups). He’s 12th in fantasy points (Wilson is 11th). But he has a slightly easier matchup. The Bears are 10th in stopping the pass, whereas the Cowboys are 7th.

Planning Ahead at Running Back

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Todd Gurley and Alvin Kamara will most likely be on byes, and the rookie beast Saquon Barkley won’t be able to touch the playoffs with a ten-foot pole. That leaves us Ezekiel Elliott, James Conner, James White, Tarik Cohen, and Chris Carson for our RB 1 slots.

The choice is not as clear for our top RB pick for round one.

Top RB Pick for Round 1: Ezekiel Elliott

You’ll have the No. 3 RB in fantasy points going against the No. 15 run defense. On the flip side of this coin, the Ravens are the No. 2 rushing offense going against the No. 17 run defense of the Patriots. So, stacking their backs could make for an excellent overall outcome, but they don’t have single back in the top-25 to rely on for producing fantasy points, especially since Lamar Jackson is going to be providing a chunk of those yards.

Focus on Zeke for your number one running back spot in the first round.

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